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Amboseli National Park Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris

Amboseli National Park Safaris

Are you looking for a personalized top Africa luxury vacation in any leading national parks in
Kenya? Then welcome to the Kilimanjaro Royal Court; Amboseli National Park. There is so
much to learn about the Amboseli National Park as it is among the top destinations and world’s
leading national parks in Kenya. Situated just next to the highest mountain in Africa, Mt.
Kilimanjaro, you can expect the very best of your African tours and travels.
The term Amboseli is a Maasai word meaning “salty dust” and is home to the largest herds of
elephants in the country.
Greater details of the Amboseli national park is that it is in the heart of the Maasai people. They
are a welcoming community and we recommend a village visit to experience their authentic
culture. If you are curious as to why their warriors stand on one leg holding onto a long herding
stick, then this is your chance to get your curiosity answered.
The main key ingredient to a top Africa luxury vacations in the Amboseli national park is the
amazing variety of wildlife that includes leopards, cheetah, wild dogs, buffalo, elephant, giraffes,
zebra, lions, crocodiles, mongoose, dik-dik and the nocturnal porcupine among other wonderful
creatures. For the bird watchers, Amboseli Kenya is where you will get to feel at home.
Amboseli Kenya has a prolific birdlife that features 600 species, enough to keep you thrilled
throughout your African tours and travels in Kenya. Other attractions to quench your safari
thirst is the Observation Hill that gives you glamorous views of the whole park encompassing the
elephants and swamps. There is a vast array of animals that make the swamps below the
Observation Hill their home. At any given time, you will lay eyes on the majestic large mammals
of Africa, the Elephants of Amboseli, buffaloes, hippos among some water birds such as the
Egyptian Goose and the pelican.
If you are wondering how to get to the safari Amboseli, there is the option of traveling by road.
You can rest assured that there is a lot of nature to see over the 240 kilometers’ journey from
Nairobi to Namanga. While travelling on road, you will access your safari Amboseli via the
Meshanani Gate. This is not the only route towards the best African safari in Amboseli. You
have the option of using the Nairobi-Mombasa road via Emali which is 228 kilometers. Again,
this is a chance to have splendid views of the changing sceneries in Kenya.
For those opting to use air travel, you have access to the park’s airstrip at the Empusel gate.
There are however other airstrips in Namanga town as well as Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge.
Now that you are set for the best African safari in Kenya, worry not about your
accommodation. Amboseli Kenya safari offers great accommodation ranging from self-catering
options by the Kenya Wildlife Service that is inclusive of the Chui Cottages, Simba Cottages and
the Kilimanjaro Guest House. There are great campsites to stay at while you enjoy your time
with nature such as the Amboseli campsite and some luxurious privately owned lodges such as
the Oltukai Lodge, Amboseli Serena lodge and Tortilis Tented Lodge.
You are now armed with the synopsis of the great Amboseli Kenya safari, it’s time to now jump
in and take the safari of your life with

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Why go: Amboseli safari Kenya
As humans, we have always been fascinated by things both small and big and it is no exception
when it comes to animals. It is always a natural wonder how mammals like the elephants exist,
how they cope in the wild and in general, their life. Ever been curious if the elephants have any
predators or does their large physique pose any challenges to the animal? Well, welcome to the
Amboseli National Park, the home of the mighty elephants in Amboseli. This is the best
national parks in Kenya that holds the answers to your questions.
There are more reasons as to why take the Amboseli safari Kenya and elephants should be
among the top reasons. The elephants in Amboseli are a haven of information as they are
among the most studied in the world. The elephant research camp is usually at the heart of the
park under the guidance of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. The Amboseli Trust for
Elephants helps in conserving and managing elephant populations as well as maintaining their
survival. The elephant research camp is not usually open for casual visits through with prior
arrangements, you can get an exclusive one-hour lecture about all issues related to the elephants.
With the serious business aside, it is time to enjoy your Amboseli national park tour. So why go
to Amboseli national park?
It is home to a variety of species of birds. Bird watchers can find their piece of heaven here with
600 recorded species. The Observation Hill is an attraction by itself as you hike up to the top and
just below you, is the majestic plains, as far as the eye can see.
There are night game drives to enjoy but not within the Amboseli national park but in the
private conservancies. It offers you the best Africa vacations as you get a glimpse of the
nocturnal action of rarer animals. Ever had bush breakfast or dinner? Well, you can have this if
you are looking for extra romance or just some peace and tranquility in the best Africa
One more reason you should visit the park is because of the diverse tapestry of habitats.
Amboseli Kenya spans over the southern Kenya and the northern part of Tanzania.
Encompassing this are glaciers to alpine, meadow forests, woodlands, arid bush, grasslands,
swamps, seasonal lakes, lava flows and windswept barren flats flanked by high mountains. To
the south the 19,600 feet Kilimanjaro towers over the lowland plains of Amboseli. To the east
the young volcanic range of the Chyulus reaches into Tsavo West National Park. To the north
rise a series of ever darker and more distant hills stretching to the Kenya highlands.
There is a history to learn when you travel to Amboseli like how comes the Maasai people still
live within the conservancy. The conservancy of the wildlife has been the sole purpose of the
Maasai. Since time immemorial, the Maasai have coexisted with the wildlife as they are part of
their culture. Visiting the Amboseli will help answer questions about the Maasai warriors
hunting down lions and how that affected the population. The existing Amboseli ecosystem is
the current system set up to balance community development and wildlife conservation.
So, if you are wondering where to see elephants, Amboseli should be your first stop. This is their
home and we hope you will enjoy learning more about them as you enjoy your Amboseli safari

