Forward Thinking: Responsible Tourism
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The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. With such wise words, it is only fair that we try our best as, conserve our home to give you the best vacations and practice responsible tourism. recognizes Africa as the origin of humanity, so there are many reasons as to why go to Africa. But besides the fact that Africa is a host to the best vacations with numerous islands including the Zanzibar Islands, there are more reasons as to why you should book your flights to Africa.

Our forward way of thinking involves research into ways that we can conserve the earth while at the same time trying to help the locals. Our projects involve supporting the electric fence that currently surrounds the Aberdare forest in Kenya. This is home to the African Big Five that is a major tourist attraction in Africa.

In support to helping our customers experience the best Africa trips, we are in support of the Lewa safari camp which is in conjunction with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. All contributions go towards conserving the wild by equipping wildlife guards with better equipment to protect the wild animals from poachers.

                                   Aberdares National Park- Protecting the Jumbos

The Beautiful Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya                                 Aberdares National Park- Protecting the Jumbos

In your Africa trips to Kenya, you will get to experience a forest within an urban setting. Karura forest has been a lot of controversies as there is a call to have it deforested. is in full support of its existence and as thus we plant indigenous trees to maintain its authenticity as well as its existence. In your flights to Africa especially with, a percentage of it goes to educating the needy children to secondary education. We have achieved this by sponsoring ten needy children at the slopes of the Aberdares to study at Wanjohi Mixed Secondary school.

Your African travel would not be complete if everywhere was littered. To ensure a clean and safe environment, we educate you the visitor as well as the locals on how to practice safe and responsible tourism. This is done the through the provision of recyclable garbage containers that are given out freely.

So why go to Africa?

…It is for the ambience of best vacations not forgetting the Zanzibar islands….It is for the affordable African safari cost based on several African safari reviews… For an unforgettable safari in Africa’s wilderness, join us at and enjoy a classic holiday or honeymoon.