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Borana Lodge

Location: Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Borana is one of East Africa’s original fully hosted, family-owned eco-lodge and is located within the vast area of the Ewaso ecosystem on the Laikipia Plateau. With snow-tipped peaks and the glaciers of Mount Kenya to the south and a panorama of mountains and desert to the north, Borana provides an idyllic setting for any African experience. Laikipia is an area of exceptional beauty, enjoying some of Kenya’s most prolific wildlife, as well as the highest populations of endangered species in the country.


  • From Nairobi approximately 4 hours drive
  • Electricity/power available: 220 / 240 volts AC. Plugs are the UK-type, round 2-pin or flat 3 pin. Borana has adaptors. 

Amenities at Borana Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • Cell Phone Coverage
  • Ensuite Bathrooms
  • Hairdryer
  • Laundry Included
  • Local Drinks Included
  • Pool
  • Recharge Facilities
  • Wi-Fi

Rooms at Borana Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Room One

  • Located furthest to the north of the main lodge
  • Ideal for honeymooners
  • Double bed, four poster
  • Private verandah and beautiful views to the north as well as down into the valley
  • Lovely bathroom with bath and shower

Room Two

  • Located between Room One and the dining room
  • Amazing views from the bathroom
  • Private deck
  • Two large single beds

Room Three

  • Located very close to the main mess, near Room Four – together they make a good combination for a family
  • Two large single beds
  • Private verandah and space in the bedroom to relax as well
  • Lovely big bathroom with bath and shower, and great views
  • Wheelchair friendly 

Room Four

  • Located below the main lodge, near Room Three – would make a good combination
  • Private verandah below the room
  • Bathroom below the bedroom; molded into the natural rock

Room Five

  • Part of a double cottage – with Room Six (which also has its own children’s room)
  • Shared verandah with Room Six
  • Views down into the dam
  • Two large single beds
  • More amazing views from the bath and shower

Room Six (& three quarters)

  • Room Six has its own deck with a children’s room downstairs, below the deck – hence the ‘three quarters’
  • The children’s room is only suitable for small children (small beds!) but is very colourful
  • The rooms share a bathroom, upstairs adjacent to the parent’s bedrooms
  • This room shares a verandah with Room Five – therefore ideal for a family of six

Room Seven- Part of a double cottage with Room 8. Upstairs, twin bedroom with a clear view of all that happens on the waterhole. Stylish bathroom. Shared sitting/dining room with Room 8 making it perfect accommodation for guests travelling with friends or teenage children.

Room Eight- Part of a double cottage with room 7. Large double bed. The most spacious room at Borana, with a huge bathroom overlooking its own plunge pool. Shared sitting/dining room with Room 7 making it perfect accommodation for guests travelling with friends or teenage children. This cottage is quite far from the lodge down a steep set of stairs, which is well worth the trip to get there.

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What to do at Borana Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • Game Drives

Game drives are conducted by trained Kenyan field guides who have a broad local knowledge of the area along with its flora and fauna. Game is best viewed early in the morning or in the afternoon, night drives can be arranged for departure after dinner which give guests the opportunity to have interactions with nocturnal animals such as porcupines and aardvark.

There are a range of activities to keep children occupied on drives, including rhino identifying cards and lion whisker spot cards.

  • Mountain Biking

For the more adventurous, mountain biking is a must. We have a range of adult bikes available along with one smaller bike suitable for children aged 9 or over.

Guests must be relatively fit and confident with off road bike riding. The hills and valleys provide the perfect terrain for adrenalin fuelled bike rides.

Helmets are provided.

  • Guided Bush Walks

Bush walks are conducted by an experienced field guide accompanied by an armed Borana Conservancy ranger.

While walking, guests have the chance to appreciate the smaller aspects of the Borana eco-system. Borana guides are extremely knowledgeable and give an insight into the medicinal and practical usses for indigenous plants.

Walks around the lodge grounds can be arranged for children while parents enjoy some down time. Children will learn about the birds and plants as well as the tracks of smaller creatures which live at lodge.

  • Horse Riding

Borana Conservancy is equipped with two sets of stables, each of which caters to riders of varying experience.

Our larger stables cater to the more advanced rider, with ex-polo ponies leading rides for over two hours across the conservancy. This is a fantastic way to see the wildlife without the sound of an engine.

Stables for the less advanced riders (small children included) are on the Eastern side of Borana Conservancy and run at a much slower pace. The grooms are very happy taking children for short rides on lead reigns which is a great way to build up their confidence.

All guests below the age of 21 must wear riding helmets provided.

  • Rhino Tracking on Foot

The Borana Conservancy rangers are required to see each individual rhino at least one every two days. Guests have the opportunity to head out with the rangers, on foot, first thing in the morning, to track and identify an individual rhino.

Viewing such large creatures on foot provides an exhilarating experience as well as an insight into the life of a member of the Borana Conservancy anti-poaching team.

  • Deployments with the Borana Conservancy anti-poaching team

Borana Lodge guests are given the opportunity to join our anti-poaching team on their evening deployments. This allows guests to get a behind the scenes view of how conservation on Borana operates.

Guests will be given a tour of the ranger head quarters as well as meeting the heads of security. Guests will then assist with dropping rangers off at various locations on Borana where they will then spend the night, keeping a watchful eye of the conservancy.

  • Paragliding

Experience the thrilling sensation of soaring like a bird, whilst in the complete safety of a fully trained qualified tandem pilot. Hunter, one of the Borana Lodge managers, has been paragliding since the age of 16. He has flown to the dizzying heights of 6000m in Pakistan and currently holds three world records for cross country flights.

Paragliding on Borana takes place in the cool evenings, when the winds are smooth, allowing you to float above the conservancy and enjoy watching the sun go down.

This is a fantastic activity for the whole family, catering to the ages of 8 and 80 alike.

  • Visit to the Ngare Ndare forest

Located on the Southern boundary of Borana Conservancy, the Ngare Ndare forest shows the stark contrast between the various ecosystems of Northern Kenya.

The 13,000 acre indigenous forest, made up of African Olives and Cedar Trees, provides a safe haven for elephant and other larger mammals as well as a fantastic collection of exotic birds and butterflies. Through the forest lies a crystal clear turquoise river, fed by the underground glacial spring of Mount Kenya’s melt waters. With breathtaking waterfalls and not another human around, it is the perfect place for a bracing swim during the heat of the day.

The Ngare Ndare Forest also offers an impressive canopy walk. Suspended at 30m above the ground, this suspension bridge runs for 400m through the forest. Walking the length of the bridge is a truly immersive experience, with wildlife bellow and beautiful birds singing a dancing above, it must be seen to be believed. There is a large platform located at the end of the canopy walk, where lunch will be served, with a fantastic view of the river bellow – where elephant an buffalo are often found drinking or having a swim themselves.

  • Local school visits

Borana Conservancy proudly funds seven primary schools as well as providing bursaries for over twenty secondary school children.

Visiting one of the primary schools in the area is a fantastic insight into Kenyan life. Children are extremely pleased to share their school days with visitors and and love showing people around the grounds. The head master of the school will give guests a guided tour before heading into one of the classrooms. There will be the opportunity to see how the children spend their days and how pleased they are to be learning.

The school teachers encourage visitors to take an art class or to join in on a sports in the afternoon. Football and volleyball are very popular in Kenya, so running shoes are a must!

This is a fantastic activity for families, visiting children and local children often create great friendships, it is an experience which is not easily forgotten.