Malindi Kenya Beach Holiday | Best African Safaris

Malindi Kenya Beach Holiday | Best African Safaris
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Malindi, Kenya Safari

Along the glorious and warm beaches of Mombasa is a hidden but well known safari destination, Malindi.


  • Malindi Kenya safari will take you over to the famous pillar erected by Vasco da Gama in 1498 that still stands today. Malindi Kenya is a famous destination popular to many Europeans due to its coral reefs that lay 1000 feet off the shore.
  • It offers tourists the best family holidays with great places to visit such as the Malindi National Marine Park. Further memories can be made in Watamu, another famous location for exceptional and best family holidays.
  • Cottages in Malindi Kenya are usually a story to tell. Not only are they were structured with the Swahili architecture in mind, but they offer extemporary services. Cottages in Malindi Kenya are built close to the ocean to give customers the best African safari as well as great views of the ocean.
  • Per surveys done by Sensational African tours and travel in Africa, Malindi stands out as the best Africa luxury vacations beach there is. Majority of African tours and travels to Malindi are usually overbooked especially in hotels in Malindi that offer excursions to the old Malindi town. It is a great pastime activity that is not age restricted therefore giving the best Africa luxury vacations for all tourists, young and old.
  • The best beaches in Mombasa offer an array of activities that keep tourists entertained. Malindi is no exception to this as it has its own unique attractions. If you are wondering what is there to do in Kenya, then game fishing should be the activity you are looking for in Malindi.
  • Offering cheap flights to Malindi, the best African safari will leave you wanting more of Malindi. Malindi Kenya safari offers great activities such as snorkeling, game fishing, best diving sites and tours to the ruins of Gedi.
  • There are more places to visit on the question of what of is there to do in Kenya. Arabuko-Sokoke National park is a close park where families can spend quality time together. With great sightings of mongoose, elephants, buffaloes and leopards, great memories are bound to be made here. Malindi, which is among the best beaches in Mombasa, is home to the famous “Hell’s Kitchen”, a contoured series of jagged gorges that are breathtaking to look at.
  • There are more thrilling places to be while in Malindi. With the cheap flights to Malindi, you can be assured of a great time touring the hotels Malindi has on offer, as well as the cottages, resorts and villas. There are many places along the coast of Africa that are great but none is as mesmerizing as Malindi. Sandwiched between other tourist famous beaches, you can rest assured the quiet town of Malindi will have more to offer in terms of entertainment.
  • Malindi Kenya safari has great weather throughout the year ensuring you have the best moments in your vacation. The cuisines on offer in most places within Malindi will include traditional Swahili dishes. Not forgetting your nightlife package in Malindi, there are famous Giriama dancers that will keep you entertained during the night as you dance away. awaits to help you plan your itinerary to Malindi, to enjoy the beaches, the local foods and international cuisines and the great culture that Malindi offers.

Why Go to Malindi on a Kenya Safari

As you ponder on a great safari to Kenya beaches to take, Malindi keeps calling out to you. However, you seem adamant to want to try top Africa luxury vacations here. Worry not! is the best African safari tours and travel agency that will give you a break down on why you should have a Malindi safari Kenya.

1. Historical Monuments

The best family holidays in Kenya are best enjoyed in with great views of the Vasco da Gama pillar. As it precariously stands, having been built in 1498, the Vasco da Gama pillar has a history to tell and it is among the many attraction sites in Malindi.

2. The Expansive, White Sandy Beaches

With great culture and history, beaches in Kenya such as Malindi have amazing places that are a must visit. The beaches in Kenya don’t just offer great scenes of the Indian Ocean but are inclusive of luxurious accommodationThe best beach vacations offer access to Malindi clubs such as Pata Pata club which is built a stone-throw away from the beach. Other Malindi clubs have different ways of attracting customers with some offering traditional dancers as part of the entertainment.

3. NightLife and Parties

Top Africa luxury vacations offering best family holidays ensure that you get a taste of a nightlife in Malindi. The locals are party lovers so you are assured of a relaxing and memorable evening in beaches in Kenya.
Kenya beaches, Malindi included, offer fun times for everyone. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, romantic honeymoon, thrilling adventure or retreats, Malindi is sure to deliver.

4.Amazing Weather, Cool Sea Breezes and Luxurious Accomodation

The temperature along Malindi’s coastal beaches is cool and ripe for creating memorable times with your loved ones especially if you have booked beach cottages along the Malindi coastline. Beach cottages in Malindi have special packages for families and couples. The luxurious accommodation offered here makes you feel at peace and at home.

