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Watamu Marine National Park, on the north coast of Mombasa, is a hidden gem of world class scuba diving sites in Africa. A safari here will reveal some hidden coral reefs close to the shore that gives you easy access to the aquatic life within. Scuba diving at Watamu Marine National Park gives you a lifetime chance to observe surrounding brain corals and drop offs that are home to an abundant sea life such as the surgeon fish, parrot fish and an occasional glimpse of the reef sharks. Scuba diving, Kenya, especially in the Watamu marine park, will also let you have a glimpse of the octopus, angelfish, tang and the barracuda. It is an ocean of vivid life and colors.

Scuba Diving at Watamu Marine Park

Scuba diving, Kenya, offers seasonal dives that can show you pods of whale sharks as they migrate from Southern Africa through Watamu in the months of June and September. “Stunning” is the perfect word to use with the best scuba diving Kenya. With limited but upcoming competition, best scuba diving, Kenya, especially in Watamu, offer classes for beginners. Even without experience, there are corals and ocean life that can be accessed easily such as life within the mangroves.

KiteSurfing, Mombasa, Kenya

An adrenaline-packed experience awaits those who wish to explore the coast of Africa further. A safari to Diani will reveal conducive and excellent kitesurfing spots. With the unique trade winds offering adequate waves, you are bound to have fun in kitesurfing, Kenya. Kitesurfing Kenya doesn’t require experience but the technique to control the winds to your advantage. Other activities such as water sports Diani include a relaxing dhow ride and kayaking. Water sports Diani offers activities that are family friendly and can easily help make new friends.

Skydiving, Mombasa, Kenya

There is the safari thrill of a free fall 12,000 feet from the sky. This is not for the faint-hearted but it requires zeal to enjoy nature from such great heights. Skydiving, Kenya, is open for those who are looking for such experiences. There is no prior experience needed when skydiving, Kenya, as you are safely secured to an instructor during the fall and as you land.

Bungee Jumping, Sagana Rapids, Kenya

An African safari caters to the desires and needs of every tourist that takes a majestic safari across Africa. If the skydive is too frightening for you, there is always the option of bungee jumping. Bungee jumping Kenya, within central Kenya offers the view of green surroundings when you are perched 60 meters above ground. While safely secured to a harness and river Sagana rushing down beneath you, close your eyes and take the leap. Ensure to savor the journey of the free fall as you scream your ears out! Bungee jumping Kenya ensures that you still have time for a nightlife in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. For those who so wish, they can have a night camp as they enjoy fishing alongside the river Sagana.

Be it scuba diving, Kenya, bungee jumping, kite surfing or kayaking, Africa remains a heritage of safaris. Wild and free nature remains; in Africa, it finds it home.