Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya Holidays | Best African Safaris

Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya Holidays | Best African Safaris
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Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Safari

Lake Nakuru National Park, one of the major destinations on Kenya Safaris, is one of the lakes lying on the Great Rift Valley, one of the biggest rifts in the world that stretches from Ethiopia to Mozambique. This important destination on any Kenyan Safari was declared a national park in 1961 and has since expanded to include vast areas of the surrounding savanna totaling to 188km2. It’s best known as the flamingo lake in Africa. The term Nakuru means a dusty place in the local Maasai language, a tribe who traditionally occupied these vast savanna lands before the 20th Century.


  • The area enjoys great biodiversity, and is known for its vast quantities of pink flamingos which flourish on the rich feeding grounds optimized by the lake. During the height of the flamingo migration in Africa, at least 2 million Kenyan flamingos can be spotted on the lake, forming a great pink view where not even a speck of the lake’s shoreline can be spotted. The flamingo migration in Africa is also an amazing spectacle as these flamingos migrate to Lake Manyara in Tanzania later on in the season. Other multiple and rare birds flourish at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, and can be easily spotted on your Kenyan safari by keen ornithologists. These include the Goliath Heron, The Hamerkop, African Fish Eagle, Verraux’s eagle and the Pied Kingfisher.
  • Moreover, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Safari, boasts of 70 endemic Southern White Rhinos and 25 Eastern Black Rhinos that have been introduced in efforts to boost conservation and provide a much needed sanctuary for these endangered species.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park, an important Kenya safari destination, also hosts the gracious Rothschild giraffe. In addition, there are ample waterbucks, baboons and other small mammals. The abundance of prey, consequently, has led to ample predators, notably some big five species such as the famous tree climbing lions, leopards and cheetahs. Finally, the large pythons, which inhabit the dense woodlands, can be seen crossing the multiple footpaths.

Why Go to Lake Nakuru National Park?

Habitat and Wildlife

A small, shallow lake lying on the floor of the African Rift Valley 164 kms from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city; Lake Nakuru Kenya supports various wildlife species:

  • The fuchsia pink flamingos which feed on the abundant algae in the lake. These flamingos are known to exceed 2 million in number during the peak season. This has led to the lake being termed as the flamingo lake in Africa. However, a constant challenge of pollution due to heavy tourist visits , rapidly increasing urbanization in the quickly expanding nearby Nakuru town, intensive crop production in the surrounding green houses, and wildly varying seasons has led to a continuous decline in numbers.
  • Home to endangered rhinos
  • Home to the tree climbing lions
  • Ease of access to ample accommodation in the nearby Nakuru town
  • Budget friendly trip that guarantees you a memorable yet pocket-friendly trip
  • Great Kenyan safari in the park with well-maintained tracks and designated observation spots

When to go to Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Safari

  • The best time to view wildlife in Kenya is usually in the dry season which ranges from June to October. Normally, you can view wildlife all year-round as each season provides a different array of animal habits and behavior.

Quick Fingertip Facts

  • Best time to go on Kenyan Safaris: June-Oct; Jan-Feb
  • High Season: Jul-Nov, Jan-Feb: There is a risk of overcrowding in budget areas of the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru. A client seeking luxurious accommodation and high end safari needs not worry.
  • Low Season: Mar-May: Characterised by heavy rainfall; some camps tend to close. Very cheap prices and related charges
  • Best Weather to go on Kenya safaris: June-Oct
  • Worst Weather to go on Kenya Safari: March-May

June to October


  • Wildlife is easier to spot because the bush is less dense and animals gather around waterholes and rivers
  • It’s unlikely to rain, the days are sunny with clear skies and there are less mosquitoes
  • July to October are the best months to see the wildebeest migration


  • It gets very busy and crowded in the most popular parks

November to May


  • The scenery is beautiful and green
  • Lake Nakuru Rates drop because it’s the low season
  • Newborn animals can be seen and in general you will still see plenty of wildlife
  • Migratory birds are present from September to April
  • Except for March, April and May, rains are short showers in the afternoon or evening and will rarely compromise your safari


  • During March to May the rains can be continuous. Some lodges and camps close down during part of the Wet season

Where to Stay at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Safari

There are ample lodges to stay in at Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya and its surroundings. Be it that you are looking for luxurious accommodation or budget-friendly tours and safaris, the list below will give you insightful details of Lake Nakuru lodges, campsites in Nakuru and Lake Nakuru hotel rates. Lake Nakuru lodges in Kenya are child friendly, very welcoming to visitors and try their level best to make you feel welcome and appreciated. Campsites in Nakuru are particularly attractive for the best honeymoon holidays, groups/ friends traveling together and highly advisable for the best family vacations for families wishing to see the wild, outdoor African safaris.

Below are some of the best hotels in Nakuru as well as the best campsites at the Lake Nakuru National Park:

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Lake Nakuru Lodge | Kenya Safari

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Mbweha Camp, Lake Nakuru | Kenya Safari

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Sarova Lion Hill Camp, Lake Nakuru | Kenya Safari

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What to Do at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Safari

At Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, African safaris, whether yo choose to spend your time in a campsite in Nakuru or choose a luxurious Lake Nakuru Lodge in Kenya, you are spoilt for choice as to the various activities that a visitor may prefer to engage in on a Kenyan safari to Lake Nakuru National Park:

  • Nature Photography
  • Bird Watching and Ornithology
  • Sundowners
  • Romantic Honeymoons
  • Dawn, day, and dusk safaris
  • Hiking
  • Bush breakfast/lunch/dinner

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