Aberdares National Park Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris

Aberdares National Park Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris
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Aberdare Safaris, Kenya: Into the Ranges!

You have been imagining your vacation over the years and you are now ready for one. Your bucket list is full of places such as where to go see elephants, where to see leopards but you have no idea where to start.


AfricaSunset.com is the leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya and we know the right places to get your top Africa luxury vacations.

  • The Aberdare National Park is perched high in the highlands of Kenya so you can expect fresh air, cool breezes and nature surrounding you throughout.
  • Aberdare National Park offers top Africa luxury vacations by giving you what other parks in Kenya don’t. It is an ideal place where to go see elephants as they wind their way into the canopies of the forests.
  • Aberdare National Park is also known best for its variety if birds. Bird watchers will find it a small piece of heaven with the different species of birds.
  • If you are still not sold on going for an Aberdare safari in Kenya, how about the waterfalls in this forest? We have Chania waterfalls whose white waters cascades down to the bottom, so clear and clean you are amazed at the wonders of nature.
  • If you have never had a chance to explore a cave, then this is the high time for that Africa tours and travel to the caves. Magura caves that are just at the foot of the Magura waterfalls and what is so unique about this cave is that it was christened as the “Queen’s cave” after Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, were served lunch here by Major Eric George Sherbrooke Walker in 1952. For the best honeymoon holidays, this cave is one destination you want to be in. Further facts reveal that the cave was also used by a famous freedom fighter, Dedan Kimathi. Over and above so much history, the caves also offer quality picnics at the waterfalls for the best honeymoon holidays in the forest.
  • There is a history to the home of the big five and other wonderful animals in the park. Originally, this home of the big five was known as “Nyandarua” which is a word meaning “the drying hide”. An aerial view of the Aberdare ranges resemble the folds of an un-stretched hide skin. It was later renamed after Lord Aberdare of the royal geographic society.
  • You can have the best family safaris here as the Aberdare safari in Kenya is family friendly. You can engage in fishing as there is an abundance of trout fish in the region. Enjoy the best family safaris as you watch over the herds of elephants (there is a bachelor group that is rowdy and watch out for “destroyer”. He is an elephant who loves sitting on tour vehicles.)
  • Ever wondered how Queen Elizabeth rose to be queen of England? It was within the Treetops accommodation in the Aberdares in 1952. She went up the rooms at night a princess and came down as a queen in the morning after her father, the king died during the night. The uniqueness of this place is so great that it has been recorded in books worldwide. And the accommodation is off the charts with places like the Ark Lodge. The Ark Lodge resembles the biblical Noah’s ark so there is a lot that you can expect when you are in ark surrounded by the magnificent nature and wonderful animals.

Why Go on a Safari to the Aberdares, Kenya

1. Combining Destinations: Wilderness and the Coastal Beaches

You might have already been to the expansive white, sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast and you have made your best African vacations on the plains of the wild savannah. It now time to enjoy the best African safari wilderness tours and travels in the Aberdare National Park.

2. Geography and Biodiversity

Known as the Majestic Moorland, the Aberdare National Park has steeped ravines and open moorlands that are the main characteristic of the park. The Aberdare forest is home to the elephants, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyena, olive baboons, buffalos, bushbucks and warthogs among other fascinating animals.
You can get the best sightings of rare animals such as the giant forest hog, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet and the blue duiker. These are sightings that cannot be found anywhere else other than Aberdare forest.

3. Bird Watching and Ornithology

The highlands of Kenya that are home to the best African vacations and there are great sightings other than animals that you may encounter. Bird watchers will find the forest a wonderful place to be with over 250 species in the park that include and not limited to plovers, sunbirds, eagles, goshawks, sparrow hawks and the Jackson’s francolin.

4. Camping and the Vast Unspoilt Wilderness

For that top Africa luxury vacation, there are activities that can keep you engaged and interested. You can go camping in some unique Aberdare camping sites and get the best luxurious accommodation in the Kenya game lodges of the Aberdares. The Kenya game lodges are inclusive of cottages, huts and guest houses. Aberdare camping can be enjoyed by families too as the amenities offered create the best family safaris in Kenya.

5. Scenery: Honeymoons and Photography

The park is 765.7 kms2, and with great weather conditions, you can visit the park any time throughout the year. For the best honeymoon holidays, you are welcome to see the many attractions in the park. There is beauty in the ridges and river valleys are an attraction to scenery photographers. For the best family safaris, you can venture into the great waterfalls such as Karuru that has three distinct steps: 1st step 117M, 2nd step 26M and 3rd 130M, making a total of 273M. There are other falls such as Chania waterfalls and may other smaller ones that will bring bliss into your best honeymoon holidays.

