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The Great Migration Masai Mara Kenya Safari The Great Migration Masai Mara Kenya Safari
Kenya Safaris Masai Mara Kenya Safaris Masai Mara
Samburu Safari Kenya Lions Samburu Safari Kenya Lions
Kenya wilderness safari Kenya wilderness safari
Mount Kenya Hiking Safari Mount Kenya Hiking Safari
Lamu Beach Safari in Kenya Lamu Beach Safari in Kenya
Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari
Lewa Kenya Safari vacation Lewa Kenya Safari vacation
Sunset and Sundowners Kenya Safari Sunset and Sundowners Kenya Safari
Masai Mara Kenya Safari Masai Mara Kenya Safari
Cultural Visit Kenya Safari Cultural Visit Kenya Safari
Kenya Safaris Masai Mara 1 Kenya Safaris Masai Mara 1
Water Rafting Kenya Safari Water Rafting Kenya Safari
Jet Skiing Kenya Safari Jet Skiing Kenya Safari


Jambo! Karibu Kenya!

This is the famous greeting you receive once you jet in the land of great excursions and safaris in the whole of Africa. There is no greater place to be in if you are looking for that wonderful time and safari in accordance with nature. Kenya, located in the East of Africa, is a land full of culture, history and famous wild animals. Millions embark on a Kenya safari in the bid to connect and see the wild.

Activities you can undertake on your Kenyan African safari

Kenyan holidays offer a variety of extra activities bundled with your trip based on the needs and wants of our visitors. These include safari excursions, water rides and sports, bungee jumping, skydiving, kitesurfing, snorkeling, sundownershot air balloon rides, romantic honeymoon getaways, scuba diving, bungee jumping, parties in Nairobi/Mombasa or the wild Africa bushland, dhow trips, among others. Kenyan holidays attract both foreign and local tourists for great safaris. As Kenya neighbors Tanzania and Zanzibar, which are other famous combination tourist destinations, Kenya remains to be a hub and the top gateway to tourism in East Africa due to its central location and ease of access.

From the luxurious coastal beaches to the Great Migration bush safari in the Masai Mara

In our top tours and safaris Kenya itinerary, tourists have options as to where to go in Kenya for a safari. Notably, there are the vast, wild and unpolluted white sand beaches with clear blue waters at the coast of Kenya. A quick scan through a Kenya map reveals a number of towns that are a rich source of cultural heritage such as Lamu dhows and town trips and Watamu Marine National Park known for scuba diving in the deep blue sea and provide a bunch of activities in Kenya that are guaranteed to inject THAT adrenaline rush such as bungee jumping in Sagana or sky diving at Diani. Where to go in Kenya is not only limited to the coast alone; we have extensive plains and plateaus such as the Nyika which is home to the Big Five and major national parks and reserves such as the Masai Mara (hosts the famous 8th wonder of the world: the wildebeest migration vs the epic crocodile fest across the Masai Mara river), Tsavo East, Tsavo West (elephant sanctuaries and big game drives) among others. Over yonder, we have notable parks around Kenya’s tallest, snow-capped Mt. Kenya and the extensive Aberdare Ranges (Mt.Kenya National Park and the Aberdare National Park respectively). Treetops Lodge, located in the Aberdare National Park, is famous for having hosted Princess Elizabeth as she ascended to the throne following the unfortunate death of her father King George VI in 1952. Kenya has a number of lakes (notably Lake Nakuru National Park for bird watching-flamingos, rhinos, buffaloes and other endangered species), game reserves, mountains (Mt. Longonot and Suswa famous for hikes), national parks (Amboseli National Park which is a home to a huge elephant population, Hells Gate National Park ideal for hikes, site seeing and bike riding), archaeological sites (Olorgesailie- excavated by Mary and Louis Leakey in 1943 and credited as an important link indicative of the cradle of mankind), game sanctuaries, notable conservancies such as Ol Pejeta, Lewa and Ol Jogi Ranch, and safari walks among other attractions that are bound to give you an exciting time while in Kenya.

