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Karura Forest Map, Nairobi, Kenya SafariKarura Forest Map, Nairobi, Kenya Safari

“A good traveller leaves no track.” – Tao Tse Chung

We are all about the environment and what we do is geared towards making it a better place for both humans and animals. It is a relationship that requires a balance on both sides which is why at AfricaSunset.com, we are serious about making it happen. An African safari cost is not steep. However, we manage to set aside our revenue which we ensure that African safari animals are well taken care of. 

  • We have achieved this through enabling and equipping wildlife guards with better equipment to safeguard the animals. These African safari animals, such as the elephants and rhinos, are endangered to a point that they face a huge threat of extinction; and with better protection, we are ensuring their survival.
  • We have a zero-tolerance to littering policy, especially in our national parks. Our corporate social responsibility involves offering income-generating ideas to the locals to ensure that they understand the need of conserving the wild animals. Africa travel will see tourists get some souvenirs that are replicas of the wild.
  • In your many reasons, as to why go to Africa, is because we are the best African safari tour operators within East Africa. By enabling the locals plant trees, helps in conserving habitats for the animals you get to see. Tourism is an income generating activity across East Africa and this has created numerous job opportunities for many including us at AfricaSunset.com.
  • With the best African safari tour operators in the business, we ensure to guide others on other ways of conserving nature. We have, through innovative talks, guided many into using recyclable materials in their day-to-day life. This ensures that every Africa travel leaves a clean line of thought for all.
  • We have ensured that from what your African safari costs, we have dedicated some of our revenue towards ensuring a sustainable corporate social responsibility program. This includes educating children at Wanjohi Mixed Secondary School as well as contributing towards the fencing of the Aberdares and preservation of Karura Forest in the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai. So, why go to Africa? It’s because it’s part of your creation too, so come and journey with us in a safari in Africa.