Nairobi, Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris

Nairobi, Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris
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Nairobi Safaris, Kenya: The East Africa Destination City

Nairobi Kenya is the capital city of Kenya and its principal administrative, economic and cultural center. Beyond the serious facts about Nairobi, it is a haven for tourists looking for vacation safaris. The Nairobi Kenya safari is a great hidden gem where tourists can have thrilling safaris just within the capital city.

A National Park within the City!
The Nairobi National Park is the only national park that borders a capital city. Nairobi National Park is unique in its settings as it has the busy city as its backdrop. With towering skyscrapers in the back and the long giraffes in your sight, the national park is very picturesque.
Safaris in Africa should not be limited to the vast wilderness kilometers away from any city. Kenya, Nairobi in specific, gives you the option of watching the famous city lions at the comfort of staying at the Nairobi city lodges. The Nairobi wildlife park has open grass plains with scattered acacia bushes and is home to a variety of animals. The best African safari in Kenya will offer you great sightings of the black rhino, leopards, hyenas, lions, buffaloes, giraffes and a diversity of birds.

What to Do in Nairobi, Kenya

Other great and thrilling things to do in Kenya Nairobi, while on tour to the Kenya national park Nairobi are tented camping, safari walks and game viewing. There are also walks to the ivory burning site monument, walking trails at the hippo pools and walks to the orphanage and the Nairobi safari walk. Safaris in Africa don’t have to be expensive as it is possible to have African budget safaris.
The Nairobi Kenya safari has other great places to visit such as the Kenya museum where the history of Kenya is under one roof. Beyond having a great time in the Nairobi Kenya safari, there is need to establish great resting places.

Ample Accommodation: Luxurious or Budget Ones

Reviews made by African tours and travel indicate that there are many hotels and lodges that one can book for a relaxing night. The Fairmont Norfolk Safari Club and Nairobi Safari Club are among the many luxurious hotels to be in while in Nairobi.
A safari to Kenya Nairobi will give you the option of African budget safaris. Based on the budget you have; it is possible to have great and exciting times while in Nairobi. Great African tours and travel such as will help you come up with a holiday itinerary of your choice.
Promising travels in Africa either begin or end in Nairobi but that does not limit your thrill to have more of Africa. Where to go on safari should not be a limiting question for you. This is because we have you covered in the places you can take safaris in. Where to go on safari should start at that nearest magnificent Nairobi National Park, Kenya. Setting you up for better times ahead in your safaris across Kenya, will ensure that you have the best African safari of your life.
As Nairobi is the technological hub of East Africa, do not limit yourself to the kind of fun that you can have within the city. Anytime is a great time to have your Nairobi Kenya safari as the animals are within a small setting therefore giving you unlimited sightings of wild nature.

Karibu Kenya, karibu Nairobi, the city in the sun!

Why Go to Nairobi?

  • Nairobi as the capital city of Kenya, is a luxurious place to be for your family vacations or even honeymoons. There are great people to see as the city is a mixture of diversity in culture and history. There are many reasons as to why go to Nairobi.
  • Not only is Nairobi the hub of the country but there are magnificent tourist attraction sites to keep you begging for more. The Nairobi safari Kenya vacation starts off with great sightings at the Nairobi wildlife park that is situated a short drive away from the central business district. Nairobi wildlife park is home to variety of animals that are easy to spot within their natural habitats.
  • A safari in Africa, Nairobi to be specific, gives animal lovers a chance to marvel at the wild in David Shelrick Wildlife Trust. This is an orphanage for elephant rescue and rehabilitation where tourists can mingle with the young animals and a chance to feed them too. Kenya safari tours will also give you more reasons as to why go to Nairobi safari Kenya.
  • The Karen Blixen, an alternative destination, is a home based at the foot of the Ngong Hills; a colonial farm house that once housed the famous Kalen Blixen author of “Out of Africa”.
  • Other reasons as to why go to Nairobi is for the best Africa budget vacation visit that can be found in the snake park. The thrill found in looking at different species of snakes is undeniable but for those on African budget safaris that cannot handle the adrenaline rush have more options to look at.
  • On your Kenyan safari, and while in Nairobi, the Nairobi national museum is also a good place to have a look at. The location is quite affordable for those looking for the best place for a safari in Kenya. The museum has a lot of information to tell on Kenya and its history, so a couple of hours may be needed in this historical Kenyan safari.