Luxurious Safaris: Honeymoons and Family Vacations

Luxurious safari vacations in Kenya are available to everyone based on the places to go and activities to undertake. Newlyweds can take a safari and romantic honeymoon in any of the great places in Kenya such as the popular, out-of-this-world Masai Mara, the Giraffe Manor-and enjoy breakfast with the calm giraffes towering above you in a tranquil, serene lodge-, the Serengeti Serena lodge or the luxurious Ol Jogi Ranch – offers horse riding, nature walks, romantic sundowners and on-safari lunch and dinners. A life together doesn’t have to be monotonous but an everyday thrill. Moreover, most of our locations have best views of the great migration and can be accessed via road- 4*4 vehicles or vans or the sky-chartered flights or hot air balloons. For instance, a hot air balloon ride across the Mara ensures that you cover the Masai Mara comprehensively and guarantees a bird’s eye view of the best action in Kenya, Africa. A tours and safari in Kenya will bring you closer to nature. As you soar above the skies watching over the wildebeest make their epic safari via the Mara river, get a glimpse of the best views of the Masai Mara savanna dotted with antelopes, zebras, elephants and a pride of lions ready to pounce.

Local Expertise: We are based in East Africa, we know our stuff!

With competent Kenya safari guides, you can be assured of a secure and thrilling safari in Kenya. The Kenya safari guides are well trained in spotting animals, birds, unique flora and fauna as well as practicing responsible tourism. Besides this, they are a great company, keeping you entertained as well as informed about Kenya.  As you plan to tour Kenya, get yourself ready for a safari of a lifetime. With the many places Kenya holds, your safari will be full of sights to see and things to do. As you peruse through a Kenya map wondering where to vacation, leave it to us to see to it that you have an incredible safari in Kenya. Book with for that incredible journey for you and your loved ones!


Why go to Kenya?

Of all safari destinations in Africa, why go to Kenya? Kenya is the cradle of safaris in Africa, a hub of heritage, culture and wild animals. Its significance thus places it among the best places to visit for your safari in Africa. Since there are other tourist attractions, why go to Kenya? This can only be answered by looking at the itinerary of safari activities found in Kenya for romantic honeymoon getaways and luxurious safari vacations.

Where to go in Kenya?

There are numerous places to take your safari in Kenya. Among them are the lakes that are home to the hundreds of flamingoes and hippos. Then there are the various hills to quench your safari walks and the need to go off the unbeaten paths. Along the rivers in Kenya are places you can thrill yourself with a bungee jump or water rafting such as the rapids in River Sagana. Besides all these beautiful and unique places on the Kenya map are the reserves where the animals call home. If you are still wondering where to go in Kenya, there are hundreds of places to choose from, each giving you some unique taste of a safari in Kenya.

  • The Masai Mara: The Great Migration

From the Masai Mara Kenya to the plains of Serengeti, you can experience the 8th wonder of the world. The graceful wildebeests must swim across several rivers, notably the Masai Mara river which is heavily infested with crocodiles. The spectacle, as the wildebeests struggle to fight off the ravenous African crocodiles, is a scene that you do not want to miss. The best time to book this trip is mid-July to late October when the crossing from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara and back is in full swing. Moreover, there are other charming safari and hotel destinations that you can bundle with this trip such as the Giraffe Manor, Watamu Marine Park, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Amboseli National Park, Arabuko Sokoke National Park among others. In addition, you can bundle your trip with adrenaline-ladden activities such as a hot air balloon ride in the Mara or Amboseli, a scuba dive at Watamu, a sundowner in the wild, a nature walk or horse ride in the expansive Ol Jogi suitable for honeymooners or a great party in Nairobi. These are some of the places where you can get a budget-friendly or luxurious Kenya holiday and safari itinerary via Kenya holidays are action-packed to ensure that you get every taste of Kenya on your luxurious safari vacations. Your Kenya holidays are not complete without a taste of the culture and foods.

There are many tours and safari Kenya, all geared towards giving the tourist the best safari in Kenya. These tours and safari Kenya are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, rich in biodiversity and place great emphasis on responsible tourism and conservation leaving you with a feeling of immeasurable satisfaction and the urge to visit again. Our Kenya safari guides are also trained in giving 5 star services in terms of how they interact with customers and tourist safety.

