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Mombasa Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris
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Mombasa, Kenya Safaris

You have just landed at the coast of Kenya, the second largest city after the famous Nairobi city. The ocean winds are lazily blowing in, and the palm trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind. Karibu Mombasa, where the party never stops.
If you are embarking on Mombasa Kenya safari for the best family vacations, then you are at the right place.

  • Mombasa lies at the south of Kenya with expansive beaches that offer the best beach vacations and luxurious accommodation in East Africa. Mombasa Kenya is a tourist hub in East Africa due to the great white sand beaches it offers. As we can give you a breakdown of what to expect while you are in Mombasa Kenya.
  • Best family beach vacations: Mombasa is a place to lay down by the warm waters and soak in the warm sun under the shade of palm tree. Life cannot be better! But there is more to Mombasa than just that. It is a place to have the best family vacations you have ever had. Mombasa offers great opportunities to help you bond as a family. Be it with young or older kids, there are activities to carry out across all age groups.
  • Fun-Filled Activities: If you are looking for a warm place to hide away, how about the Mombasa beach? It is an expansive beach that has numerous activities to keep you going such as water rides and sports, skydiving, kitesurfing, snorkeling, sundowners, romantic honeymoon getaways, scuba diving, parties, dhow trips among others
  • Luxurious accommodation: Nothing beats the feeling of a well-made bed, with clean sheets at the end of a thrilling safari. Mombasa hotels have this and many more to offer. Your luxurious accommodation is within clean premises, fitted with sundecks for that sundowner in the evening and offering cuisines from around the world and local foods
  • Romantic Getaway: You just got hitched and you want to go to a far-away land just you and your loved one, how about a hideout in Mombasa beach. There are numerous Mombasa hotels, private villas and resorts that will offer you those romantic honeymoon suites just for you.
  • Mombasa Air Safari: Cut the hustle out and enjoy our air safari from Mombasa to Diani in just 7 minutes. To cover your safari trips to the best beach holidays, knows how to get you there hustle-free. Imagine an air safari that is just 7 minutes to your Diani destination? We don’t want you to get caught up in the time taken to travel, we want you to enjoy the romantic honeymoon suites and the best beach holidays there are in Mombasa.
  • Mombasa NightLife and Parties: Mombasa Kenya safari are exclusive and exciting safari trips to make you forget your worries. And as the night sets in, don’t think that the fun has stopped, Mombasa is known as “Mombasa raha” for apparently good reasons. Welcome to the nightlife in Mombasa, there will be log fires with friends around it, the good merry and cheers into the starry night, the warm evening air keeping you strong and the local dancers taking up the stage.

Mombasa Kenya safari will keep you entertained with promises of better safaris in Mombasa to come. Ensure to rest up in the luxurious accommodation offered, but if you are strong enough, dance the night away and watch the sun come up over the horizon of the Indian ocean. Nothing beats a life in Mombasa!!

Why go: Mombasa Safari Kenya
There are many destinations around the globe you can take a vacation in. Furthermore, they are kilometers away and it includes connecting flights, taxis hustles and many more things to think about. But why not go for a Mombasa safari Kenya? is a leading tour and travel agency and we have more reasons why go for a Mombasa safari Kenya.

1. Exotic Destination: Easily Accessible via Mombasa International Airport

Mombasa is a Kenyan city, a mixture of exotic and scenic attractions filled with fascinating activities and tropical ambience. To begin your safari to Mombasa, we can tell you first hand that there are great Mombasa airlines making trips between the main airport at Nairobi and Mombasa. It’s an hours’ flight, very convenient, comfortable and fast.

2. The Expansive White Sandy Beaches of Mombasa, Kenya

If you are still wondering why you should go to Mombasa, how about some fascinating reasons as why to? For beginners, where is Mombasa? Mombasa island at the southern side of Kenya. The Mombasa map reveals that the island is connected to the mainland via a causeway, to the south by Likoni ferry and the north via the Nyali bridge.
Mombasa Africa is among the leading safari trips to Africa for the unique itineraries offered. Mombasa has pristine white sandy beaches which have given rise to unique white sands beach resort and hotels.

3. Amazing and Luxurious Accommodation

Sarova White Sands Beach Resort, Bamburi Beach Resort, Severin Sea Lodge, Voyager Beach Resort among other in Mombasa island offer tourists the unlimited view of the ocean with the beaches at their convenience. The White Sands hotel is an example of an exemplary hotel by the beach as it offers helipads, spa treatments, swimming pools, superb restaurants and great bars.

4. Great Weather all-year-round

There is great weather all year-round in Mombasa Africa making Mombasa airlines a thriving business due to the inflow of tourists. The temperatures can be a bit high in the dry season but the cool sea breeze compensates for this.

