Experienced: Best African Safaris and Tours
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Experience top tours and travels for your African safari and get the serenity of the wild at your fingertips!! If you are looking for that “ahh” feeling for your African vacations where the majestic roars of the lions and the trumpets of the elephants keep you company, then you are at the right place. We at AfricaSunset.com offer you African vacations in a wild safari within Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. With over ten years’ experience in giving you the best places to visit in Africa, we are your ultimate choice to experience a thrilling African safari.

Wildebeest Crossing the Masai Mara River                            Africa Big 5

Wildebeest Crossing the Masai Mara                                                   Africa’s Big Five

Being the best in the industry means that our experience cannot be rivaled. We know the places to be when you want to have your Africa family holiday, or better yet when best to book your flights to Africa. Our experience in giving you African holidays is not only based on road safaris, but offer you more experience in Africa through scuba diving, kite flying, dhow rides, hot air balloon rides among other exciting adventures.

AfricaSunset.com is bound to keep you wanting more of Africa. To ensure this, we have experienced and trained guides to take you around your safaris. Better yet is that they are bilingual, so language will not be a barrier in experiencing a top Africa family holiday with us. They will guide you through in your safari as you see the African Big Five, teaching you the best time to spot them and what to expect of them.

Based on the feedback we have had from our customers, the best places to visit in Africa are based on the thrill you are looking for. There are visits to the Masai Mara Kenya, Serengeti, Amboseli, The Giraffe Manor among other and beach holidays at the coast of either Kenya, Tanzania or Zanzibar. And don’t forget about our African holidays sundowners by the beach.

So, if you are going to Africa and looking for the best experienced African tours and travel agency to be with, look no further as AfricaSunset is here for you. The African Big Five await you!!!