A Map of Kenya: +254 Places of Interest

Kenya Map Where to Go on Safari

A Kenyan map will always highlight the presence of the equator, an area reputed for its warm climate. These conditions are suitable for a lovely and endearing safari in Kenya for romantic honeymoons. To ensure that you get the best out of every place you vacation or safari in Kenya, there are special Kenya safari guides suited for the highlands/mountain climbing, plains/excursions, as well as in the dry places (Nyika-ideal for safaris) of Kenya.

As you look through the Kenya map for a safari, mapping out places to vacay, ensure to invoke the inner you for a safari of a lifetime. There are many reasons as to why go to Kenya. Our heritage, history and rich culture is just but a reason why. Safaris in Kenya-Africa will endear you more to be part of Kenya as well as help in wildlife conservation.

Be it honeymooners, family safari vacations or just a lone safari with the wild, the Kenyan culture will leave you amazed. The people you meet along your Kenyan safari, will also leave an impact on your life. Kenyan safaris are the best compared to other regions within Africa. Book your Kenyan safari with us today and begin the thrill of your life.

Go wild on your safari in Kenya and take a skydive. Watch the animals beneath your feet in a hot air balloon safari, just don’t settle for the norm. Safaris in Kenya are unique just as the tourist who visit Kenya. Enjoy a sundowner at the end of your safari, perched high on a hill with great vistas surrounding you.

Hakuna matata, Karibu Kenya!!!

The Big Five and other Wildlife

For the great question, as to where to go in Kenya, it is solely based on animals you want to see and the activities you want to engage in, in your safari. Every corner of Kenya is a safari and an attraction by itself. Given the wide range in biodiversity, a safari in Kenya is worth every penny.

  • Where to go see lions in Kenya

There are many places where one can locate this fascinating predator. A safari in Kenya especially in the Serengeti and Masai Mara will give you a glimpse of this ferocious cat practically throughout the year. There are better sightings if your safari coincides with the great migration. A safari to the Mara and Serengeti will ensure that you see the lions in action as they gather around to hunt. There are also lions in Samburu, the Nairobi National Park which is home to 38 lions and the Nairobi Safari Walk which is also home to a number of lions. In your safari to Kenya, do not worry as to where to go see lions as there are various places. Some are in the wild while others are housed and protected but easily accessible to all tourists for those luxurious safari vacations.

  • Where to go see giraffes in Kenya

Want to have a close and cuddly breakfast with a giraffe? You have to book your stay at the glorious Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya!….yes, we are not kidding! Behold, the gentle giants!

 Giraffe Manor KenyaFeeding Giraffes at Giraffe Manor KenyaGiraffe Manor Hotel KenyaGiraffe Manor Kenya at Night

The sweet tall gentle creatures are a sight to behold. A Kenyan safari is not complete without giraffe sighting. To ensure that you enjoy your safari in Kenya to the maximum, there are places you can go to have a glimpse of these animals. The Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a place whereby people get to interact freely with giraffes. A Kenyan safari to the northern side of Kenya, specifically Samburu will bring you close to the reticulated giraffes. Meru National Park, Chyulu Hills, Laikipia and the Samburu buffalo springs are homes to great herds of giraffes; and a safari in the capital city of Kenya will reveal a hidden giraffe sanctuary for the Rothschild giraffes. There are many places where to go see giraffes in Kenya. Just enjoy the grace oozing from these gentle animals as they stride alongside you.

  • Where to go see the big five in Kenya

The best places to go see the big five in Kenya is a safari down to the Masai Mara or Amboseli National Park. The grasslands are home to the rhinos, buffalos, lions, leopards, and elephants. A safari here will give you a complete package of the big five in Kenya.