5. Thrilling Fun-Filled Activities

Apart from the exciting places to see, vibrant nightlife and a perfect climate, the best Africa safari in Malindi is inclusive of thrilling activities to engage in. There are activities such as sight-seeing, boat tours, scuba diving, kite surfing, boating, dhow rides, wildlife safaris, aquatic activities and many more.
The stunning beaches call out for lazy walks as the palm trees sway along with the winds. The smooth sandy beaches and crystal clear water is a host to beachside restaurants, beach resorts and pristine coasts.
With an array of activities to do and places to see, there is more to Malindi than meets the eye.

6. Interactive Locals and Intricate Culture

Whether rain or sunshine, there is always the warmth of the locals to keep you going. The locals of Malindi are jovial people who are welcoming and forthcoming with information and you cannot lack a funny story to share with your new friends. 

7. Fine Dining, Spas, Swimming Pools…

Malindi offers an all-inclusive relaxation kind of vacation with stunning hotels and resorts that are all over the Malindi town. They feature relaxing spas for an all-out-indulgence and exciting therapy, restaurants with fine dining and not forgetting well stocked chic bars. There are many swimming pools to relax in as you make memorable moments with new friends and greater bonds with your family. recommends a stay at Malindi, with half day tours to the Gedi ruins or the Malindi National Marine Park. There are great memories to be made here, and we hope to share them with you.

What to Do at Malindi on a Kenya Safari

  • Malindi Old Town and Beach Tours: Malindi African safaris are thrilling tours to the beaches as well as tours to the old city of Malindi. There is a lot of history in this old town as it stands as a historical city due to its significance to Kenya. What to do in Kenya is not an issue as there are lots of activities to engage in.
  • Nightlife– The people of Malindi love to have a great time and any day is a good day in Malindi Kenya. Offering the best beach holidays, nightlife in Malindi involves making friends, tasting unique local foods and joining the famous Giriama dancers on stage.
  • Skydiving– Romantic honeymoons are made by the memories you carry along your safaris in Kenya. To ensure that your romantic honeymoon will be a story told over generations, there is the option to have thrilling safaris in the sky. Skydiving in Diani, a short distance from Malindi, is bound to give you a life time thrill. Malindi flights can be made to Diani to ensure that you have all the time to prepare for your freefall from the skies.
  • Go-karting– This is a great activity to engage in especially if you are looking or the best African safari vacations in Kenya. It is a great time to bond with friends and family.
  • Mombasa half-day/full-day tour– A tour through Malindi will reveal a significant historical aspect of Kenya that was erected in 1498. Vasco da Gama pillar still stands to date and has been an attraction to both foreign and local tourists. Best family holidays are made by exploring the pillar and taking photos that will carry the memories for years to come.
  • Shimba hills game safaris and hiking– For those looking for romantic honeymoon hikes to the Vasco da Gama pillar to offer the best family holidays, the Shimba hills games safaris are a good place to visit too. With a great range of animals to see, it is also a quiet place to be one with nature.
  • Waterskiing– This water sport is an exclusive activity that gives you the best Africa luxury vacations in the warm water of Malindi. The best beach holidays are you splashing the water and enjoying the speed as you cruise over the water in the warm sun.
  • Jet Skiing– For those who love water and speed, this is the activity to engage in. Many of the best African safari hotels and cottages will offer quality and functional equipment to have the best beach holidays.
  • Fort Jesus– This is a great piece of history built between the years 1593-1596. It still stands to date and is open for the public to have walks within the walls of history itself.
  • Old Town- This is a great place to get bargains on colorful fabrics, locally made sandals and antiques. The beach in Old Town is clean and attractive with access to the Malindi Marine National park.
  • Haller Park-This marvelous park gives the best Africa luxury vacations with game sanctuary, reptile park, fish farm crocodile pens, palm gardens and a giraffe viewing area.
    Nothing tops great honeymoon vacations and best family holidays like Malindi. The list is endless as what to do while in Malindi as every safari brings on new experiences and thrilling joys. Whether you sky dive, scuba dive, kite surf,  snorkelling, or just take hikes up Shimba hills, Malindi will always have something to offer to bring your safari in Kenya to new heights.

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Travel Tips: Malindi Kenya Safari

Kenya beaches have an array of places to stay ranging from the most expensive with great amenities, to the low budget places for those conscious of how much they spend. Kenya beaches including Malindi, have romantic honeymoon, budget-friendly as well as luxurious accommodation that will give you the best beach vacations ever.
As, we have done a break down in terms of tiers to give you guidance of where to stay in Malindi. However, it is right to point out that you are not tied into staying within these hotels. However, it is an informative piece to prove that there are hotels to stay for everyone in Malindi.

