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Over ten years’ experience in giving you African vacations that are out of this world, has given us a head-start in making informed decisions concerning you as our customer. Our experience is what sets us above the rest. We are prepared and informed to give you the Kenya and Tanzania tour that will show you the great migration of the wildebeests. While touring East Africa, we have acquired the luxurious experience of where to send you for the night of relaxation. As we enter Tanzania, we ensure to give the journey into the beginning of life at the Ngorongoro crater. Within it you get to experience the African big five in their habitats.

And it is not only for solo Africa safaris as we are well equipped to give you an African family holiday. We have ensured to give you numerous activities that will thrill and captivate your love for Africa.

Your African adventures will include scuba diving into the Indian Ocean, bungee jumping from various locations, sky diving, hot air balloons over the wild massive savannah among other activities.

Kenya and Tanzania Tours

Typical Kenya and Tanzania Tour                                  African savanna and grasslands

Typical Kenya and Tanzania Tour                                                         African Savanna and Grasslands

Our experience spans over years and this has enabled us to calculate the right time for the wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania tour. When winter hits at your hometown, Africa is ever warm in welcoming you for more African adventures. There are warm places to visit in February or even early as January, beach vacations in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and a beach vacation checklist of affordable and thrilling places to be in Africa.

Your Africa family holiday is not complete without a sundowner on a hill, in the savannah, in a hot air balloon or by the ocean. We help you plan your African vacations in that you get to get a feel of what East Africa should offer.

The African big five will be a welcoming experience for you as you plan your safari with the best there is in the tours and travel industry, AfricaSunset.com.