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Sundowners in the wild is the closest you will get to a feeling of being in heaven. We say this from experience and it takes us by surprise that no sundowner is like the other. A luxury safari set by will take you into the wild Africa as you snap pictures of the beauty of nature. To climax your day, we will set you up a surprise safari sundowner that will take your breath away. To ensure that your sundowners in Africa remain embedded in your mind forever, we always pick spots that are perched above surrounding trees and bushes. This ensures that the sundowners in Africa offer nothing but the exquisite view of the sunset.

Baraza la Wazee (kiSwahili: Men’s meeting) | Sundowners, the African Way!

Sundowners in the bush happen very fast with the sky changing colors as if in a play with the wind. The setting sun brings on the cool winds of Africa across the plains of the savannah. To ensure that you do not miss any of the African sundowner actions, we ensure to keep you warm as you nibble on light snacks. As the sun bids the sky goodbye, it is nothing but a harmony of sounds from the smallest insect to the big elephants in the wild.

Sundowners in the wild are a result of your liking. You may wish to be in a set up whereby you get to exchange extraordinary tales with new safari friends. For this, we offer you an inclusive setting where you all get to have a view of the sunset while still maintaining an intimate moment with your friends. There are others, however, who wish to be alone with nature. In this case, we offer you a serene setting, with a drink of your choice, a simple chair to lay on, a warm blanket to keep off the cold and leave you to the silence of the evening.

How about those on their honeymoon? Sundowners for two are common in the African safari wild. We understand your need to take in the beauty and majesty of the wild that is displayed across the sky in the sunset. For those enjoying their honeymoon with, we pop you some champagne as you look out into the wild but calming sundowners in the bush. We keep sundowners for two as intimate as possible to give you memories that you can share, far into the future. 

A couple experiencing a sundowner, Kenya

As you sit back and relax with sundowners in the bush, smile and be happy as the sky is smiling back at you. We endeavor to ensure that you have a flawless and interesting safari tour with us in the Masai Mara. As sundowners in the Masai Mara ends, the sky opens to the million stars that twinkle down on nature. In your safari with us, we offer you camp fires to keep you warm as your evening meals are prepared. Sharing thrilling safari stories with guides, cooks and new friends, sundowners in the Masai Mara remain a story so unbelievable that you must pinch yourself to believe. Welcome to a safari in Africa. Welcome to sundowners with where everything is as real as it gets!