  • Where to go see rhinos in Kenya

Kenya is a host of 12 incredible places where you can journey to see the rhino. Though there have been dwindling numbers of rhinos due to poaching, some of the 12 rhino residences are sanctuaries aiming at protecting them from extinction. Places where to go see rhinos in Kenya include a safari to Masai Mara, Nairobi National Park, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Borana Wildlife Conservancy, II Ngwesi Group Ranch, Tsavo West National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Meru National Park, Aberdare National Park, Solio Game Reserve and the Ruma National Park.

  • Where to go see Leopards in Kenya

There are several places where to go see leopards in Kenya. A Kenyan safari to the Aberdares National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, the Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West national parks and the Masai Mara are famous places to sight leopards. A safari in Kenya needs a keen eye as these animals are elusive and rest mainly during the day. Experienced African safari guides come in handy.

  • Where to go see elephants in Kenya

It is always a luxury safari in Kenya to have a glimpse of one the big five in Kenya. There are great spots where to go see elephants in Kenya and they include: Amboseli National Park, Tsavo, Sirikoi in Lewa, Saruni Samburu, Richard’s Camp, Masai Mara and the Serengeti among other places.

So, when deciding on where to go in Kenya, any day is a good day for a safari. Kenya is a welcoming place where an everyday safari will be a highlight of your life.

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When to Embark on a Kenya Safari

  • Best time to go on Kenyan safaris: January- March, June- August
  • High season: July- October, October- April- these months are the long dry making it easy to spot animals in the reduced vegetation and water sources.  
  • Low season: March- June- this is the long rainy season and there’re reduced number of visitors, reduced accommodation rates and other charges.
  • Best weather: June-August- the coolest months of the year
  • Worst weather to go on Kenyan safaris- March- June

January- March:


  • Due to reduced vegetation and water sources, it is easy to locate animals
  • Days remain sunny with no prospects of rains


  • The heat of the day reduces the hours one can be out looking for animals.

May- June:


  • With the increased rains, there is new vegetation making it pleasant to the eyes.
  • New animals are born into the wild which can be a sight to behold
  • Due to decreased number of visitors, there is reduced accommodation rates


  • The roads become inaccessible due to the rains
  • Increased vegetative cover and water sources make spotting the animals almost impossible.

July- October:


  • With the green vegetative cover, it is easy to see the wildebeest migration


  • There is increase in the number of visitors, which translates to increased accommodation charges

November- December:


  • Short rains bring relief to the dry land
  • There is reduced number of visitors and accommodation rates


  • Slightly dispersed animals
  • Increased local visitors due to the December holidays.

Where to go in Kenya

There are hundreds of reasons as to why go to Kenya. A look through a Kenya map will reveal different places where to take thrilling safaris, mountains and hills to climb and a coastline to sunbathe in. Beyond the great scenery and great people, Kenya remains a top and leading tourist safari destination. Among the various places as to where to go in Kenya include:

  • Lake Nakuru Kenya Safari for game viewing and bird watching notably the flamingos

A safari through Lake Nakuru is a famous attraction site for bird watchers as there are more than 400 species of birds for viewing. Other animals for great tours and safaris Kenya include the big five notably the rhinos.

  • Kenya and the Central Highlands

The serene locations of central Kenya and the highlands offer great Kenya holidays for those seeking solace from crowded safari places. With the recent extension of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mt. Kenya National Park, safaris in Kenya Africa have just got better.

There is a change in scenery for those who love safaris as Samburu and Shaba National Reserve are positioned on the windward side of the mountain. This dramatic scenery will give views to animals that are not normally found in other known parks.

Amboseli, located close to Tanzania, offers best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Besides this, it offers luxurious safari vacations mainly on the wetlands of Amboseli. Safaris to Amboseli can at times be crowded especially during the peak tourism months.

A safari down the coast of Kenya will reveal best views of Indian Ocean as well as perfect Kenya holidays. There are expansive white sandy beaches that are unpolluted and offer excellent sun bathing recluses ideal for family vacations and honeymooners.

Lamu offers great romantic honeymoon activities such as snorkeling, dhow cruises, swimming with dolphins, dhow rides and great sundowners. Additionally, the Watamu Marine Park offers an ideal zone for scuba diving.