What to do: Amboseli African safaris
National parks in Kenya are a great place to chill out and enjoy nature and with Amboseli national park, you are bound to make the best time of your tour in Kenya. There is always the question of where to go see elephants and the answer to that is any of the national parks in Kenya. However, if your greatest interest to have a close-up with elephants, the best place where to go see elephants should be the Elephant research in Amboseli national park. With that said, there are more thrilling things to do in this national park.

Elephant research camp- Ever wondered how you could help save the largest land mammal on earth? Welcome to the Elephant research camp where your contribution and help goes to saving this animal from extinction. With the help of the Amboseli Trust for elephants, any research done aims at giving the elephants a better chance of survival in Kenya as well as all over the world. The Amboseli Trusts for elephants is the real deal when you visit the Amboseli national park.
Nature Photography- If you have ever stared at an African picture with the backdrop of a snow-capped mountain, chances are that you have been looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro from the serene paradise of Amboseli national park. With its irrefutable scenic brilliance background of the mountain, you can have the best picture with a standard camera to climax your best Africa vacations.
Sundowners- The best Africa vacations with sundowners don’t require you to be perched on a deck looking over the horizon. Add the thrill of straddling your horse and galloping to the horizon as the sun sets. With the changing hues of color playing in the sky, nothing can be this refreshing in your best African safari. Watch out for the elephants of Amboseli as they too are amazed at the magnificence of the sky at sun set.
Romantic Honeymoons- Who said romance can only be within the confinements of a room? Well, in your best African safari honeymoon, Amboseli will add the thrill to your life by offering the best natural wonders right before your eyes.
Dawn, day, and dusk safaris- Safaris and game drives in Amboseli are more than land scape viewing and encountering animals. It is a unique time to reconnect with nature as you marvel at the wonder of the elephants of Amboseli, the amazing sound roars of the lions, the stripes of the zebra (is it white with black stripes or black with white stripes?), the rainbow colors of the peacocks and so much more. And if you have never seen animals hunt at night, then a night drive will be a thrill to you.
Camping- Amboseli camps are another amazing way to spend your vacation. Camping in the Amboseli camps will have you at the mercy of nature but have no worries, there are no animals to hunt you. Kibo tented camp is one camping thrill you do not want to miss out on. Kibo tented camp is a home away from home with modern amenities within the bush, it is a sure way to have you relaxed.

The above are just snippets of what you can do while in Amboseli. The fun however, is found when you relax with nature in your Amboseli African safaris.

