Ol Jogi Ranch Kenya Vacation | Luxurious African Safaris

Ol Jogi Ranch Kenya Vacation | Luxurious African Safaris
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The Ol Jogi Ranch, Laikipia, Kenya Safari

The Ol Jogi Ranch, a prestigious and luxurious ranch 45 minutes by flight from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is one of the most esteemed and heaven-on-earth African safari destinations that you must visit. With sweeping views of the snow-capped Mt. Kenya, the Ol Jogi Ranch offers a breathtaking, exquisite and quintessential Kenyan safari that will leave you in awe and wonder. Ol Jogi is oustanding for a number of reasons:

  • It is home to many endangered and rare species, and the big five. At Ol Jogi, action is never in shortage as it boasts of a high predator ratio
  • The services on offer are simply beyond amazing. Ol Jogi staff members are well trained on culinary presentation, etiquette and courtesy. Moreover, the expert safari guides are well-versed with the terrain, where to spot the big five and rare birds and background information on the vast Laikipia Plateau
  • Peace and solitude: If you are craving for a moment that you will be by yourself or by your loving partner, Ol Jogi’s vast lands offer tranquility where you can meditate or take long walks as you connect with mother nature
  • Conservation Efforts: Mother nature will only reward us as far as we treat her as well as she deserves. The Ol Jogi Ranch have put in place multiple conservation efforts that guarantee that these lands will be unharmed and shall serve our future generations as they have served those before us. Ol Jogi’s efforts deserve applause and support from us

Why Go to Ol Jogi Ranch

Visiting Ol Jogi Ranch is not an option. These vast lands have a lot to offer:

  •  Honeymooners: If you are looking for an elegant honeymoon destination, then Ol Jogi is the place to visit. With its vast lands, Ol Jogi guarantees that there are moments of joy in public as well as moments that deserve a couple’s privacy. Whether it’s a horse ride out into the wild, a nature walk, hike, African safari at dawn or a quiet stay in your hotel room as you take a long shower in a Jacuzzi, you are guaranteed that Ol Jogi has got your back
  • Family vacations: Summer is one of the best seasons to travel to Africa (Peak season is late June to October). Ol Jogi is in full bloom with sunny, dry days that allow you to take a safari to any corner of this vast ranch. This is surely the best family vacation as you will be able to track rhinos, watch and document a lion make a kill, take a hike and participate in many other activities at Ol Jogi that will bring your family closer.
  • Conservation Efforts: With rising awareness on the need for conservation, Ol Jogi has not been left behind. The Ranch have gone to great lengths to conserve rare and endangered species such as the rhino and the giraffe. They have ensured that our future generations will stand a chance to have a peaceful and wondrous environment as the one we enjoy today.

When to Visit Ol Jogi Ranch, Laikipia Kenya Safari

When to go to Ol Jogi is mainly dictated by the weather. The dry season presents the best times as to when to view wildlife and outdoor camping. Typically, this is during June to October.

Quick Fingertip Facts

  • Best time to go on Kenyan Safaris: June-Oct; Jan-Feb
  • High Season: Jul-Nov, Jan-Feb: There is a risk of overcrowding in budget areas of the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Nakuru. A client seeking luxurious accommodation such asOl Jogi need not worry.
  • Low Season: Mar-May: Characterized by heavy rainfall; some camps tend to close. Very cheap prices and related charges
  • Best Weather to go on Kenya safaris: June-Oct
  • Worst Weather to go on Kenya Safari: March-May

Rates & Policies

What to do at Ol Jogi Ranch is literally boundless:

  • Game Drives
  • Nature Walks
  • Horse Riding
  • Bird Watching and Ornithology
  • Interactive Educational Visits
  • Off-Road Vehicle Experiences
  • Wild Ol Jogi Bush Lunch and Dinner
  • Sundowners
  • Outdoor swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Wildlife viewing from the secret tunnel
  • Rock climbing
  • Facial and spa
  • Camel riding

…and many more