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Ol Malo Lodge

Location: Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Ol Malo perches atop the edge of an escarpment that drops 600 meters down to the Laikipia Plateau. The camp is accordingly afforded spectacular views and a swim in the infinity pool feels like swimming on a cloud. Each of the rooms has been carefully pieced together from local stone and wood and the focus is dedicated to the view which can be seen throughout. The communal areas are well organized with meals and afternoon tea served in the main rooms at the top of the lodge.


  • Outstanding location on Laikipia Plateau
  • Home to an abundance of wildlife
  • Set in the Samburu tribal heartlands
  • Exciting activities for the whole family
  • Family-owned & operated

Amenities at Ol Malo Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • Swimming pool
  • Internet access
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Shower
  • Verandah

Cottages at Ol Malo Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Ol Malo Lodge has four luxurious en suite thatched cottages, each with a private veranda. Uniquely constructed using natural rock and ancient olive wood, the cottages are spread out along the cliff edge and offer spectacular views.

Each cottage is individually decorated and provides very comfortable accommodation that features a large bath and picture windows that frame the ever-changing landscape. A maze of rock pathways connects the cottages with the main lodge.

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What to do at Ol Malo Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • Guided Walks
    An experienced Samburu guides will take you on a nature walk to show you the Little Five – ant lion, leopard tortoise, elephant shrew, rhino beetle, buffalo weaver. Or you can choose to learn about the plants the Samburu use for medicine and food. Or stand in amazement at the sight of the 330 named species of birds found at Ol Malo. 
  • Game Driving
    Elephant, buffalo, Eland, Beisa Oryx, Grant gazelle, Impala, common and grey Zebra, reticulated Giraffe, Lelwels Hartebeeste Gerenuk, Greater Kudu, Water Buck, Klipspringer, Steenbok, Gunthers Dik Dik, Warthog, Wild dog, Leopard, Cheetah, Lion, spotted and striped Hyena: where else on earth can you go out for a drive in an open vehicle – with a Samburu guide and driver – and be virtually certain to see such a wide-ranging selection of elusive, wild game?
  • Horseback  & camel riding, tubing & mountain biking
    Tube in tires down the rapids or fish for catfish and barbel. Go horse or camel riding on the plains – a wonderful way to see the game, which won’t flee from horses and camels: you get very close to the action indeed. For the more adventurous – horse riding down towards the river; cross-country mountain biking; running with a Samburu warrior to set the pace. Cultural visits to local communities
  • Cultural Visits– Pay a welcome visit to our neighbours, the Samburu people. Visit their nursery school. Visit to the Ol Malo workshop to see the women beading or the children painting.Visits to local school
  • Leopard Blind– Four bunk beds are set up in the leopard blind to allow you to spend the night there in the hope of catching a glimpse of the elusive leopard. For the extremely adventurous.
  • Bush breakfasts & lunches
  • Sundowners
  • Horizon swimming pool