Tanzania Safari | Best Africa Safari Destinations

Tanzania Safari | Best Africa Safari Destinations
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Tanzania Safaris: Finding the Awe

There are very few locations in Africa with the diversity of wildlife as Tanzania has. Adding to its great culture and landscapes, Tanzania holidays deliver over the top kind of safaris with superb locations. Destinations such as Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire are top destinations for tours and safaris Tanzania. Matching these destinations for great Tanzania holidays are the Zanzibar coral reefs and the white, sandy beaches along the Dar es Salaam Indian Ocean coastline.

Tanzania’s Biodiversity

There are great safari options as to where to go in Tanzania. According to the Tanzania map, the regions are very diverse: from the tropical coastline such as the Zanzibar Islands and the Dar el Salaam beaches to the far west such as Rahole National Park. The vast plains and the tall savanna grasslands of Tanzania Africa are a game spot for the wildebeest’s great migration while the rain forests are a great spot for species of monkeys, chimpanzees and beautifully colored birds. The best places on where to go in Tanzania are the hidden gems, the paths yet unexplored.
Based on the Tanzania map, the coastline of Tanzania is 1,424 kilometers which is ideal for a safari along the beaches. The northern part of Tanzania is the top spot for safaris and it has been named as the Northern Safari Circuit. This Tanzania safaris trip is inclusive of the Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara. These are great spots for majority of European tourists looking for safari thrills in Tanzania. The hotels and lodges within this safari strip offers luxurious safari vacations to all tourists.

Culture and People

Tanzania has unmatched culture and history. It is a Swahili nation with the national language being Kiswahili. The people are very welcoming and this ensures the provision of adventurous and romantic honeymoon safaris. Tanzania provides a range of excellent wildlife viewing spots and stunning natural landscapes for wild safaris. A Tanzania Africa safari also has an itinerary of romantic honeymoons activities and destinations.

Mt. Kilimanjaro: Highest Mountain in Africa

Most tourists looking for a safari in Tanzania always seek out the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Many opt to climb the mountain to stand in awe of its majestic snow-capped summit, a marvel given its proximity to the Equator. The best views of the Ngorongoro crater are best viewed in a Tanzania safari in the 3 million old crater. A safari around this crater will reveal large game (the big five) and offer ample opportunities for spotting rare bird species.
Tanzania safari guides offer quality information about the country, plants, birds and animals. Top tours and safaris Tanzania give tremendous safaris across a country that is rich in safari locations. They offer quality romantic vacations, family vacations, beach vacations and other exciting moments for families. Though the country of Tanzania is a Swahili speaking nation, the Tanzania safari guides are conversant and can speak clear English among other international languages. AfricaSunset.com is an accredited tours and safaris Tanzania agency geared towards offering eventful and unforgettable safaris within Tanzania.

Multiple Destinations

Tanzania safaris offer quality tours to places such as Pemba Island, Tarangire National park, Mafia Island, Lake Manyara National park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park among other places where the animals and birds roam wild.
To encounter nature in its natural habitat, book with AfricaSunset.com for those unbelievable Tanzania safaris. With the itinerary that is unmatched and a country so diverse yet warm and welcoming, there is no other place in Africa for a safari like in Tanzania. For great family time and team building sessions, Tanzania Africa is the place to be.

Why Go on a Safari to Tanzania, East Africa?

There are many reasons as to why go to Tanzania. Not only is the country a rich hub of culture, great safaris, wonderful people and a rich heritage, Tanzania has diverse and great landscapes and wildlife that is calling out to be explored. There are many places as where to go in Tanzania including the chimpanzee trekking in the rainforest of Gombe and Mahale. Safaris within Tanzania are usually a story to be told.

1. Where to go in Tanzania

The answer to this depends on what you want to do as well as see in your safari. Tanzania has diverse climates within its regions and this produces different kinds of safaris. The highlands are best for game drives, bird watching, and the famous chimpanzee trekking, while the coast is magnificent for beach vacations. The savanna in Tanzania, on the other hand, is a rich place to see a variety of wild animals including the big five, a major reason as to why go to Tanzania.

2. Combining Kenya and Tanzania Safaris

On the Tanzanian map, Tanzania Africa borders Kenya and the Zanzibar islands which are attractive tourist destinations. This means that there is an influx of tourists who flock Tanzania for special safaris. With shared safari destinations, such as the Masai Mara in Kenya that flows to Tanzania’s Serengeti, tourists usually follow the wildebeest migration into Tanzania for more safari fun.

3. Multilingual Safari Guides

Majority of the Tanzania safari guides of tours and safaris Tanzania are well equipped as well as informed on the animals, birds and plants that are within Tanzania. Beyond providing information, the tours and safaris in Tanzania also offer luxury accommodations both within the city settings such as Arusha and Dar Es Salaam and in the wild via tented camps suitable for honeymooners, family vacations and sundowners. The Tanzania safari guides are both welcoming and informative so you can be assured of quality information throughout your safari in Tanzania.
Tanzania holidays are usually epic with both seasoned and first-timers having a time of their lives as they are both family and children friendly. The Tanzania holidays are not only tied to great holidays of the year but every month in Tanzania offers refreshing safaris. For those seeking wild safaris and those looking for a relaxing honeymoon safari, Tanzania has the ideal locations just for you. Language should not be a barrier as safari tours and guides in Tanzania are bilingual. This is to ensure that your curiosity is answered in a language that you understand.

