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So, like every journey, finances are a key ingredient when planning your best African safari. You want to have instant quotes on what it will cost to have a wilderness safari in East Africa. You crave for a dhow ride but you are not sure about the cost or how much African travel packages cost. has it all handled. For your instant quotes, join our wagon and get to plan for your African holidays with us.

We give you instant quotes on our African travel packages including the places to stay as well as the activities to do. A safari in East Africa is among the many African adventures that await you. We help you plan with the best in the industry while ensuring your African holidays are a memory to behold.

Our flexibility in giving you the best instant quotes will ensure that you get to pick places that you want to stay at the click of a button. So, worry no more on the cost of staying at the Giraffe Manor, or the cost of a safari in Masai Mara Kenya.  Singita Boulders, a classic, timeless view, is also within your budget if you so wish for such African adventures.

With, when to visit East Africa is a round-the-calendar vacation. Just log in with us and get to create a journey of a lifetime. Pick out the activities that will leave you thrilled for more such as dhow rides, water sports, skydiving, hot air balloon rides, kite flying among others. and if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful time with nature, we have great heaven sent sundowners and honeymoon locations along the Indian Ocean beaches.

Africa safari cost doesn’t have to be steep but something within your range. Book now and get to see your instant quotes as we prepare to receive you for your African safari tour.