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Naivasha Kenya Safari | Best African Safaris
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Naivasha, Kenya Safari

A superb oasis of fresh waters and serene environment, Lake Naivasha rests on an elevation of 1890 meters above the sea level. Beyond the shores of this famous tourist attraction are canopies of forests, lush and green, that are home to a variety of animals. The unique geological features of the papyrus swamps and acacia woodlands are because of its history as a volcanic manifestation. Such a scenery makes up part of top Africa luxury vacations as based on research by leading Africa tours and travel agent, Sensational Safaris Ltd.


  • Family safaris are quite common in Naivasha due to its unique itinerary. Those adventure-seeking tourists are best placed within Naivasha. With its immense variety of animals such as the highly concentrated hippotamus, buffaloes, zebras, elands, impalas and water bucks among other grazers, family safaris become a thrill just watching them in their natural habitat.
  • Naivasha Kenya is also a tourist destination especially for bird watchers. With its green canopy of forests, there are high chance that you can spot hundreds of different bird species such as the spectacled weavers, grey-backed fiscals, grey-capped warbler and red-billed fire finches among others. For bird watchers, Naivasha Kenya remains as the leading location to get a glimpse of abundant birds in the wild.
  • For those top Africa luxury vacations to keep as memories, Lake Naivasha has boating excursions around the lake. With professional Africa tours and travel guide, it is easy to spot the birds as well as the animals in their natural habitats. Nature walks along Lake Naivasha offer the best Africa vacations as they get you close to smaller denizens of the lake.
  • Hell’s Gate National Park is an ideal day trip for thrill seekers with the towering cliffs, stark rock towers, water gouged gorges and scrub clad volcanoes to keep visitors company. Hell’s Gate is a quarter of the Naivasha Rift Valley and thus a great home for a variety of wild animals.
  • Naivasha town, though busy, has world class luxurious accommodation for the best Africa vacations. The luxurious accommodation can be found in places such as the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Gold Resort and Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge.
  • These lodges are created in a way that delivers romantic honeymoon suites, privacy and exclusivity. The lodges in Naivasha also cater for family vacations offering rooms that are adequate for families and friends.
  • Naivasha Kenya safari is the ideal tour to have a glimpse and feel of what it is to be in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. With the rich volcanic soils of Naivasha, the scenery remains green for the better part of the year. This is turn ensures that there is enough vegetation for animals, making it a great haven for animals.
  • Not forgetting the great pink scenes made by the lesser flamingoes as they crowd Lake Naivasha, it remains a spectacular place to be surrounded by nature. From the great hotels and lodges dotted all over Naivasha, it is also an intriguing place to make camp in the numerous campsites.
  • Lake Naivasha, though massive, is not the only attraction in Naivasha that is an attraction to many. There is Lake Oloiden, Crater Lake, Lake Elementaita among other wildlife conservancies that are calling out to be explored.
    There are greater things to see and activities to do while in Naivasha. Putting into consideration that Naivasha is 92 kilometers from Nairobi, in close to two hours, you could be making your memorable vacation in Naivasha Kenya.

Why Go on a Safari to Naivasha, Kenya

There is a thrill you get when you visit places rarely seen, when you get to make memorable moments of life closet to nature. In this case, Naivasha is the place to be with all the attractions that you could ever imagine. aims at giving you defined reasons of places you could visit for the best family vacations.

1. Hell’s Gate

This is the number one attraction in Naivasha and there is a reason why. Hell’s Gate is a stunning attraction off the south of Lake Naivasha where you can utilize the best family vacations by exploring the gorges, climbing rocks, enjoying nature walk, having picnics in the open park’s plains and enjoying wildlife as they roam about.

2. The Crescent Island inside Lake Naivasha

If you are an animal lover or you enjoy having nature walks, Crescent Island will give you the best African safari in Kenya. There are great sights on offer as herds of wildebeest graze in the open and the tall gentle giraffes nibble on the acacia trees. It is the best place to be as these wild animals are unperturbed by their visitors

3. Lake Naivasha

Among the many freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley is Lake Naivasha. Without a on-the-surface outlet, it has since been discovered that the lake has a subterranean outlet to the Indian Ocean. Not only is it home to large groups of hippos and variety of birds, the best honeymoon vacations can be held here. The natural setting of Naivasha lodges and Naivasha hotels gives great ambience to enjoy the best honeymoon vacations. Popular Naivasha lodges and hotels near this freshwater lake include Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge and Crater Lodge Naivasha.

4. Crater Lake

The game sanctuary of birds, zebras, buffaloes and elands is within the serene setting of a green colored alkaline lake of Crater Lake. The Crater Lodge at Naivasha is found here and has the reputation of having the best romantic camps in Naivasha accommodation. For the best African safari in Crater Lake, there are night game drives. Other than this, you can watch the hippos coming to graze on the lawns of the lodge.