  • Tier 1: Premier Experience

This tier offers luxury accommodation, romantic honeymoon suites and best honeymoon vacations with flexible barefoot beach holiday enjoyment. You have the option of an ultra-sophisticated setting or a castaway beach front rustic boutique. This is a main setting that is highly preferred by those wishing to experience the best honeymoon vacations. Beach cottages Malindi within this tier gives you access to privacy, comfort, and high standards of exclusivity which is like high end hotels in Watamu Kenya.

  • Tier 2-Duluxe Experience

This tier is for those looking not so much into wanting premier beach experiences. Hotels in Malindi Kenya within this tier are a notch down on the pampered and personalized services offered as compared to tier 1. Beach cottages Malindi and hotels in Malindi Kenya in this group have good standards in terms of services and accommodation but with an added charge, you can get extra attention. Within the cottages in Malindi Kenya, the extra attention can be in terms of extra meals, organized water sports, private dining and upgraded suite rooms.

  • Tier 3- Value Experience

Malindi beaches offer value hotels that still give the best beach vacations. Malindi, with similar coastal settings like Watamu Kenya, offers large numbers of tourists along the beaches. This tier has more rooms for tourists within crowded beach locations but with limited facilities and services. Those looking for cottages in Malindi Kenya that are within this tier they should be of free spirit, beachcombers and backpackers as they are free to explore Malindi.

Despite the difference in levels of accommodation, experiences of Malindi are worth the safari. Tourists have the same access to city tours, natural attractions and water sports across the tiers. Different from those seeking rest within hotels, cottages, villas and even furnished apartments, there are those who love to camp out in the nature. This unique group of tourists can find solace in the campsites offered in Malindi. It is worth noting that Malindi is usually a busy town and the beaches can at times be overcrowded; other than private beaches, therefore those wishing to camp might have to move away from the town to better campsites.

With the warm weather of Malindi and the increase in tourist number, making friends is relatively easy. As we have over hundreds of hotels to choose from that will fit into your budget. The Malindi nightlife might keep you on your toes till morning. However, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful, spectacular and breath taking sunrise of your life. As Malindi continues to reveal of the best to you, we hope to hear fro you as we book your safari itinerary.

When to Visit Malindi on your Kenyan Safari

  • Other than the months of April and May, the rest of the year is up for grabs for great African tours and travel in Malindi. During these two months, tourism reduces in many areas of beaches in Malindi and there are great offers of cheap flights to Malindi. There are also offers on Mombasa to Malindi bus that tour between the two major tourist destinations. While in the Mombasa to Malindi bus, you have the chance to see the great sceneries that the coast of Kenya offers. Even during the rainy month, Malindi is still a place to enjoy as the rain is not daily nor at every hour. There are bursts of sunshine to keep you warm. The great scenery of the angry waves splashing by the beach and the heavy clouds above the ocean are special moments with nature and is an attraction by itself to nature lovers. With the cheap beach cottages in Malindi, you can bet that you will extend your stay from more of nature in Malindi.
  • With lower levels of tourists visiting the great span of Malindi beaches, those on economy based vacations can get great offers in five star hotels and cottages in Malindi Kenya. Malindi beaches remain accessible both during the dry and wet months of the year.
  • The dry months of the year usually see an increase in tourists especially in the month of December. Malindi beaches during this time will be busting with activities and throngs of both locals and foreigners mingling together. You can be assured of better entertainment with an array of cuisines both local and international.
  • Booking of cottages in Malindi during the high season is recommended to be done early in advance as most are usually overbooked. It is a similar case to Malindi flights that usually see a hike in prices during the high season of tourism in Malindi Kenya.
  • The demand for bookings of Malindi flights during the high season is parallel to the advancement of the great migration of the wildebeest in Masai Mara.

When to visit Malindi is tied to the seasons and special occasions such as honeymoons and the urge for the best family holidays. A Malindi map will show great places to visit such as Gedi ruins which are a major attraction to tourists. Africa tours and travel agencies such as will always avail a detailed Malindi map with precise locations of where the action takes place. From sites to see, activities to undertake and places to stay, has got you covered on that.

For your best family holidays, Malindi welcomes you to enjoy the serene beaches, warm sandy beaches and the diversity of its culture and people. There are many ways to get to around and be part of the fun, including cheap flights to Malindi.

So, when to visit Malindi? Any time is a great time for a safari to Malindi. If you are still questioning what is there to do in Kenya, then it is right for us to inform you that there are thrilling water sports that you can enjoy. Half day tours are also available not forgetting great sundowners and nightlife in the calming beaches of Malindi. is the leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya and we are here to assure you great and memorable moments while in Malindi.

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