The positioning of Nairobi in relevance to other tourist attraction places such Naivasha and Nakuru, just to name a few places, remains as the best place for a safari in Kenya. The flights to and from Kenya are based in the international airport, and it is still within Nairobi that you can get your connecting flights to other tourist attraction hubs within Kenya.

For your best Africa luxury vacation in Kenya, Nairobi remains the top and leading place to be based on recent reviews by Kenya safaris tours and traveling agencies. There are great, five star hotels and lodges to stay in for those top Africa luxury vacations you long for while in Kenya. The itinerary offered by many of the leading Africa safari Kenya tours agencies include a visit to the Kenya Masai market. If you are on an African budget safari to Kenya, the Masai market will give you options within your estimated budget. It is a colorful, loud, busy and busting experience as you buy African souvenir pieces for yourself and loved ones.
Sensational Africa Sunset and Business Events Ltd Safaris (Kenya) gives you more reasons as to why go to Nairobi.

For those top Africa luxury vacations in Kenya, Nairobi should be your first stop. It will give you a glimpse of what to expect in your future safaris in Kenya.

What to do: Nairobi African safaris

So, you have arrived in the capital city of Nairobi, what next? There are great things on what to do in Nairobi but you need to be dressed for it. Ensure to pack heavy and light clothes as the temperatures get high during the day and can drastically go down in the evenings. Once ready, it is time for your Africa safari Kenya in Nairobi.

  • Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park is at the very center of the buzzing busy city but that should not deter you from quenching your thirst of wild animals. Nairobi African safaris are not complete without the glance of the famous cats:  the city lions. As you can imagine, they are a top favorite sight for those on safari tours in Kenya. To get to see them, you will need to pay a Nairobi safari park entrance fee. This fee will cater for your safari within the Kenya national park in Nairobi. The Nairobi wildlife park will bring you close to monkeys that are very jovial and social. Get your camera ready for a selfie with one of them if a chance arises.

  • Safari Walk and Nightlife

The Nairobi safari walk entrance fee also covers your walk into the wild. Walking on the wooden planks will ensure that you spot the Albino zebra, the white rhino and the bongo which are among the rarest animals on the planet.

  • Kibera Tour

The Kibera tour is a different form of safari in Kenya. This great Africa safari Kenya is not for animal sighting but an insight into the lives of those living in the largest slum in Kenya. If you are looking for places on where to go on a humanitarian safari, the Kibera tour might just be the thing for you. It will open your eyes to the other side of life where there is poverty but people living in hope to overcome it.

  • David Sheldrick Orphanage Tour

Having seen the animals in Kenya national park Nairobi, it is time to get up-close and personal with some of them. A safari through the David Sheldrick orphanage will get you close to the baby elephants being taken care of. It might make the highlight of your best vacation in Nairobi if you get to feed a baby elephant!

  • Karen Blixen Museum

Africa safari Kenya is never complete without a look at the great Karen Blixen museum which pioneered great safaris to Africa, with the movie “Out of Africa” acted within the premises of the day present museum.

  • Karura Morning Jog

Karura forest is one of the city forests that supports and it never fails to give quality and natural morning runs. The trees are indigenous to Africa, with fresh air to breathe, you will not be disappointed with a morning run in the forest.

  • Oloolua Nature Trail

This hidden gem is a few kilometers away from the busy city and it offers an oasis of tranquility for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. With its great canopy of trees, giant riverside bamboo stands, chirping birds and water, it offers the best African vacations for those who wish to be with nature.

There are great places to visit while in Kenya. Some require you to watch from a distance, some need you to take care of the animals, others require you to breath in the quality of life around you and some require you to have the heart to protect nature. Whichever safari club you might be in, ensure to protect nature. The cost of an African safari will be dependent on whether the wild side of nature dwindles or it grows with your input. Have no worries on where to go on safari in Nairobi as has the best African tours and travel to choose from.

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Where to stay: How much does an African safari cost

“I am planning on a safari to Kenya, but how much does an African safari cost?” This is among the main questions we get especially at “How much does an African safari cost” is a broad range question and the answer as to why, is very easy; it depends on what you do and want to see in Kenya.

1. Off Season is cheaper, but not as exquisite

The best way to handle the question on where to stay in Kenya Nairobi, is to give you an insight on how to get the best hotel deals in your safari in Africa. The best Africa vacations are both on and off season. To get the best deal on where to stay in Kenya Nairobi, schedule your safari for savings. Check out with on the best months for low season budgets for a great safari in Africa. If you have a stop-over in Nairobi and you have a connecting flight for a Diani safari, you can surf the internet for cheaper and affordable deals in Diani way before you get there

2.  Budget Safari: Discounts on Special Occasions and Group Safaris

Africa budget safaris do not have to be cheap, just within your set budget. Top Africa luxury vacations in Nairobi have discounts especially on family holidays, group safaris, anniversaries and on valentine’s day. These can be good deals in your safari tours if you are on Africa budget safaris.