5. Ol Karia

This is a natural phenomenon. The geothermal power plant harvests what nature gives freely and is also a spot for great recreation. The naturally heated waters are in pools where you can sit and relax.

6. Amazing Accommodation and Local Cuisines

There are many more places to visit while in Naivasha, and best of all is that you are in the know of Naivasha safari Kenya places to visit. After the safaris within Naivasha and its great environs, you require great places to rest. Naivasha accommodation cannot be rivaled, with great Naivasha hotels, lodges such as Sopa Lodge and resort offering state-of-the-art services, you will be left feeling like royalty. The locals of Naivasha are a welcoming lot. This is greatly seen in how they serve you with smiles, offering you great international cuisines as well as local food. There are great bargains you can get in the local curio shops as you search for souvenirs for family and friends. gives you more reasons why you should book the next flight for a holiday in Naivasha. With great itinerary Naivasha has to offer, we are ready to guide you through your safari here. From nature walks, wildlife viewing, boat rides, rock climbing, gorge sighting, bird watching among many more, Naivasha will help you make superb and memorable moments.

What to Do: Naivasha, Kenya Safari

Naivasha African safari entail great things to do that will boost your love for safaris in Kenya. There are activities you could engage in such as:

  • Take a boat ride: Lake Naivasha safaris are never complete without the famous guided boat rides. they are spectacular safaris on the calm water therefore good for the best family vacations. The boat rides can also be the highlight of the best honeymoon vacations as you get to see the great flocks of flamingos and groups of hippos across the lake.
  • Crescent Island: A walk with animals: The Crescent Island sanctuary is home to a variety of birds, giraffes and wildebeest. As there is no presence of predators in the island, a walk with the animals offers best Africa luxury vacations in lake Naivasha.
  • Explore Hell’s Gate: Hell’s Gate is not as intimidating as the name suggests rather, it is a tranquil place to enjoy the best Africa luxury vacations. Best honeymoon vacations in Hell’s Gate involve cycling in the dusty roads, hiking the scenic canyons and towering pillars and so much more.
  • Hiking at Mt. Longonot and Suswa: Apart from having luxurious accommodation in places such as Crater Lodge Naivasha, lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge or other lodges in Naivasha, one can take a hike up the refreshing Mt. Longonot that is within Naivasha. The easy day trip ascending the mountain will take you through lands of buffalo, leopards and antelopes.
  • Lake Elementaita Flamingos: During the warm seasons in Naivasha, Lake Elementaita is home to both greater and lesser flamingos. Spotting these lovely birds creates memorable moments in the best family vacations in Naivasha.
  • Ol Karia Geothermal Spa: You can get to enjoy a natural water spa here where the hot water is abundantly provided by nature. If this is not the height of your African tours and travel in Kenya, then a trip back to human origin will do it for you.
  • Kariandusi: the Cradle of Mankind: While on Naivasha African safaris, a visit to Kariandusi will take you back 1 million years to the beginning on mankind. It offers great reflections of the journey man has taken to be where we are today and we hope you will get to appreciate the adventure as we do.

Naivasha African safaris are adventure to behold, with great memories made in every corner, Naivasha remains to be a leader in tourist destinations with the Rift Valley Kenya. There are wonderful things to do while here, great places to stay including Crater Lodge Naivasha and Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge and places to visit. There is no limit to what you can while in Naivasha. Since most of the safaris in Naivasha can be tackled in a day, you are free to add more safaris to your itinerary. Watching the flamingos in the morning and joining the great wildebeests in the evening in Masai Mara remains a possibility. is a leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya and we are more than ready to help you plan your itinerary within Naivasha as well as other places of your choice. We welcome you to have a feel of the diversity of culture and history in Kenya as well as the diverse natural habitats of animals and birds which are best displayed in a visit to Naivasha.

Where to Stay at Lake Naivasha, Kenya Safari

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Lake Naivasha, Kenya Safari Travel Tips

If you are wondering where to stay in Naivasha, then it is good to know that you are spoilt for choice. Since Naivasha rates high as a tourist attraction destination, there are great places where you can get your luxurious accommodation at an affordable cost. To give you the best Naivasha accommodation, as the leading Africa tours and travel agency, we give you a breakdown available for exclusive or budget-friendly Naivasha accommodation.