Masai Mara is home to a large variety of animals and is also famous for the great migration of wildebeest from Masai Mara to the Serengeti in Tanzania. This is usually the most famous where to go in Kenya destination. There are great Kenya Africa activities including hot air balloon rides. This exclusive safari in Kenya also gives guided nature walks and cultural interactions.

It is close to inevitable not to have a stopover in Nairobi as most flights in and out of Kenya happen here. The leafy suburbs of Nairobi offer great safaris to places such as the Giraffe center, Karen Blixen Museum and the elephant orphanage. A safari through the center of Nairobi will reveal a hidden gem and home to city lions, rhinos, antelopes and zebras. This is the Nairobi national park whose background is made of skyscrapers but gives wonderful luxurious safari vacations.

Safaris in Kenya happen all around the year with great tours and safaris Kenya. Africa Sunset Ltd, through our well-versed Kenya safari guides offer quality information regarding where to go in Kenya and even the animals that you get to see. Our Kenya safari guides are also very forthcoming in giving tourist the best possible views of places and animals. Forget the Kenya map and let us set you up for a wonderful vacation in Kenya. With the diverse places in Kenya, a safari here will leave you wanting for more.

Samburu, situated by the banks of the magnificent Ewaso Nyiro river, is an attraction that most people want to visit. This Kenya Africa tour to Samburu brings you majestic views and close game sightings of Somali ostriches, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuks and antelopes. With enticing places to visit such as Buffalo Springs and Shaba reserves, you are bound to have the best luxurious safari vacations in the arid regions of Northern Kenya. Not forgetting the Sarara Singing Wells, where Samburu warriors sing their traditional songs while watering their cattle, this is a magical place to be.

Naivasha, located at the highest point of the Great Rift Valley, is a town known for its famous lake and great wildlife. For the best views of the more that 400 species of birds, it is best to do it via boat.  Naivasha is also home to great numbers of hippos not forgetting other animals such as buffalo, giraffes, zebra, the eland among others. There are great places to visit while in Naivasha which include Hell’s Gate National Park, Crater Lake Game Sanctuary and the former home of Joy Adamson, the Elsamere Conservation Center.

Malindi, known for its sandy white beaches offers you a place to spend a romantic honeymoon or just have a feel of what Kenya Africa has to offer. Located at the Kenyan coast is a span of white sandy beaches, but that is not all. There is a history here worth leaning about with places to visit such as Watamu Marine National Park and the Vasco De Gama Cross among others. With the best views of the Indian Ocean, Malindi calls out for relaxation. If you have been to Hell’s Gate in Naivasha Kenya on safari, then Malindi offers you a chance to visit Hell’s kitchen, gorges that have been shaped by water and wind for centuries.

Protecting the slopes and moorland of the Aberdare mountains is the Aberdare National Park. With its high altitude, you can be assured of a cool and green topography throughout the year. There are animals to see such as the elusive Bongo antelope, rhinos, Black leopard, African elephants and lions. Tours and safaris Kenya especially in Aberdare National Park offers you elegant places to stay within the national park such as The Ark and the Treetops. With the best views of animals by the watering hole just outside these lodges, you can be assured of a magnificent time in Aberdare National Park.

Established over 60 years and set on 58,000 acres, Ol Jogi Ranch is home to a Rhino Sanctuary. Surrounded by a ring fence to protect the animals from poaching, it also offers the best views of rhinos of all ages. With activities, such as bush walks, horse riding, game drives, fishing and visiting the veterinary clinic, you can be assured of a wonderful time walking on the vast acres of land. Accommodation in Ol Jogi is offered in spacious cottages, a lawn to relax on among other necessary amenities.

Ol Lentille is regarded as one of the most prestigious safari lodges in Laikipia, north of Kenya. With its private villas and practicing sustainable tourism, there is more to Ol Lentille than exclusive accommodation and game viewing. You are assured of catching glimpse of herds of elephants in their thousands and packs of wild dogs roaming free. Exclusive and private accommodation with every amenity that you could think of, Ol Lentille is one place that will take you tours and safaris Kenya to a whole new level.

