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Kitesurfing in Kenya is a rapidly growing activity that is taking tourists by storm. An African safari to the coast of any East African country must include this new and thrilling sport. Kitesurfing in Kenya takes place along the white beaches of Watamu and in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. Kitesurfing, which is a combination of board skills and kite flying, takes you cruising over the waters with the help of the winds.

Africa’s coastline is blessed with great places to kitesurf. On a safari or African vacation, kitesurfing, Watamu, is the ideal place to be. It offers kitesurfing for children and any beginner that is willing to learn how to kitesurf. A kitesurfing safari in Africa requires great harness control technique and not actual strength. Kitesurfing for children is offered by trained surfers and offers light kitesurfing equipment. These lessons are offered both at the kitesurfing, Watamu, and in Diani.

Kitesurfing in Nyali Kenya

Learning Kitesurfing in Nyali Kenya

The best kite spot for kitesurfing, Kenya, requires a constant flow of winds for surfing and white sands beaches for relaxing. Watamu has over the years been voted as the best kite spot for kitesurfing, Kenya, in East Africa.

Kenya kitesurfing holidays at the coast usually have ideal weather conditions throughout the year with the exceptions of the months of April, May, and June. These are months that have long rains which can interfere with a perfect kitesurf. The rest of the year welcomes tourists to try their luck in kitesurfing on their African safari. Kenya kitesurf holidays also offer other forms of water activities such as scuba diving and bungee jumping.

Scuba diving, Kenya, is part of a popular water activity that explores the wilderness beneath the Indian Ocean. Scuba diving Kenya is an all year activity through the months of July and August have fewer activities due to decreased visibility. The life below the waters in scuba diving will offer you a fine safari of species of fish, corals and other water life creatures.

Bungee jumping, Kenya has found fame with locals and foreign tourists. However, this activity can only be found in the highlands of central Kenya over the Sagana river.

Bungee jumping, Kenya, requires a command of sheer strength to stay sane over the 60 meters fall to the river. Africa is a host of new, thrilling adventures that involve children and adults. A safari across Africa will open you up to the warm weather and breathtaking sceneries. Kitesurfing, Kenya, in Watamu and Diani will take up over the blue waters and bring you cruising down over white waves.

From the highlands of central Kenya to the beaches at the coast, a safari in Kenya will give you ample opportunities to tour and enjoy your vacation. offers you a variety of activities such as scuba diving, kitesurfing, bungee jumping, hot air balloon rides and dhow rides to keep you entertained.

Enjoy your safari with views from above as well as mingle with the creatures of the ocean. Wherever the wind may take you, there is always something new in Africa.