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Lamu Safari | Best African Safaris
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Lamu Safari, Kenya

Tourists looking to have a top Africa luxury vacation in Africa should head out to Lamu Kenya. Lamu is the oldest town in Kenya with an air of mystery, medieval atmosphere and fantasy. As the oldest town in Kenya, it has a history and culture that tourists find intriguing to explore. Situated along the white beaches of the Kenyan coast, Lamu Kenya is the ideal place to have the best African safari and there are many reasons why. Top Africa luxury vacations are inclusive of places to go and things to see and activities to engage in. Lamu island is your piece of heaven due to the great itinerary you can have while enjoying your vacation.


  • The donkey sanctuary is another tourist attraction in Lamu Africa. With a host of 3000 donkeys, the sanctuary helps in protecting the hard-working beast of burden. There is a lot to learn in the sanctuary and offers a great Lamu Kenya safari.
  • Home to Lamu Fort, Lamu Africa offers you a glimpse in to the Lamu culture by providing access to the Lamu Fort. Initially built as a castle for Sultan of Pate in 1810, then used as a prison in 1910-1984, it is the present day Lamu library housing the best collections of Swahili poetry.
  • Lamu island has the best museum in town with a unique setting of a gateway at the waterfront. The museum shows a great deal of the past which has shaped Lamu to what it is today so you can be assured of a learning more of the Lamu culture.
  • As the oldest town in Kenya, Lamu has streets that are wide enough to accommodate people and donkeys. The Lamu dhow rides is a unique way of transportation that gives the best African safari an air of relaxation. Lamu, a port town in Kenya, Africa, especially its beach, is largely unoccupied by tourists and people hence presenting a unique place to visit and enjoy.
  • Other great sightings include the German Postal Museum that exhibits memorabilia and photographs of the late 1800s. It is a wonderful place to enjoy a family vacation as you travel back in time.
  • For those vacationing in other beaches along the coast, you can always catch the action in Lamu anytime of the day. Covering the Mombasa to Lamu distance by air is just 27 minutes while by road, you will be covering 239 kilometers. It could be a fun way to enjoy the scenery that Kenya has.
  • Lamu dhow rides are a great way to start or spend your romantic honeymoon with your loved ones. With the great weather, quality food and accommodation, you can make memories of a life time. The best food-themed and spices beach hotels in Kenya are within Lamu. Since there are international tourists making way to Lamu every day, it remains a top destination despite continued safety challenges.
    There is so much to see and do in Lamu Kenya with the best accommodation on offer. Lamu remains the ideal place to have all kinds of vacations due to its laid-back kind of life. Let the Mombasa to Lamu distance not hinder you from enjoying the best from coast to coast.
    With such great highlights for a Lamu Kenya safari, why not pack for a journey into the fun heart of Kenya, Lamu, Africa.

Why Go to Lamu, Kenya Safari

1. History

Being the oldest town in Kenya, Lamu offers the best Africa tours and travel in Africa. The old town is home to Lamu hotels with unique architecture that takes you back to the beginning of time. With the mysterious and fascinating winding streets, you can find the best Africa safaris right here, in the oldest town in Kenya.
The streets remain unchanged over time. With no vehicles in Lamu, donkeys and dhows remain the only mode of transportation. It is easy to fall in love with the traditions and cultures of Lamu. The welcoming attitudes of the locals and hypnotically exotic experience of Lamu in general contributes to the makings of the best African safari in Kenya.

2. Dhow Rides

Lamu dhow rides take you beyond Lamu into the surrounding archipelago. If you are looking for a great African tours and travels, then it is best to take a Lamu dhow ride into the isolated villages and ancient ruins surrounding Lamu.

3. Amazing Accommodation by the Sea-Side

Great adventures lie further ahead, with exotic, luxurious and exclusive resorts in Manda Island Lamu, Pate, Kiwayu and Siyu Islands. The Manda Island, Lamu is an ideal destination for best African vacations as it is home to luxury resorts Kenya such as Manda Bay Resort. The Lamu Resort City is an advanced setting to help tourist attain the best Africa vacations in Lamu. With increasing Lamu hotels being built, it is a service industry that aims at boosting the overall vacation for every tourist visiting Lamu. The Lamu Resort City is also close in proximity to the key attractions in Lamu hoping to improve the safaris in Lamu.
With increased tourism in Lamu, Lamu island safety has been of major concern among the minds of many. However, it is good news to say that you can have a moonlight walk in the winding streets of Lamu at any time of day or night. Lamu Island safety is always enhanced every day of the year to give you the best African vacations.

4. Accessible by Air or Road

For that exceptional Lamu safari Kenya, you can get to Lamu by air or by road. Either way you choose, there is a lot of Kenya that you can appreciate. Lamu as an old town has a lot of history within its walls. The beaches and small islands in Lamu make it a perfect getaway for family holidays, romantic honeymoons and solo adventures.