Taking you back in time to over 600 hundred years ago, the Watamu and Gede ruins are a touch of time that tourists want to immerse themselves in. This old village which is now overgrown with indigenous trees, tamarind and baobabs, has preserved itself well over the years. The Watamu and Gede Ruins feature several mosques, residential homes, pillar tombs and a palace. A walk within the Watamu and Gede Ruins and a visit to the Watamu village will give you better highlights of what life was like centuries ago.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a home away from home for those seeking thrilling Kenya Africa safaris. With numerous activities to engage in such as lion tracking, bush walks, riding with rhinos, dog tracking to community visits, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy offers the best views of everything. Not forgetting the executive accommodation and cuisines, those seeking romantic honeymoons in the wild are most welcome in Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Tsavo East National Park  park offers you exclusivity as it is quite large, in fact, the largest National park in Kenya. Famous for its red dust elephants, you can be assured of catching a glimpse of herd of elephants in their thousands as they bulldoze through the dry land. If you are an explorer, then Tsavo East National Park is the place to be as the vastness of the land calls out to be explored. Featuring landmarks such as the Mudanda Rock, Yatta Plateau and the Lugard falls, there is so much more than one can do and see while in the Tsavo East National Park.

With a different ecosystem in comparison to its sister national park, Tsavo East, Tsavo West National Park is much more distinct. It has more of hilly landscapes dotted with volcanic cones that date back to 200-300 years ago. Great features here include the Mzima Springs, Shetani Lava Flow, Chaimu Crater, Poacher’s Outlook, the Tsavo river, Ziwani Swamp among others. Such diversity in Tsavo East National Park brings in the best tours and safaris Kenya with game viewing inclusive but not limited to: Impala, buffalo and zebra. There are captivating documented stories about Tsavo West National Park about the famous man-eating lions that presented a huge problem during the construction of Kenya-Uganda Railway in the onset of the 20th century.

Situated east of Samburu, Shaba National Park is famous as the home to the “Born Free” lioness, Elsa. Shaba National Park has also been made famous with popular movies such as “Out of Africa” and the most recent production, “Survivor Africa”. For this Kenya Africa park to command such attention, there are great things that can be found here including activities such as Samburu cultural visits, bird watching, game drives, escorted walks, sundowners and camel-back rides. There is a great variety of wild animals in Shaba National Reserve to see such as the big five, baboons, wild cats, striped hyena, cheetah and warthog among many more.

About Kenya

History and economy

A present, Kenya has the leading and most advanced economy in East Africa. Service industry especially tourism is the leading contributor to the growth of economy in Kenya. 75% of the work force is covered in the agriculture sector. The history of Kenya goes back way before it gained its independence. Its ethnical composition is of 42 tribes and includes indigenous migrants from Europe and Arab nationalities.

People and culture

The national languages in Kenya are English and Kiswahili and majority of the population considers itself Christian.10% of the rest of the population is Muslim. The predominant population which is 75% is under the age of 30 years. Kenyans are very welcoming and any attempt by foreigners to speak in Kiswahili is warmly received.

Landscape and wildlife

Kenya straddles the equator and has the great Rift Valley dominating most of the areas in Kenya. Within the valley are a series of lakes, hills and mountains which are homes to most of the wildlife in Kenya.

The northern part of Kenya is arid and hot offering a different set on wild animals from the central side of Kenya. The southern side of Kenya is the coastal stretch that offers warm sandy beaches, tropical islands and coral reefs.

Famous wildlife such as the big five and the wildebeest migration are guarded gems of Kenya. This is to ensure the existence of the animals as well as the continuation of the income generating service industry of tourism.

The sole purpose of the Kenya safari tours is to give tourists exceptional and realistic views of Kenya. As Kenya is termed as the original safari destination, there are views so great and cultures so rich that tourists overbook with some Kenya safari tours for more safaris. A Kenyan safari offers luxurious safari vacations to the Mara, Giraffe Manor, the Serengeti, the spanning Rift Valley among other beautiful places. Tourists are not limited to where to go in Kenya for safaris as there are numerous sites to choose from.

