No Travel Agent Fees | African Safari Cost
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African adventures don’t have to incur travel agent fees. If you are with the right tours and travel agency, such as, these charges are catered for. Working with a budget to give your family an African family holiday doesn’t have to include travel agent fees; nor does looking and booking your desired beach holiday destinations have to cost an arm and a leg!

African Safaris and Vacations

Africa safari vacations require a relaxed mind that is why we at are offering you the chance to get custom made African adventures. We are working in conjunction with the best providers of hotels and bush camps to bring you an African travel and safari to remember. You can now book into the Giraffe Manor, the Serengeti Serena Lodge, the Lewa Safari Camp and even get your flights to Africa at no extra added costs!

As you plan your African safari vacations remember that we offer you a variety of activities to keep you loving Africa. We have beach holiday destinations with lots of fun activities to undertake. Remember that you can have your Africa travel within Kenya Zanzibar and Tanzania and get to enjoy a life under the sun with the wild animals.

Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Our honeymoon destinations or African family holiday are friendly enough to bring you close to nature. You get to feed giraffes, crocodiles among other wild animals with the help of our tour guides. So, create a map of places to visit in East Africa, activities to do by the beach, soar high to the sky in hot air balloons, enjoy a sundowner and relax in five-star hotels or bush camps with no travel agent fees. Watch as your African adventures begin to unfold and give you more reasons as to why go to Africa. AfricaSunset promises you an adventure of a lifetime. We are true to our word, and your experience with us will leave you craving to see more of wild Africa!