Samburu Kenya Holidays | Best African Safaris

Samburu Kenya Holidays | Best African Safaris
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Samburu National Reserve and Surrounding Sanctuaries, Kenya Safari

Samburu, a safari destination in Kenya’s northern hinterland, is one of the world’s wildest, quintessential and enthralling  African destination safari that a true enthusiast should endeavor to visit. The Samburu National Reserve, a 165km2 (64sq. miles), is locates in Samburu County, 350 kms from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The amazing Ewaso Ng’iro river runs through the Samburu Reserve, servicing the flora and fauna with much needed water in the semi-arid area. The Samburu National Reserve is best known for intensive conservation efforts. The movie, Born Free, which focuses on Elsa the Lioness, is based on events that unfolded here in the wild Samburu,  Moreover, Samburu came into the limelight after a lioness, Kamunyak, adopted a baby oryx! (strange as it may sound, this famous Samburu lioness decided not to have this calf for supper).


  • Habitat: The Samburu National Reserve habitat comprises of mountains (Koitagor and Ololokwe), riverine habitats along the Ewaso Ng’iro river, and the mixture of acacia and short shrubs across the arid savanna grasslands. This is ideal for various wildlife species.
  • Wildlife: The arid country fauna supports various wildlife species:

-The Big Five (Masai Lion, Leopards, Elephants and the Cape Buffalo) with the exception of the rhino which can only be spotted in the neighboring sanctuaries, hippopotamus, the cheetah

-Numerous other mammals: Grant’s Gazelle, warthogs, Olive baboon, impala, waterbucks, Kirk’s dik-dik and many more

-Over 350 species of birds: The Marabou stork, Verreaux’s eagle, Grey-headed kingfisher, Lilac-breasted spurfowl, Superb Starling, Northern Red-billed Hornbill, Plam-nut vulture among others

-The Samburu crocodiles along Ewaso Ng’iro river

Exploring the vast Samburu National Reserve is a satisfying experience that is best enjoyed when combined with visits to nearby sanctuaries and is highly recommended that this safari be combined with other destinations in Kenya or Tanzania such as the Masai Mara, Tarangire or Serengeti.

Why Go to Samburu, Kenya Safari?

There are plenty of reasons why you should go on safari to Samburu:

  • An abundance of reliable flights to Samburu: Africa Sunset Ltd liaises with various flight operators to provide transport to and from Samburu. In case you choose to travel by road, we have well-serviced 4*4 vehicles at your beck and call
  • An abundance of luxurious accommodation available at Samburu: Whether you choose to stay at the prestigious Saruni Samburu, the famous Ol Jogi Ranch or in the numerous exquisite tented camps in Samburu, you are guaranteed of a great experience that will leave wondering when next you will visit again
  • The ever-changing wondrous mother nature: Being out in the wild Samburu is a strange experience. At one instance, the world is peaceful and tranquil. In the next instance, Samburu may explode alive as a lioness closes down on an impala at breakneck speed! This is Samburu, where mother nature rules! There are times that we have been to Samburu and the clouds were non-existent only for dark clouds to form and a heavy downpour to follow in a matter of less than half an hour. Samburu is surely a place of wonders!
  • Biodiversity: The flora and fauna at Samburu is simply unmatched. If you are keen on birding yet you still enjoy an African safari whereby you spot the big five going about their daily business, then this is the Kenyan safari that you should embark on. Wild, untamed and unapologetic.
  • Versatility: Samburu is a top Kenyan safari destination that easily serves the needs of honeymooners as well as family vacations. From tented camps meant for two to large tents that can fit 6 people, you can never run out of luxurious, cosy room.
  • Combining your Samburu trip with other destinations: Easily travel across Kenya and Tanzania through Samburu! Sensational Safaris Africa Ltd sets up your trip on request such that you can experience a wild Kenyan safari in conjunction with a Kenyan or Zanzibar beach safari all in one go.

When to Go to Samburu on a Kenyan Safari

When to go to Samburu is mainly dictated by the weather. The dry season presents the best times as to when to view wildlife and outdoor camping. Typically, this is during June to October.

Quick Fingertip Facts

  • Best time to go on Kenyan Safaris: June-Oct; Jan-Feb
  • High Season: Jul-Nov, Jan-Feb: There is a risk of overcrowding in budget areas of the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru. A client seeking luxurious accommodation such as Samburu tented camps or lodges on safari need not worry.
  • Low Season: Mar-May: Characterizedby heavy rainfall; some camps tend to close. Very cheap prices and related charges
  • Best Weather to go on Kenya safaris: June-Oct
  • Worst Weather to go on Kenya Safari: March-May

Where to Stay in Samburu

There are several places to stay on your Samburu African safari that offer luxurious accommodation that is your beyond your dreams at a friendly rate:

  • Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu: An exquisite destination which has 12 tented camps, the Elephant Bedroom Camp is a well run African safari destination that offers a luxurious home away from home. Most importantly, the Elephant Bedroom Camp is ideal for spotting the Big Five especially the elusive African leopard, the oryx, Grevy’s zebra, the Somalia ostritch and numerous other mammals and birds
  • Sasaab Lodge, Samburu: A renowned luxury accomodation, the Sasaab Lodge is best known for its central location and access to the Samburu wildlife migration corridor. With 9 guest tents, the camp easily caters for its handful of clients with taste, finesse and privacy. It offers exclusive excursions into Kenya’s wild Nothern frontier that will leave you feeling deeply awed by what the world has to offer.
  • Saruni Samburu Lodge: This marvelous lodge that sits on top of a hill in Kalama Conservancy, a privately owned conservancy in the midst of the Samburu wilderness, is a gem to behold. With two swimming pools and wi-fi services, it gives you a mix of the Samburu wilderness and the convenience of the modern world. It is ideal for a luxurious family vacation. Extra beds are available on request.

What to Do in Samburu

You can never run out of activities to carry out on your Samburu African safari. These include (but not limited to ):

  • Rhino tracking in exclusive Samburu Sanctuaries
  • Horse safari rides in selected Samburu Conservancies
  • Nature Photography around Samburu National Reserve
  • Bird Watching and Ornithology at Samburu National Reserve
  • Sundowners and Bonfire parties at Samburu National Reserve and surrounding conservancies
  • Romantic Honeymoon Excursions at Samburu National Reserve and surrounding conservancies
  • Dawn, day, and dusk safaris at Samburu National Reserve and surrounding conservancies
  • Hiking at Samburu National Reserve and surrounding conservancies
  • Bush breakfast/lunch/dinner at Samburu National Reserve and surrounding conservancies
  • Community visits to the Samburu manyattas


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