The big five are a safari attraction in Kenya but a safari with the flamingo migration in Lake Nakuru and Baringo is also a spectacular view to behold. Such luxurious safari vacations with animals and birds ensure to give a 360-degree view of the wild life in Kenya. Tourists on safari in Kenya are welcome to take safaris on Mt. Kenya or the Aberdares and marvel at nature in these luscious green sceneries.

Where to go in Kenya? The options are limitless, with spanning new areas to take a safari being discovered very day. Other than a trip to Masai Mara, did you know there is a hippo point in Kisumu or have you ever heard of the crying stones of Kist-Mikayi? The places to take a safari in either north, south, east or west of Kenya are limitless.

So, why go to Kenya? The answer to this is safari simple. Kenya is a place where man and nature come together. It is an ideal place to view safari animals, birds and plants in their habitats. The reason as to why go to Kenya is because there is a culture so rich and a history so deep calling out to tourists to explore. The people in Kenya are welcoming and very informative. An ultimate safari in Kenya will leave you wanting more and booking more safaris with

Family safaris in Kenya are an eventful time in Kenya. There are numerous activities to undertake such as scuba diving, kite flying, dhow rides, hot air balloon rides and bungee jumping among other family safari vacations. Safaris across Kenya are eventful and giving you and your family time to bond. There are activities on any Kenyan safari will bring you together as you enjoy the amazing scenes across Kenya.

Why go to Kenya? There are more than a million reasons as to why go to Kenya. The rich land of the Kenyans is a community of integrated communities, rich in history and culture. Kenya is home to thousands of animals and birds and a variety of plants and trees. Every aspect of Kenya is a safari waiting to be explored. Furthermore, you will get to understand that the great migration is not just for the wildebeest but also the flamingo birds.

Kenya safari tours especially is set to give tourists a time of their lives by ensuring to give unlimited options to tourists. ensures to alert tourists on any Kenya travel advice that may be issued. Mainly Kenya travel advice is usually made for the safety and protection of tourists in Kenya. In the land of Kenya, feel free to take a safari to the highlands, a safari down to the coast not forgetting to take safaris over the Kenyan sky and in the waters. As the people of Kenya await to welcome you and the seasons bring you unmatched Kenyan safaris, prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime. Explore Kenya, explore Africa.

Kenya Travel Advice for a safe, secure safari in Kenya

For those luxurious safari vacations that you long for or the best views of Mt. Kenya, Kenya remains the place to be. From the Masai Mara all the way to the plains of Samburu, Kenya as a hub of tourism is an attractive all-inclusive package. A safari in Kenya entails a journey of the wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania. As the wildebeest migration is among the known wonders of the world, a Kenyan safari is never complete without a glimpse of this great migration animals jumping into the Mara river. The great migration is not only limited to the wildebeest but also includes Kenya’s flamingo migration. These pretty pink birds are a safari attraction that flock lake Bogoria and Nakuru turning them into spectacular pink attraction sites.

Kenya continues to grow as a safari destination for romantic honeymoons. Those wishing to get away for a couple of days are welcome for a romantic honeymoon safari across Kenya. The Kenyan coast is the best safari destination, as it offers luxurious safari vacations for couples. Not only does a safari to the Kenyan coast house great places to travel for couples; but the water activities are also intimate. From dhow rides, scuba diving, kitesurfing and snorkeling, the Kenyan coast will give the best views of the Indians ocean aquatic life. 

Luxurious safari vacations in Kenya not only include the places to visit but also the local African cuisine. Enrich yourself with foods from various tribes across Kenya though there is always the option to have something unique cooked for you. From the people to the places, Kenya is a safari of its own class. Safari Lodges such as those in Serengeti or Masai Mara among others are built to give you safari vacations for families and inbuilt sundecks for great sundowners.

