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As the morning dew melts in the wild savannah, the hot air balloon rides that are your morning thrill is making its way up from the ground. The sunrise is majestic and the early birds are calling to you. As you breathe in the cool refreshing air, the scenery opens and visitors come the to site. This is your hot air balloon safari in Masai Mara. Even to us at, it is a new adventurous safari.


A hot air balloon hovers over the expansive Masai Mara offers you the chance to enjoy hot air balloon rides in any safari country of your choice in East Africa. A Kenya balloon safari will take you over the plains and forests of the Masai Mara and the Mara river. For first time beginners enjoying hot air balloon rides, they are amazed at the stillness in the air as they become suspended in their baskets. The pink tongues of the sky create a colored canopy as a backdrop for your fist aerial picture.

A Masai Mara balloon ride will take you where the current takes you. If you are lucky, the Masai Mara balloon will hover over wild animals as they explore their mornings., while in Kenya, offers you more options as to where to get your hot air balloon rides.

Hot Air Balloons, Serengeti National Park

Hot air balloon safari, Serengeti offers you the option to have serene views of the Serengeti plains as well as the animals. These hot air balloon rides will take you to places that are not accessible to many, but still gives you an insight into how the wild runs.  Hot air balloon safari, Serengeti offers you ample sights for pictures and videos that will remain as a reminder of your experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Serengeti National Park

Hot Air Balloon Ride Serengeti National Park

Masai Mara balloon safari price doesn’t have to be steep. We at allow you to set the price for your tour with us and we always ensure to give you the ride of a lifetime. Hot air balloon rides usually last an hour, and as we complete the journey with you, we bring the ride to a flourish stop and a tradition of toasting to your return to earth.

The Masai Mara balloon safari price is usually inclusive of you breakfast that will involve popping champagne and a healthy African breakfast that will be prepared where nature lands you.

It is an experience to talk about as the cold morning winds start heating up with the mighty roars of the jungle king coming to life.

It is then we as avail comfortable retrieval 4*4 vehicles to give you a ride back to camp to prepare you for the day’s tour ahead.

We have 10 years’ experience in hot air balloon safari, Kenya, but every ride is an experience that we at look forward to. The expressions of our customers in their very first hot air balloon safari, Kenya, is what gives us the joy to work harder and give you the experience of your life.  Having partnered with hot air balloon agencies with unlimited knowledge and experience ensures that we have your safety as a priority. A safari with us is unforgettable, and a repeat hot air balloon ride would be spectacular than the first. Whether you want the rides in the morning, late afternoon or in the evening, we have you covered.