“I plan on visiting the Amboseli national park but I am not sure where to stay” or “are the accommodation in Amboseli affordable and family friendly or are they above my budget?” Just the common questions that we at have had to answer numerous times. And so here we are to answer and give you some piece of mind as you plan for the best Africa vacations in Kenya. National parks in Kenya have great and luxurious accommodation and Amboseli national park is not an exception. In fact, it is rated among the best places to stay especially in the private conservancies.
To give you a better glimpse on where to stay in Amboseli Kenya, has a tier system based on the kind of rooms, personal preference, accessibility and services.
Tier 1 in majority of the national parks in Kenya offers deluxe and premier services. It has exclusive and high-end luxury accommodation that makes your best Africa vacations a memory worth remembering. A top Africa tours and travel in this tier includes accommodation at the Tortilis Camp. It is recognized as one of the finest Amboseli camps where you get the best views of elephants. In this Amboseli camp, the guides know every herd’s name, their behavior and so much more about them which they are ready to share with you.
Tier 2 is the mid-range accommodation that includes Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli Serena Lodge and hotels in Amboseli national park Kenya. These lodges and hotels in Amboseli national park Kenya have off-beat, cultural experience and authentic wildlife safari camps in Amboseli. Africa tours and travels in this tier have comfortable, palatable meals and fixed schedules of game activities. With modest rooms, we recommend a stay in the tier 2 options if you don’t mind the inconsistent and non-personalized services.
Using the map of Amboseli, you can get to see how the accommodation is laid out in the park. Bag packers are usually the most guests in the second tier as the prefer to see more of the wild as compared to the services offered.
Be it that you stay in the most expensive cottages, villas or lodges, the accommodation in Amboseli is exquisite. From Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli Serena Lodge to hotels in Amboseli national park Kenya you can be assured of a wonderful time in Amboseli Kenya.
With the question of where to stay fully answered, take your time planning your itinerary with We offer you instant quotes of your accommodation along with any other charges such as park fees, service charges and others.
Planning your luxury African tour does not need to be a hustle and we are here to ensure that. When doing your African tours and travels in Amboseli, we do recommend a combined safari to Masai Mara, the great Rift Valley, Nakuru or Naivasha or have yourself a luxurious stay at the coast of Kenya in either Lamu, Malindi, Watamu or any other place. Do not forget that planning your itinerary with us is like having your cake and eating it too so why not pop into Tanzania or the romantic island of Zanzibar. We have you covered in every aspect.
Get ready to see the large mammals in their natural habitat and even learn some more about them with our trained safari guides.

When to go: when to visit Amboseli Kenya
So, you are geared up and gearing to go, but wait. When is the right time to visit the Amboseli national park? Weather affects the availability of your best African safari across all top tourist destinations and national parks in Kenya and Amboseli Kenya is no exception. During the dry season, the wildlife of Amboseli congregates around the few watering holes but during the rainy seasons the animals disperse as there is availability of water all over the park. To plan the ideal and best African safari, a guide by will help you in planning your dream safari. The average temperatures are moderate throughout the year so we recommend that you pack light but add in a warm jacket for the cold nights in Amboseli Kenya.
The rainy season will have you wear a jacket to keep off the water but as the dry season in the months of July to October set in, it becomes the right time to have the best Africa luxury vacations. It becomes easy to locate game in the dry season as compared to the wet seasons. The vegetation is not as thick and a decline in pasture brings the animals together to the few remaining water sources.
That awaited best Africa luxury vacations, the warm months of the year has less insects feeding of you such as the mosquitoes thus giving you time to enjoy the elephants of Amboseli. With less clouds in the sky, the sky opens and remains clear and blue for the greater part of the day. This calls out for safaris to see the elephants of Amboseli or bird watching across the plains of the savannah. It is during these warm months that tourists troop in for the great wildebeest migration. As expected, the prices of rooms, activities and other relevant costs go up as compared to the low season.
The short rains come in the months of November and December followed by a humid season of January and February. Soon comes in the long rains of April to June. If you are wondering why go to Amboseli during the wet months, then we are glad to inform you that there are advantages that come with the rains. National parks in Kenya have the long rainy months and the changes are unmistakable. The rains renew the plains transforming it to a lush green expanse of the savannah. Spotting game is possible and very rewarding as you may witness new life in the savannah from the elephants, zebra and the antelopes among other animals. Safari Amboseli is home to migratory birds from Europe making it a haven and a piece of heaven for bird watchers. The only disadvantage of a safari Amboseli is that the rains can make the roads impassable and the solution to this is flying to Amboseli Kenya.
However, even with the rains, there are few lodges and camps that close and those that remain open reduce their accommodation charges. Other costs such as the entry park fees, safari activities, logistical transfer costs among other charges remain constant. As Amboseli is the place where to go see the elephants in large numbers, it is a favorite safari destination so you can expect an increase in tourists in the Easter school break, Christmas and new year.