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Water skiing in Kenya coast is a wet and delightful way to pass time for water lovers. A safari to the Kenyan coast is not complete without the splash of water on a high-speed skiing jet. Water skiing in Kenya coast can be found in Nyali where the waters are calm and conducive for an African water skiing activity all year around.

Dhow Trips: Lamu Island

Lamu dhow trips exploit the delightful way of sailing from the locals at the Kenyan beach. Such a safari utilizes a single lateen sail that is mounted in any position without obstructing the view of the clear blue waters. The Lamu dhow trips usually help tourists explore the archipelago of the surroundings in Lamu. Africa has seen a modernization of dhows at the coast of Lamu with more being fitted with engines for the safety of the tourists and crew. A dhow cruise Kenya safari will see you sail from the Kilifi Creek through the Watamu Marine Nature Reserve and all the way to the island of Lamu. Through this dhow cruise, Kenya, you are welcome to join in the fishing and snorkeling activities.

Sundowner on a dhow Lamu Kenya                                

Sundowner on a dhow Lamu, Kenya                              Enjoying a Drink, Dhow Trips in Lamu, Kenya

Jet Skiing, Kenyan Coast, Mombasa

Jet skiing is an increasingly popular activity on the coast of Kenya. Jet skiing in Kenyan Coast, Mombasa especially in Diani will bring your African safari to a wonderful and thrilling climax. To ensure your safety in your jet skiing safari, many of these beach resorts will offer a lifeguard as well as quick skiing classes. This is to ensure that you remain safe and that your African adventure remains unique.


                                          Jet Skis at Malindi, Kenya

Water skiing in Kenyan Coast, Mombasa

Water skiing, Kenyan Coast, Mombasa brings you closer to the aquatic life. It includes views of giant turtles, whales, and dolphins. It is easy to forget yourself while water skiing in Diani beach as it provides panoramic views of the waters and white beaches. The safari across waters with aquatic life leaves you wanting more water sports activities in Africa.

WindSurfing, Kenya Coast, Mombasa

The generous winds, originally known as trade winds in Africa, offer an opportune time for windsurfing. WindSurfing, Kenya Coast, Mombasa offers the right conditions for both experienced and non-experienced surfers. The winds at the East Africa coast of Mombasa usually pick up later during the day for experienced surfers. Surely, your safari in East Africa will never be the same.

Windsurfing Kenyan Coast Mombasa

                                                             Windsurfing, Mombasa, Kenya

Those looking for the thrill of staying next to the Indian Ocean have a chance to book with numerous hotels. can ensure you get the best vacation for you and your loved ones. Windsurfing, Kenya Coast, Mombasa can be a new experience to those who dare to seek further adventures. Not forgetting other enchanting water activities such as water skiing, Diani beach, you are bound to make friends superbly easy. Jet skiing Diani Kenya offers competitive races which you can enjoy. Be among the first to show off your skills in jet skiing, Dian,i Kenya and enjoy the thrilling win in Africa.

Let the waters embrace you, and the dolphins swim in your surf.  Look ahead and create sensational memories in an African safari with