6. Ample Accommodation in Lodges

You do not need to worry about accommodation as there are self-catering huts, cottages and lodges and ample of campsites within the Aberdare National Park. There is so much that the Aberdares Kenya safari offers but you need to get there to enjoy it.

7. Ease of Access

Getting there can either be by road or by air safari. The park is accessible by tarmac road from either Nyeri and Naro Moru on the Eastern side and it’s 150 kilometers from Nairobi. A road crosses the park through the lower slopes up to the Moorlands to connect with to another from Naivasha on the western side whereby Naivasha is 87 Kilometers from Nairobi.
If you opt to fly for your Aberdare Kenya safari, then you can use the nearest airstrip at Mweiga that is just opposite the park headquarters on the Nyeri- Nyahururu road next to the Sasini Estate farm.
So get ready for some wonderful time in the Aberdare national park as the climate is always welcoming and the scenery remains magnificent throughout the year. AfricaSunset.com welcomes you to the green haven of waterfalls and animals.

What to do at the Aberdare National Park, Kenya Safari

1. The Big Five

Aberdare Kenya safaris are great for Africa tours and travels across Kenya. However, they are also very ideal as the best place where to see elephants and where to go see leopards. It is the real deal as they get with the great Aberdare forest canopy, elephants and leopards are not the only animals you should expect to see. There are great activities to keep you entertained and a great and rich history to go along with it.

2. Nature Photography

Nothing beats the green lush vegetation with vivid colors of flowers right at the peak of their blooming season. How about a picture of the gentle giraffes chewing from branches of very tall trees? You get the picture. This is the place to be for nature photography that will carry your best African safari memories into the future.

3. Bird Watching

There is a record of 290 different species of birds within the Aberdare forest. For bird watchers, this is home away from home and it is bound to give you the best African safari of a lifetime.

4. Sundowners

In your Africa tours and travel safari in the Aberdare national park, how about a relaxing sundowner? The moorland is the best place to experience the rich play of colors in the sky and with luxurious accommodation places like the Ark Lodge, you can have a relaxing way to end your best Africa luxury vacations.

5. Romantic Honeymoons

Who said the top Africa luxury vacations or honeymoons must be by the beach? Why not add a twist to your love life and come stay at the exclusive Kenya game lodges in the Aberdare National Park? The Aberdare Kenya safaris offer you relaxing places where to go see elephants and where to go see leopards as you relax and sip your favorite drink.

6. Dawn, day, and dusk safaris

There are many magnificent places or dawn, day and dusk safaris within the Aberdare National Park. You can have an excursion to the many falls in the park as well as go on fishing trips. You also have the option of visiting and exploring famous caves that hold a lot of history concerning Kenya.

7. Hiking and bush breakfast/lunch/dinner

The Aberdare hills call out to those who love to journey with nature. Hiking up the steep paths leading to the top will offer different kind of habitations that can only be found in the Aberdares forest. You are welcome to enjoy the Aberdare camping as you lay in your tent out in the forest. Aberdare camping is for those who are at ease with nature as it is common to hear laughing hyenas in the wild. If this does not scare you, then you are welcome to camp in the park.

8. Horse riding, Golf and Tennis

These are leisure activities that you can enjoy but outside the national park. To get these amenities, you can have them at the Outspan Hotel and the Thompson’s Fall Lodge.

9. Game Viewing

The Aberdare National Park is home to different animals including the big five, variety of birds and plants. It offers a conducive atmosphere and habitats for the animals. Staying in places such as the Ark Lodge and Treetops offers you unlimited game viewing throughout the year.

For the top Africa luxury vacations in Kenya, AfricaSunset.com welcomes you to the highlands of Kenya at the Aberdares National Park.

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Travel Tips on an Aberdare Kenya Safari

As always, the leading Africa tours and travel in Kenya, offers you great tips and pointers on where you can have your luxurious accommodation in Kenya. We have a tier system that shows you the premium luxurious accommodation to the budget friendly places to stay for the best Africa vacations. The system uses several criteria to objectively evaluate places where to stay Aberdare Kenya.