5. Safaris in nearby National Parks 

Mombasa also offers quality Kenya wildlife safaris as it is possible to have access to the ocean life in Mombasa. As you go snorkeling and deep sea diving, you are bound to come across a variety of fish and a chance to play with a dolphin or two. Kenya wildlife safaris at Mombasa are not limited to the aquatic life but there are great bird species to watch out for especially for bird lovers. Other activities include kitesurfing, jetskiing, skydiving, windsurfing, scuba diving and go-karting.

6. Sampling Local and Foreign Delicacies

Safari trips along the new Mombasa hotels will reveal great cuisines along with tasty local meals. There are fantastic new Mombasa beach resorts that are coming up, each with new and high standards for the tourists. Despite new structures cropping up, Mombasa remains a romantic city for those seeking solace in its encompassing love.

7. Fun-Filled Activities

There are millions of reasons as to why for a Mombasa safari Kenya. Among them being that it is a top tourist destination in Africa and the world. From its great dive sites, snorkeling activities, scuba diving, kite flying, dhow rides, night life and the spectacular sundowners, Mombasa is a place where the fun never stops.
It is an opportune time to make friends with the locals and play around of beach sports in the sun or take a safari into mainland Mombasa.

8. Exploring Mombasa’s Centuries’ Old History

Considering Mombasa has been in existence for hundreds of years, there is a rich history that is awaiting to be explored. From its port to Fort Jesus, the Mombasa Marine park and a visit to the old town, Mombasa is a haven of unexplored safaris. recommends that you include a safari to the Mamba village Centre where you will get to have a closer look at the crocodiles, have horseback riding and a tour of the botanical garden.

What to do in Mombasa, Kenya Safari

Mombasa will offer great places to stay, executive foods made by chefs and a chance to mingle with the locals. However, there is a fun side to life in Kenya Mombasa, as there are many activities that one can engage in such as:

  • Nightlife: The best beach holidays are not always offered during the day. There are nights where the best beach holidays cannot rival those made in the night. With great spans of beaches, there are log fires where meat is roasted and drinks are shared among friends
  • Skydiving: Mombasa is a known tourist destination offering thrilling safaris to the sky. Sky diving is mainly offered in Diani beach some kilometers away from Mombasa town. For that thrilling and heart throbbing adrenaline rush, go for a Diani safari and take a leap to the skies. The best honeymoon holidays in Mombasa are best achieved when you take that one trip that you will always remember.
  • Go-karting: This is the place to be if you are looking for the best family vacations to build greater bonds with your family members. Go-karting in Mombasa is not age restricted therefore it is a great way for a family to bond.
  • Mombasa half-day/full-day tour: There are safari day trips offered all over Mombasa. The half day safari day trips are usually to Baobab Forest, Fort Jesus Museum, Old Town, Akamba Woodcraft and Mackinon markets among other great places.
  • Shimba Hills game safaris and hiking: Safari trips to the Shimba hills game safaris offer extraordinary and best African safari. The serene and lush green vegetation with sharp slopes, forested landscapes and steep valleys is a sight to behold. These Kenya beaches and safaris give a closer glimpse at nature. The park is home to 600 elephants, buffalo, water-bucks, hyenas, warthogs, leopards, baboons and monkeys.
  • Water skiing: Water sport activities such as water skiing makes the best honeymoon holidays in Mombasa. A Diani safari will also give you the opportunity to water ski in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Jet skiing: This sport is an upcoming and popular water sport that young tourists are into. Training is offered by great Kenya beaches and safari tour guides.
  • Fort Jesus: The history of Mombasa is in its ancient buildings that stand the test of time. The best African safari will include a day tour to the Fort where there are great views of the ocean.
  • Old Town: This is the south-east side of Mombasa island covering 180 acres of land with its famous Fort Jesus building.
  • Haller Park: Formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail, is home to a variety of animals including buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes and hippos.
  • Mombasa Africa safaris are a great way to spend time with friends and family and forget your worries. With such great itineraries of sports, it’s a wonder tourists flock to Mombasa to have a taste of it too. The serene places to visit, the chance to meet and make new friends, the activities to engage and the memories to make, Mombasa have everything just right for you. is the ultimate tours and travel agency in Kenya to help you plan a vivid, adrenaline filled safari in Mombasa. We will ensure to mention the many places to visit and the things to do as you make your desired memories in Mombasa.

Alfajiri Villas Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Almanara Resort Mombasa Kenya safari

Almanara Resort Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Kahama Hotel, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Sarova Whitesands, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Severin Sea Lodge, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Southern Palms Beach Resort, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Voyager Beach Resort, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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WaterLovers Beach Resort, Mombasa | Kenya Safari

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Travel Tips on Mombasa

Now that you have landed in the land of the warm sunny beaches, you are wondering where to stay in Mombasa. We at have a list of fine places to dine at as you marvel at the beauty of Africa by the ocean side.