5. Laid-Back Culture: Hakuna Matata

The locals are welcoming and very friendly a with a lazy atmosphere that will give you a laid-back kind of vacation. You do not need to worry about accommodation as Lamu Island has great places ranging from expensive resorts such as Manda Resort, Lamu hotels, villas and furnished apartments that you can enjoy. With the great activities taking place at the beach of Lamu, you are bound to make new friends easily.
Explore the streets of the town on foot or join a donkey ride competition, while exploring the local cuisines and Swahili dishes that will give insight to the Lamu culture. Manda Island is an executive place to have a sundowner while in Lamu and long lonely beach walks on Shela beach to give you a personal touch with nature.
Lamu remains the ideal place to be for that African adventure you have been looking for. Combined with other thrilling adventures in Kenya, it is best to save Lamu for last. Enjoy the aura of peace and tranquility in the laid-back town of Lamu.    

What to Do at Lamu, Kenya Safari

Lamu Mombasa is a heaven for great places to visit but above all, it is a place to have fun. Lamu Kenya, best known as the place where time stands, gives you thrilling adventures that will make the best Africa vacation memories for you and your love ones. Lamu Africa safaris are never complete without a combination of the following endearing activities:

  • Snorkeling- This daytime activity can transform you vacation to one of the best Africa vacations you have ever had. Snorkeling is simple but thrilling and with just a breathing tube, you can get to see some mind-blowing underwater displays of colorful coral reefs to teeming schools of weird looking fish.
  • Beach Walks– It may sound boring and common but not in Lamu Kenya. The coastline of Lamu Africa is laden with white sand beaches. Get to experience a coastline fringed with palm trees that sway lazily to the warm breeze from the Indian ocean.
  • Scuba Diving– This in-the-water type of fun is for those seeking thrilling safaris in Lamu Africa. For this amazing underworld experience, Lamu Mombasa offers some of the best coral reefs in Kenya. You get unique sightings of underwater marine life, colorful fish and unique coral reefs.
  • Old Town Tour– Lamu old town is in a great setting untouched by time and embracing the influence of the Arabic, Indian and Persian cultures. Lamu old town has winding alleys that go through an architectural maze of stone houses, inviting shops and open air markets.
  • Donkey Race– This is a popular event in the festive lunar month celebrating the birth of Mohammed. The annual Maulidi has donkey racing as a famous activity. Donkey riding can be a delightful and entertaining part of a vacation in Lamu.
  • Water Sports– Enjoying the sandy beaches of Lamu, it is hard not to take on to the blue waters for thrilling fun. Two great activities offered even by the best Lamu hotels and best beach hotels in Kenya are kayaking, waterskiing, scuba diving, deep sea diving, wakeboarding, and kitesurfing. You can enjoy these activities especially when the water and tides are appropriate.
  • Dhow Safaris– Board on of these vessels that have been in existence within the Lamu culture since the beginning of time. The Lamu culture, due to the use of dhows and donkeys as a form of transport, also have dhow races. The ideal months to see the dhow race is in July through to April when the winds are perfect.
  • Deep Sea Fishing– Best beach hotels in Kenya especially in Lamu use fresh fish captured in the waters of Indian ocean. You can be part of this thrilling and heart pacing type of fishing in the top rated big fishing spot.
  • Kiunga Reserve– 1.25 miles off the island of Lamu Mombasa is the reserve that is a collection of 50 calcareous isles and coral reefs. The reserve is also home to migratory birds and home to one of the biggest coral reefs full of fish, sea urchin, sea turtles, star fish and other great marine species.
    Lamu Mombasa offers more than any other island on the coastal line of Kenya. With the thrilling activities to engage in, it is no wonder that a vacation in Lamu Kenya remains highly sought after. As you ready yourself to embark on Lamu Africa safaris, be ready for the thrills of a lifetime.

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Travel Tips: Lamu Safari, Kenya

Lamu island is home to several luxury resorts in Kenya that are known worldwide. For your best African safari to Lamu Kenya, you need the right place to rest your head. Lamu hotels are also an ideal place to eat out. At, we offer an insight to places where to stay in Lamu Kenya.

