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Skydiving, Kenya, is an out of this world experience. At 12,000 feet in the sky with blasting winds in your face, you only get a few minutes to gear up and jump out into the open skies. The adrenaline in your body will pump your heart with excitement as you cruise down to 5,000 feet before your parachute is deployed. But don’t worry as you are not taking the dive alone. You will be fastened to your instructor who will keep you safe in the skies and upon landing.

The best skydiving in Kenya takes place in Watamu and Diani beaches. These two locations offer serene views and relaxing beaches for those on an African safari. Beginners and those with no prior skydiving experience are not left out in the best skydiving in Kenya. Instructors ensure that they provide prior information about what to expect during the skydive as well as ensuring your safety.

                              Skydiving with the Kenyan Flag held high

A group skydives in Diani Kenya                                                       Skydiving with the Kenyan Flag held high!

Safari adventures in Africa involve an array of activities from hiking, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving to simple sundowners on our beaches. There is a lot that Africa offers and some of these can only be found in Kenya within the East African countries.

Bungee jumping, Kenya, is found in the central highlands of Kenya. The Rapids Camp in Sagana offers a 60-meter leap of faith into the underlying river Sagana with panoramic views. Bungee jumping, Kenya, is an attraction to both local and foreign tourism.

Scuba diving, Kenya, is another East African attraction with the spanning waters of the Indian Ocean a welcoming site to many. Scuba diving, Kenya, takes place in both Watamu and Diani with special classes for beginners. Scuba diving in Africa is a safari enjoyable to both children and adults.

Water sports Diani include dhow rides, water surfing, kite surfing and snorkeling among others. The weather at the coast is usually warm enough to keep these activities running throughout the year. Most of the water sports, Diani, involve classes for beginners and provision of new and running equipment for those with experience.

Kitesurfing, Kenya, has attracted reigning kitesurfing champions as the weather at the coast is usually conducive all year around. Kitesurfing, Kenya, takes place in Watamu where the trade winds are strong enough to keep the surf going.

There are many places to visit in your safari in East Africa. Be it scuba diving, bungee jumping, kitesurfing or skydiving, the scene from both above and below are spectacular. offers to the chance to book with us as we bring your vacation to a climax. With these activities taking up the better chunk of your day, we are ever ready to offer you five-star hotels, evening walks by the beach and sundowners.

An African safari will help you get a better glimpse into nature through our thrilling and adrenaline-packed activities. As you gear up to dive from the plane or surf your kite against the waves, remember to spare some energy for a great night out with your new friends.