  • Starting with safari tours from Nairobi, you have access to numerous five star hotels, villas and resorts that you can choose from. Mombasa island is a hub of mixed ethnic and culture diversity. This means that it has a population of people from all walks of life. To ensure that all people both foreigners and locals are taken care of, Mombasa island offers quality luxurious accommodation that is accessible to all. There are however high end hotels and resorts such as White Sands Hotel and White Sands beach resort that offer luxurious accommodation at a higher price.
  • For top Africa luxury vacations, Kenya Mombasa has a variety of places that once can visit. has done thorough research from elegant, high end hotels, mid-range accommodations such as sand beach resorts and economic Mombasa hotels. White Sands Hotel and White Sands beach resort are in the higher end side of the tier as they provide top notch services with exclusive access to private seaside.
  • While on safari tours from Nairobi and you find yourself on Mombasa beach of north coast and south coast, the kind of Mombasa hotels here are mid-range but offer top Africa luxury vacations.
  • Where to stay in Mombasa should not be a worry to you as there are also places to stay for budget conscious tourists. There are great amenities offered and it gives you time to get out and explore more of Kenya Mombasa.
  • Other than hotels, there are villas, furnished apartments and holiday resorts that can offer quality and great times and memories in Mombasa. For those on short trips to Mombasa and would love to be one with nature, there is an option to camp out in places like Mombasa Marine National Park. 
  • Though Mombasa is a busy town, there are great places to camp out though you might have to go some distance away from town. Diani and Likoni beaches in Mombasa are great places to camp out as they offer quality campsites.
  • Despite the mode of accommodation, Mombasa will always live up to its reputation of giving tourists their dream vacations. Honeymooners don’t need to worry as there are special villas, hotels, resorts and camps that generally offer honeymoon packages. Weddings and anniversaries are special moments and people in Mombasa realize this. They therefore ensure to give you wonderful exclusive time to the best beach vacations that you can have. With such packages, it is best to book in advance especially in high seasons where there is an increase in the number of tourists.
  • There are great activities to engage in while in Mombasa, just ensure not to forget your swimming costume. Mombasa has great waters for water skiing, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea diving. The aquatic marine life is out of this world with dolphins keeping you company. There are varieties of fish species ranging in color and size. Mombasa beach alone will offer more than most places, just ensure to gear up for a great and thrilling time in Mombasa. Karibu Mombasa!

When to go: When to visit Mombasa

When to visit Mombasa is a crucial question as weather can affect the availability and accessibility of your planned safari.

  • However, it is good to know that the best time to visit Kenya, Mombasa, is usually in the months of January to February and in July to October. These have proven to be the best months as when to visit Mombasa.
  • There is international access to Mombasa due to the increasing Mombasa airlines that have been established over time. It takes approximately an hour from a Nairobi air safari down to Mombasa. As Mombasa offers great Kenya wildlife safaris of excursions of aquatic animals, safari trips to the Mamba village center will also give you the feel of being close to the east African large crocodiles.
  • Majority of tourists make their Kenya wildlife safaris to the Tsavo and Amboseli through the Mombasa airlines that offer international services for its customers.
  • As Mombasa is an attraction to many tourists the Mombasa safari prices tend to hike during the high seasons. However, if you get a chance to visit Mombasa during the low season, the Mombasa safari prices are usually low and that includes your stay at the hotel of your choice.
  • Throughout the year there are great safari Kenya packages especially if you are in Mombasa. Based on the hotel itinerary offered, the safari Kenya package might include from beach to bush safaris. This means that there are offers to visit the Masai Mara, Amboseli and other game drives in Kenya but at an added fee via the Mombasa airlines.
  • Mombasa offers the best beach holidays for those looking to have a wonderful time in Kenya. The best beach holidays can be a series of fun activities to undertake or just quite times with nature by the beach. There are great safari trips that one can engage in as you tour the old town for its history and culture.
  • Great Africa tours and travels such as will advise you on the hidden gems of Mombasa that you can tour. The best time to visit Kenya is also when you have made plans to visit game parks in Kenya. This will offer a quality and relaxing moment as you bring your safari in Kenya to an end. It is also a thrilling way to start your safari in Kenya as you hop onto the next flight for a Nairobi safari.
  • Enjoy the relaxing sand beach resort and villas in Mombasa that will give you great access to the beach and an easy way to make new friends. The foods made with fresh produce from the sea are a great way to wind down the day and you are welcome to experience new local foods made by great chefs. Let the chilly night not stop you from having a great time.
  • Ensure you wear warm clothing in layers as it is easy to dress down based on how warm or cold it gets.
    In as much as we love chilling out in the warm sands of Mombasa, when to visit Mombasa should not be tied up to the weather, any time is a great time to be in Mombasa as there are great things to see and do.

As the leading Africa tours and travel agencies in Kenya, we recommend that you book your memorable flights to Mombasa soon. For those exciting and thrilling moments of skydiving, scuba diving, kite flying, snorkeling swimming, and warm sundowners, Mombasa awaits you. 

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