  • The ultimate Kenyan safari tour is to see the wild and get quality and relevant information about them. This is delivered through qualified and competent Kenya safari guides suitable for all environments. An experienced and qualified Kenyan safari guide ensures that there are available interpreters in each safari.
  • As per the Kenya travel advice, it is best to keep off the wet seasons such as the month of April due to the increased number of mosquitoes.
  • To ensure that you have the best Kenya safari, it is best to pack light casual wear since the weather in Kenya is fairly warm. Ensure to also pack a warm jacket especially for the evening safaris due to drop-in temperatures.
  • Kenya travel advice also includes the need to ensure personal safety and also that of the Kenya safari animals. This requires keeping a safe distance and ensuring not to feed the safari animals unless told otherwise.
  • Despite the shortcomings of tourism such as security threats in Kenya, Kenya travel advice promises a unique safari if all of the rules are applied.
  • It is advisable to use the Kenyan currency in your safaris to Kenya though the USD is also accepted.
  • Tourists visiting Kenya for a thrilling safari out to adhere to the visa and passport requirements.
  • Tourists undertaking in some of our activities need travel insurance

To ensure that you have a wonderful time in Kenya, totally enjoying your safari with us, log in and book with and let us take you for a safari of your life. is among the leading top tours and safari agencies in East Africa, helping deliver unique safaris across Kenya. Other than providing quality time in your Kenyan safari, we ensure to keep an eye out for any Kenya travel advice that may be issued.

Travel Tips on Kenya Wilderness and Beach Vacations

The long exciting and thrilling safaris in Kenya will want you to rest up and re-energize. For this, you require the best Kenya safari lodges offering you the luxury accommodation that you deserve while on luxurious safari vacations in Kenya. There are great places to lodge in your safari to Kenya and they are found within arm’s reach of many tourist attraction destinations.

  • If you are on safari in Kenya to see the great migration, there is the luxury accommodation of Mara Serena Safari lodge that is located within the Masai Mara reserve. This exquisite lodge offers you the serene views of the Kenyan savannah as well as the Mara river where the migration action takes place. Not only is it for those seeking nature safari, bird watching or the wilderness, but also for newlyweds on their romantic honeymoon. There are various honeymoon suites and tented camps in the wild in these Kenyan tourist hotspots, all created to give you that unique intimate moment with your loved one.
  • The best Kenya safari lodges offer unique moments for those on safari in Kenya with their families. Family safaris ought to be fun and bonding moments among members. To ensure a safari in Kenya is to your satisfaction, the best Kenya safari lodges offer lodging that caters to all the members of the family. For such safari needs, camping, family activities such as evening walks, sundowners and game drives are just but part of the package that most safari lodges offer.
  • So, you are wondering where to go in Africa to see giraffes? Kenya is your destination. Not only is it home for the big five among other well-known animals but it is also home to the tall gentle animals, the giraffes. There are a variety of giraffes and Kenya is home to two of these varieties. However, due to the reducing number of giraffes in the wild and in Kenya, they are now an endangered species thus being conserved within parks and reserves. A safari in Kenya will not be complete without a glance at a giraffe. If you want to have some time together with a giraffe and still wondering where to go in Africa to see giraffes, you out to be in Kenya where they are docile and friendly as can ever be. A vacation in Kenya’s best safari lodges, the Giraffe Manor Kenya is a place so unique, it has been termed as a piece of heaven.
  • Beyond the excitement of a safari in the highlands and savannahs of Kenya, there is more action at the coast. The coast of Kenya is lined with warm sunny beaches and among the best Kenya safari lodges that there are in Kenya. The coast of Kenya such as in the towns of Mombasa, Malindi, Diani, Watamu and Lamu among others are a host of unique water sports that will leave you wanting more of thrills in Kenya.
  • Kenya Safari Beach vacations call for a splash in the waters which you can achieve either by kitesurfing, scuba diving or snorkeling. Honeymooners best leave their honeymoon suites and join the action for thrill packed safari on the waters of Kenya. Beach vacations can also include calming dhow rides, sundowners and not forgetting renowned donkey rides down at Malindi and Lamu.

There is no place like Kenya and nothing compares to a Kenyan safari. With unique action-packed safaris, you are bound to get the best of your vacation right here. Get a glimpse of the untamed wild, and thrilling safari and then get a wonderful night of rest in the best Kenya safari lodges within East Africa

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