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Solio Lodge

Location: Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Solio Lodge is located on a private wildlife sanctuary, tucked in the valley between the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains, directly north of Nairobi. This intimate and luxurious lodge opened in August 2010 and remains the only guest accommodation on the incredible 45,000-acre Solio Game Reserve. The Solio Reserve is internationally recognized as the most successful private rhino breeding reserve in Kenya and visitors will find that sightings of up to 40 rhinoceros at a time are not uncommon. The wildlife experience here is intense and exclusive with 19,000 acres of conservancy surrounded by 45,000 acres of ranch and just one lodge, Solio Lodge, in the middle of it.


  • Solio Game Reserve is Kenya’s oldest private rhino sanctuary
  • You will see white rhinos in large herds, often out on the open plains, and many of them with impressive horns.
  • More than 300 species of birds
  • Solio Lodge is around 60 minutes’ drive from Nanyuki airport, or 5 minutes from the lodge’s own airstrip for private charters.

Amenities at Solio Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • Child friendly
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Restaurant
  • Babysitting service available
  • Beauty or wellness therapist
  • Computer facilities

Cottages at Solio Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

Luxury Cottage

Solio Lodge has 4 opulent yet individual cottages and 1 family unit. Each room has a private lounge area warmed by a corner fire, as well as large bathrooms with a double sink, bath and shower. The rooms are designed for warmth (Solio is high in altitude and can be cold at night), as well as outdoor living with each having a deck in front for relaxation during the day. Large windows allow for outstanding views of Mount Kenya and offer guests the opportunity to spot a rhino from their bed!

Family Cottage

Solio’s 5th Cottage is a family unit encompassing one twin cottage and one double cottage with a shared living area. The room has a private lounge area warmed by a corner fire, as well as large bathrooms with a double sink, bath and shower.

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What to do at Solio Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya Safaris

  • 4×4 Rhino Sanctuary Safari- Established in 1970, Solio Game Reserve has been dedicated towards the safe sanctuary for both black and white rhinos with over 74 Black and 155 White living in harmony with an abundance of other wildlife including Buffalo, Lion, Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Leopard, Eland, Oryx, Impala, Waterbuck, Thomson’s Gazelle and Warthog. In addition to this, an abundance of birdlife thrives amongst permanent water holes and the acacia lined Moyo River which traverse the entire reserve.
  • Solio ranch- Walking, horse riding, jogging and cycling through Solio Ranch (the rhino sanctuary is avoided as with such high density of rhino it is not safe to walk amongst them).
  • Fishing- Trout fishing in the Aberdare National Park and Mt Kenya (additional cost to Mt Kenya).
  • Helicopter Flight- Take a scenic helicopter flight up to Mount Kenya with a picnic breakfast.
  • Horse Riding- Explore the ranch with an early morning horse ride.