There are three tiers based on the cost of the luxurious accommodation that you prefer:

  • High-end premier accommodation: If you have the money to spend or if you prefer personalized accommodation, then this tier of accommodation is where to be. Loldia House and Chui Lodge are the current leading places to be. Chui Lodge is set on a vast 6500 acres of lush green lands at the shore of Lake Naivasha offering you the best honeymoon vacations for you and your loved ones. The guest cottages within this lodge are also available for best Africa vacations for families, couples and romantic honeymoon for newlyweds. To go along with these best Africa vacation tier 1 accommodation is Hippo Point & Dodo’s Tower. With their personalized country-home experience, they over deliver on their services for best Africa vacations.
  • Deluxe Experience: This tier includes the intimate Olerai House that offers 5 best honeymoon vacations rooms. The settings of the lodge relax you and you instantly feel at home. Camping vacation with a traditional feel can best be achieved at Kiboko Luxury Camp at the grounds of Lake Naivasha Country Club. For those on solo Africa tours and travels, this camp offers executive tents to give you a romantic honeymoon or family vacation with an authentic feel of the wilderness.
  • Value Experience: This tier is for those looking for great adventures as compared to where they to stay. Naivasha lodges fall into this category as they offer average services due to the large numbers of tourists they cater for. Naivasha lodges have different settings for families, solo tourists and couples. There are great places to camp too as Naivasha has open plains where one can spend the night under a starry night.

Where to stay in Naivasha is not limited to the tiers provided as we encourage tourists to live and feel what Naivasha offers. There are great places such as Crater Lodge Naivasha that delivers great scenery to the wild while offering you relaxing moments in the lodge. Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge goes above what other hotels Naivasha offer. It has separate areas for team building exercises and other rooms for conferences. If you are on a day trip through Naivasha to see the gorgeous terrain of lake Naivasha, you can also get quality value in hotels Naivasha has.
A great Naivasha safari needs planning and we at can help you in that. We have great places for you to choose from including Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge, Crater Lodge Naivasha, Chui Lodge among other great places to stay. As soon as you are ready to have your wonderful time in Naivasha, log in with and get to have your itinerary planned for you. We do promise a heavenly time full of wonderful moments and memories made in Naivasha. As the pink flamingos’ flock in to visit lake Naivasha, we hope you can enjoy nature’s beauty together with us.

When to Go to Lake Naivasha, Kenya Safari

  • Seasonal changes in Kenya are usually defined by the presence or absence of rain. Lake Naivasha is no exception as it has two rainy seasons with short rains from November to December and long rains in the months of April to June. Despite the changes in weather, Lake Naivasha remains a natural marvel that awaits to be explored.
  • In planning the best Africa luxury vacations or romantic honeymoon getaways to Lake Naivasha, it is best to understand how weather affects your vacation. During the rainy seasons, there is increase in vegetation and water levels are high. This affects animal behavior and they are more dispersed enjoying the abundance of nature.
  • When to visit Lake Naivasha can be enjoyed during the rainy season for the best African luxury vacations. It is during the rainy seasons that you get to experience awe-inspiring events in terms of birth of new-born in Naivasha. You can get to see amazing action as predators’ prey on these young ones with the mothers fighting tirelessly to save the little fragile animals.
  • However, during the dry seasons, you can have the best family vacations as it is easy to spot the animals in the wild. It is also during the dry season that you can enjoy the best beach vacations by the shores of Lake Naivasha. Best beach vacations are not only limited to greater masses of water such as Indian Ocean but large water lakes such as Lake Naivasha can also rival them.
  • Other amenities that deliver the best Africa luxury vacations and best family vacations also rely on weather patterns. As the leading Africa tours and travel agency in Kenya, we have discovered advantages and disadvantages of both seasons. Your romantic honeymoon is best served during the dry season as you have great sightings of wildlife animals. The roads remain good and accessible during this time thus making it the best African safari in Lake Naivasha.
    An increase in wildlife sighting triples the number of tourist flowing in to marvel at the beauty of Lake Naivasha. Lodges in Naivasha inflate their prices during this season though they still offer luxurious accommodation throughout the year. You are also assured on luxurious accommodation even during the rainy season though the prices then are not as high as during the top season.
  • Planning on when to visit Lake Naivasha includes factoring in the influx of visitors both local and foreign. This is usually during festive periods such as Christmas, Easter and New year’s. increase in the number of visitors in terms of the prices in accommodation, tour guide fees, activities and other logistical costs. However, costs applicable when touring conservations around Lake Naivasha remain unchanged.
  • All things considered, we recommend a visit to Lake Naivasha during the dry season for easy accessibility and great sightings. However, you can also have the best African safari even during the rainy season. A combination of safaris to Masai Mara will be rewarding as you can have both worlds at a go.
    When to visit Lake Naivasha is not tied to seasons as anytime is a great time to have a vacation by the freshwater body, Lake Naivasha. With great places to visit, wonderful people to interact with and things to do, Lake Naivasha remains a natural wonder for your best vacation in Kenya.

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