Hakuna Matata!! Party in an East African City on your African Safari
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Partying in the City and Casinos on your East Africa Safari

After a long sensual and exciting safari during the day, it is relaxing to have a nightlife in East Africa. In Kenya, cities and towns come to life where they can only be described as fun, plentiful and vibrant. A party in East Africa, especially in Kenya will see you visit exciting and stylish nightclubs or casinos. The Nairobi clubs nightlife begins with a hype, calling you out to relax and dance the night away. There are various samples of foods including locals and cuisines. Nightlife Kenya will take you to places where you mingle with locals, expatriates, digital nomads and other tourists. Nightlife Kenya is within sophisticated cosmopolitan settings whereby there is ample security and loads of fun. Your African safari in Kenya is not limited to a nightlife only in Nairobi. There are great places to be depending on your safari. A party in East Africa will take you to places such as Samburu, Naivasha, Nakuru, Nanyuki,  and Laikipia among other thrilling places to be at night.

Where to Party on your East Africa Safari

  • Nairobi City Nightclubs and Casinos

The beaches in Kenya are to die for. With the cool breeze over the clear waters splashing on the white sands, it is a scenery like no other. It is only fair to have a night safari with a beach party Mombasa. It is a place of fun with “Mombasa Raha” being a common phrase meaning fun in Mombasa. This is a location for the best beach party Mombasa as the winds are warm and the cuisine fresh from the ocean.

  • Zanzibar Nightlife and Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar!

East Africa is a host to Zanzibar islands which is a common tourist attraction. Zanzibar nightlife offers tourists terrific scenes that call for dancing and drinking. Zanzibar nightlife centers on the sundowners that give off a scenery of a canopy of colors across the African sky. It is relatively quiet during the night which gives one ample time to reflect on the day with a sip of your favorite drink. Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar is famous for beach parties on its white sands. For weekends that fall on a full moon, Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar hosts a full moon party where you are encouraged to dance your fears away. Any Zanzibar beach party will offer Tanzanian cuisines as well as traditional food. There is nowhere like Africa and a safari to these places at night will leave you wanting more.

Partying Tips and How to Party Safely

  • Be it a Zanzibar beach party or a beach party in Mombasa, Africa calls out to you to enjoy the night as well as its people.
  • To have a great party in East Africa, AfricaSunset.com welcomes you to log in and book your safari with us. We will help you pick the best places to party at night as well as activities to keep you interested during the day. AfricaSunset.com, based on past safari reviews will offer you budget-friendly hotels and resorts for your stay.
  • ALWAYS attend a nightclub or casino in the company of a member of our staff
  • Drinks and other expenses are on your tab. We cater for taxis to and from the hotel, staff guide(s) and overall security