Bungee Jumping and Water Rafting | African Safari Extraordinaire
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Bungee Jumping in Sagana Kenya Safari Bungee Jumping in Sagana Kenya Safari
Rafting Sagana Kenya Safari Rafting Sagana Kenya Safari
White Water Rafting Sagana Kenya Safari White Water Rafting Sagana Kenya Safari

Bungee Jumping in Sagana, Kenya Safaris

Bungee jumping in Kenya is an adrenaline pumping activity that gives you the free-falling feeling without hitting the ground. Bungee jumping in Kenya is in one luscious location, Sagana Kenya. The lands in Africa are fertile with the red volcanic soils in Sagana hosting the Tana river that brings you the thrilling bungee jumping. Your safari in Africa will require you attempt the free fall with the harness that suspends you 60 meters over the river. Sagana boasts of being the premier of the best bungee jumping locations in Kenya and East Africa. As you test your mind over matter, ensure to enjoy this wonderful thrill of Africa. The best bungee jumping locations in Kenya have been selected to give you an ample view over the river as well as the surrounding environment.


  • Bungee jumping, Sagana, requires having a zeal for extraordinary activities which can be either done as a form of team building or a solo safari across Africa.  
  • For the best bungee jump Kenya, ensure to enjoy the exhilarating feeling and that adrenaline rush that will last days after your bungee jump. The best bungee jumping in Kenya is open to people of all ages through there is a limit on weight.
  • If you are on an African safari within East Africa, ensure to book for this exciting activity that will let you ‘fly’ over the Tana river.
  • Bungee jumping near me? This is a question that tourists visiting Africa usually ask. To answer this, it is dependent on the country that you are in. As for those traveling within East Africa, Kenya remains to be the leading spot for bungee jumping. For a bungee jumping near me, we recommend that you get the thrill in Sagana, Kenya.
  • The Sagana Rapids Camp is the main host for East Africa bungee jumping. Bungee jumping Sagana gives a unique scenery with a variety of wild birds chipping you on. As you spread your arms and fall away, remember to keep your eyes open and take in the beauty of East Africa.
  • Bungee jumping at Sagana Rapids Camp offers more than just bungee jumping. It is an open place to have a picnic, overnight camping, bush dinners and even fishing.

Sagana offers great water sport, Kenya, such as water rafting. The Bungee jumping Sagana rapids camp offer a conducive environment to take up water rafting. The great gorges that curve up by the Sagana/Tana river give out grade 5 rapids that make water rafting such an exciting activity.

Why Bungee Jump at Sagana on your Kenya Safari

  • A safari in Africa will ensure that you keep wanting more of nature. AfricaSunset.com ensures to make you live and re-live your adventures with family and friends.
  • The Sagana rapids camp also offers places to stay with a five-star touch to it.
  • If you are looking for the best bungee jumping in Kenya, ensure to book with us as we guide you through to the best of the best. A safari bungee jumping will make you scream your heart out, but in the end, that sensational and thrilling free-fall, will be an adventure of a life time.