  • Tier 1 is known to offer premium accommodation with deluxe rooms and services. The Thompson Falls Lodge that is located on the northwest of the Aberdare park is where you can have your best honeymoon holidays. To offer a romantic touch to your best honeymoon holiday, the lodge is just next to the best falls in Kenya with a 72 meter drop, the Nyahururu Falls. Built in the 1930s, it offers 32 rooms that are exquisite and oozes the kind of lifestyle any king would love. The 19200s also have a place within the Aberdare park as there are cottages and rooms that bring this century to life. The Kenya game lodges offer direct and unique sightings to animals but this mainly feature in the tier 2 accommodation.
  • Tier 2 has the option of the Ark Lodge or the Ark Hotel and the Treetops. These two are located within the Aberdare national park and are the only option of accommodation within the Aberdare National Park. The Ark Lodge offers mid-range accommodation with 60 guest rooms while the Treetops offers 36 rooms. However, despite them being in the mid-range accommodation level, they are located next to the watering holes where most of the animals congregate. They are preferred as the Kenya game lodges as you are in the heart of all animal activity in the park.
  • Tier 3 offers budget friendly options for tourists looking for the best African vacations but on a tight budget. The accommodation in this tier are usually located in areas with higher number of guests. For travelers looking the best Africa tours and travel with simple guest accommodation, scheduled activities and adequate food, then this tier is the best for you. In the neighboring town of Nyeri, there are four kinds of accommodation that fit in this tier. The attractions may be crowded if you opt for this tier of accommodation but you still get quality time with nature. Bag packers and those on solo trip can opt to stay here are they are much on safari to view game and birds rather that the comfort the place brings.

Where to stay Aberdare Kenya is based on your preference of what you want. However, AfricaSunset.com alerts you to the advantages of staying outside the Aberdare National Park as it has some activities you might enjoy and are not offered within the park. You might enjoy horseback riding and golf among other activities while being a short distance away from the entrance of the park. There is the option of camping and with prior arrangement you can have yourself an Aberdare camping experience.

Whether you decide on Aberdare camping experience, the unique and deluxe accommodation, mid-range of budget conscious form of accommodation, you are never away from the many interesting facts and animals of the park. AfricaSunset.com is ready to help you plan your itinerary and even recommend places to stay while you make this interesting and thrilling safari in Kenya.

When to Go on a Safari at the Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Climatic considerations are a factor one has to consider as it influences your individual travel plans. In your plan for the best African safari in the Aberdare National Park, the ease at which you can locate the animal is what makes or breaks your safari.

  • During the dry season, animals usually gather round the remaining watering holes and so you can easily spot them. The dry weather also affects the insects, and in Kenya, that is a good thing since you do not have to be bothered by the mosquitoes. However, we do recommend that you carry with you a repellent and prophylaxis protection as we do not want you to cut short your Africa tours and travel based on avoidable illnesses.
  • The rainy seasons bring in changes that can transform your tour to the best family safaris ever in just a matter of weeks. The vegetation transforms from dry and dusty to a deep rich green color amid other vivid colors. While in the Aberdare National Park, the antelopes usually give birth in the rainy season. There is nothing as good as watching new life in the wild and you can thank nature for this. With the rains, there are more options of water sources and the animals are more dispersed. The advantage to this is that you are more likely to have animal surprises in your Africa tours and travels in the Aberdare forest. Imagine driving up the park only to find a lone buffalo grazing on the lush green grass while a lion is laying in the warm sun after a hefty feed which is currently being devoured by some group of laughing hyenas? The options are endless during the rainy season. However, the only disadvantage of the rain is that is takes a toll on the roads. The roads become impassible but in the home of the big 5 and where to go see leopards, the Aberdare forest has relatively good roads even in the rainy months.
    With the recent global warming, its effects are that it has become difficult to know when to expect the rains. The Aberdare forest has also had its share of uncertainty as tourists’ flock in their hundreds to see the big 5 as well as the natural wonders of the waterfalls.
  • Based on past experiences, Africa Sunset.com recommends visiting the park for the best family safaris in the months of July to October. This is considered as the long dry season for the park for those best African safaris. With the warm temperatures during the day, comes dropping temperatures at night. We recommend that you bring in warm clothing for the evening and early morning activities.
  • The short rains arrive in November and December, and these rains have little if any impact on your activities as the moisture tends to evaporate quickly. The months of January and March are hot and humid with small pockets of rain here and there. The long awaited long rains are in April and May and in the months of November to March average monthly daytime maximum temperatures are 23 C to 25 C. Daytime temperatures can drop slightly to 21 C from the months of April to June. You can expect the minimum nighttime temperatures to range between 9 C to 11 C so we encourage you to carry warm layers of clothing if you plan on Aberdare camping.
  • The park offers luxurious accommodation throughout the year with executive stays such as the Ark Lodge. So, if you are wondering when to visit Aberdares Kenya, then the answer to that is anytime of the year. With the luxurious accommodation for best African vacations, great places where to go see leopards, cascading waterfalls and Aberdare camping caves, you can be assured of a lovely and unique time in the Aberdare forest.

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