3. Avoid Hidden Charges: Instant Booking Quotes with Us

To ensure that you are enjoying your best Africa vacations in your safari Kenya, look out for hidden charges on places where to stay. Ensure you understand what the costs cover as there could be hidden charges not indicated on the main charges. Some Kenya safaris may have costs such as transport to and from the airport that are not shown in the main charges. Ensure to explicitly ask about such hidden costs before embarking on your Kenya safaris.

4. Look for our Package Deals and Offers

On matters pertaining where to stay; which is covered mainly in the question of how much does an African safari cost, it is best to look for package deals which are always affordable. Safari Kenya with will always ensure to include hotels and lodges that have such package deals.

5. Booking and Accommodation Costs

Where to stay is essential in ensuring that you have the best and top Africa luxury vacations in Nairobi. Working towards the cost of an African safari, hotels and lodges usually take up a bigger chunk of the expenses. Booking directly on a hotel site can give you the opportunity to pay less as compared to having a broker do it for you. Moreover, finding a place to stay as you surf the internet, ensure to check out on the second page of the results. has realized that there are luxurious places to stay that do not have a fat marketing budget.
Having covered the cost on how much does an African safari cost, it is time to hit the road and explore more of Nairobi.
There are great places on where to go on a safari again ranging on the activities you wish to undertake. You can engage in walks, visit the Giraffe manor, dine at the Carnivore restaurant and see crocodiles at Mamba village. Whatever choice you make, every turn in Nairobi is a thrilling safari awaiting to be explored. is here to guide you as you enjoy an African vacation in Nairobi Kenya. Karibu!!

When to Go to Nairobi, Kenya

As a tourist looking for the best African safari, average temperatures and rainfall play an important role in your safari activities in Nairobi. This is because the weather conditions will affect your safari in Africa in terms of quality and availability especially in Nairobi.

  • The best time as to when to go to Nairobi is in the month of July through to October and in the early months of January and February.
  • For the best and top Africa luxury vacation in Nairobi, it is best to point out that the pricing of hotels and other lodges do not change or fluctuate as Nairobi is an urban destination with year-round arrival of tourists. Once you are assured of a place to stay, it is time to tie up your shoes for a safari in the Nairobi wild side of life.
  • How much does an African safari cost? The answer to this is based on your specific safari itinerary. The best African safari does not have to be steep with over exaggerated costs; rather, it should be within your set budget. The answer to the most asked question, how much does an African safari cost, should also not limit you from having a great time in Nairobi.
  • Most of the activities that will give you the top Africa luxury vacation, are centered around the Nairobi city. The Nairobi national park is an easy and relaxing place to have your safari in Kenya. In the warm months of June to October and in January and February, your relaxing moments in Nairobi national park will give you unlimited opportunities to have a look at the wildlife.
  • Kenya safaris to the city should include a safari to the giraffe center where you will get a glimpse of the Rothschild giraffes. When to go to Nairobi to see these giraffes in your Kenya safaris is not limited to the weather conditions. This is because the giraffe center is in a structured place that will shelter you from the sun and the rain.
    Safari in Africa constitutes of places where you get to mingle with the locals and get a chance to learn from them. Safaris in Kenya to the Kazuri Beads will give you ample time to mingle with the locals as you learn from them on how to make local Kenyan beads.
  • As your leading safari tours in Kenya, recommends visits to the Nairobi Gallery, the Karura Forest and Bomas of Kenya as they are around the year places you can visit despite the weather conditions.
    With, how much is a trip to Africa should not be a problem to you. Give us a price range and we will plan your safari to Nairobi and ensure to include as much fun activities as possible.
    Safaris in Kenya are a great time to bond with your family on family vacations. They are also a way to enhance team work within friends as well as enjoy the cuisines and nightlife Nairobi should offer. Enjoy activities such as water slides at the Village Market, dinner at Carnivore, carting on Lang’ata road, ice skating at Panari Sky, a glimpse at the crocodiles of Nairobi in Mamba village and unwind the evening with local art scenes at Goethe Institute. There are more great activities to engage in, in the best safaris in Kenya.