  • Staying in Lamu Kenya has never been a disappointment with luxurious places to choose from ranging from deluxe to economical accommodations.
  • The highest range of deluxe accommodation comprises of Majlis Luxury Resort Kenya. Privately owned and in the Manda Island Lamu, it has a superb beachfront location to the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. It offers 25 exquisite rooms and suites ideal for romantic honeymoons or the best African safari. Manda Bay on Manda Island Lamu is another off the chart form of accommodation. These two beach resorts in Kenya offer a luxurious view of the Indian Ocean as you get to enjoy the Lamu culture.
  • The second-tier incudes resorts and Lamu hotels that offer luxurious services but at an affordable rate. In this tier are Kipungani and Kizingo Lodge that offer beach bandas that reflect the Lamu culture. The Peponi Hotel is another mid-range accommodation in Lamu Island offering great beach resorts in Kenya.
    The economical accommodations of Lamu old town fits almost every budget.
  • On the deserted island of Kiwayu is Mike’s Camp that offers great Africa tours and travel in Lamu. To add to the list of great places where to stay in Lamu Kenya is Lamu House and Kijani Hotel in Lamu old town. Despite these places being economical, it is the ideal place to stay if you are on great Africa tours and travel adventures in Lamu. They are the best to be in for a laid-back kind of vacation especially for those on the move. For additional charges, you can get some personalized services though not as good as those of the deluxe tier.
  • Lamu has great places to stay and offers a lot of activities to engage in. The safety in Lamu is great considering you can tour the winding stone alleys at night. It is also recommended that you enjoy a nightlife or two while in Lamu. Lamu cultures comes out to play during the nightlife where you get to enjoy Africa cuisine in the open.
  •, the leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya can help in planning your itinerary. We are open to hearing what it is you want to do and where to stay. We only offer you great ideas you could include but the planning is all up-to you. From staying in the inlands of Lamu in great hotels and resorts to staying in pristine and luxurious places of the Island of Manda, Lamu offers you the best in terms of accommodation.
  • Booking in advance during the high season of tourism in Lamu may go a long way to ensuring that you enjoy your stay. However, during the low season, you can extend your stay in Lamu Kenya as the rates are always affordable even in the deluxe accommodations. Lamu accommodation enables you to enjoy every inch of Lamu while adhering to the Lamu culture. Though it is predominantly Muslim, all denominations are welcome here.

Karibu Kenya, karibu Lamu!

Where to Stay in Lamu, Kenya Safari

So, when is the best time to visit Lamu, Kenya?

  • Understanding the weather patterns of Kenya will help in giving you the best Africa luxury vacations that you can get. Kenya has two main rainy seasons and this also affects your Africa tours and travel to the oldest town in Kenya. For the ideal Africa tours and travel in Lamu Kenya, the best time to visit Lamu is in the months of July to August and December to early March. There is a fair climate throughout the year thus making Lamu Kenya the ideal place for the best Africa luxury vacations.
  • There are light rains in the month of November to early December, but this should not hinder you from making the best of it while in Lamu.
  • The months of May to July are the heavy rainy seasons and most of the resorts are closed in Lamu Africa.
  • Lamu Africa offers a cultural interaction for locals and tourists in November during the Maulidi festival that arks the birth of Mohammed. There are great activities to be enjoyed during this festival including donkey and dhow racing and other home-grown entertainment.
  • The low season offer a great time to extend your stay in Lamu with the best beach hotels in Kenya offering low accommodation rates. You can also combine your travel to Lamu with other great vacations such as the Masai Mara great migration safari. A deep-sea fishing safari off the oldest town in Kenya can bring you unimaginable thrill. During the cold months, you can book a half-day tour and enjoy deep sea angling.
  • During the warm months of the year, there is a lot that goes on in Lamu Mombasa. With an influx on the number of visitors, booking your accommodation in advance is highly recommended. You always a have a choice in where to stay from deluxe accommodation on the island of Manda to economical accommodation in Lamu Mombasa.
  • If you are looking to have a time of your life enjoying the best Africa luxury vacations in Lamu, then the month of July through to April are the best to visit Lamu. Best beach hotels in Kenya situated along the beach of Lamu will give you views of the Lamu dhow race. This adds to your luxury vacations in Lamu as you enjoy the tropical ambience and spanning waters of Indian Ocean.
  • Lamu dhow rides and races can be observed on special occasions such as in Ramadan, the November Lamu Cultural Festival, new Year, Easter Sunday and the Maulidi holiday.
  • Whenever you choose to visit Lamu old town, remember that Lamu island safety is NOT always top notch. Incidents of terrorism have been escalating over the last few years.
  • Mosquitoes that cause Malaria are also abound in Lamu. Proper medication and preventative creams should be applied. Nonetheless, Lamu old town is a place to visit any time of the year.
  • As the leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya, recommends a trip down to the Island of Lamu any time of the year. There is great itinerary to enjoy from beach walks, sundowners, kayaking, kite surfing, swimming to scuba diving in the best sites, Lamu Island is always a welcoming place. For those enjoyable moments as a couple, on solo safaris and even family vacations, Lamu remains the place where time stands. welcomes you to your piece of paradise, Lamu Island.

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