4. Family-Friendly Safaris

Tanzania offers holidays for every traveler which are child friendly as well as family friendly. Be it in the highlands looking at monkeys and baboons to the coastline of Tanzania vacationing in the white beaches, safaris in Tanzania should be cherished moments.
If you still wonder where to go in Tanzania, the answer is simple. There are so many places to take your Tanzania safari from the highlands, to the plains of Serengeti and finally relax on the Tanzanian beaches and these are more reasons as to why go to Tanzania. So, fold up that Tanzania map and log in to AfricaSunset.com where we have all the safari locations mapped out just for you. Enjoy the safari Tanzania cuisines professionally prepared and served to you with a smile. From the land of humble and happy people and to where the gentle and magnificent giraffe is the national animal, there is so much to learn in Tanzania.

Tanzania Map: +255 Areas of InterestTanzania Map Where to Go on Safari

When to go to Tanzania, Africa on Safari

A safari to the northern side of Tanzania, the northern circuit, is the ideal place to be to catch thrilling safari sights of the wild animals. The question of when to go to Tanzania for a safari mainly depends on what you want to see and do. Your safari experience will highly determine your timing as to when to go to Tanzania. Tanzania safaris are famous for the wildebeest migration and to ensure that you catch a glimpse of this magnificent action, you have to be at the right place and at the right time.

Best place to travel in January in Tanzania

For great safaris, the best place to travel in southern Serengeti in Tanzania is in the early months of January and February. There are numerous predator actions due to the increased calves from the wildebeest. The safari scenery is lush so you can be assured to see the elephants in great herds matching their way across southern Serengeti in Tanzania.

Best place to travel in June in Tanzania
The best place to travel in June is in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania for a magical and spectacular safari. During this month in Tanzania, there is a high volume in safaris as tourist jet in to see the great migration. There are great herds of wildebeest having merged up to take the safari cross the Mara river, in search of greener pastures.
The safari of wildebeest in Tanzania is usually large due to new claves that are born in the preceding month of February to May. Not only is the safari over the Serengeti spectacular due to the animals crossing over the river, but a fine time to see great predators in action.

The best place to travel in Tanzania for safaris is in the month of July through to October

The places for safaris are the southern and western circuit parks which include Ruaha, Mikumi and Selous national parks to the south of Tanzania and Gombe, Katavi and Mahale national parks to the west of Tanzania. These are many places for a custom-made safaris.
The months of July to October are usually dry in Tanzania which give you ample safari game to choose from as they gather round watering holes and search for food.

Best place to travel in December in Tanzania

The best place to travel in Tanzania during the month of December is the Selous and Ruaha game parks. The month of December is best for a bird watching safari in the massive land of Tanzania. The short rains that Tanzania receives during this time in Ruaha and Selous makes most safaris to watch games harder but easier to spot birds. Tanzania has a lavish array of colored birds which is exciting for birdwatchers.

A closer look at safaris in Tanzania show that there are places to be throughout the year. Tanzania has predictable weather but local input is needed to ensure that a safari within Tanzania will leave you begging for more. One is not tied to these specific safari destinations in Tanzania during these months as there are other places to venture to. A safari across Tanzania will reveal different conditions for different animals. Not forgetting that the beaches of Tanzania offer extremely good conditions and environment for beach vacations and family safaris. Tanzania is itself massive in size and this means that it is laden with variety of games and special features such as chimpanzee trekking that cannot be found anywhere else in East Africa. For the best safaris in Tanzania, book with AfricaSunset.com for thrilling and breath-taking safaris.

Where to Go on Tanzania Safari

Serengeti National Park has been defined as paradise and there is a good reason why. The term Serengeti which means “endless plains” is just what Serengeti National Park is. Located on the northern side of Tanzania, the national park is vitally important to tourism in Tanzania as it is the main location for the great wildebeest migration. It is a place where you can get to see both the big five and the little five who include the rhino beetle, the ant lion, the elephant shrew, the leopard tortoise and the buffalo weaver. To add to the excitement is the endless list of what you can engage in while touring Serengeti National Park

Meriting a day trip due to its paled game viewing in comparison to other locations in Tanzania, Lake Manyara has scenic beauty for a safari in Africa. Lake Manyara is famous for its tree-climbing lions, the soda-ash lake, flamingoes, elephants, baboons and breathtaking surroundings. Home to unique species that cannot be easily located in other places, Lake Manyara offers tourists the best views of lions that can climb trees among a variety of birds. There is executive accommodation offered within the park as well in the surrounding areas of lake Manyara.

For that test of endurance or for the lovers of mountaineering, Mt. Kilimanjaro stands tall at 5,895 meters above sea level. There is a great deal to see as you trek up the mountain vegetation changing the higher you go. There are three different peaks on the mountain which are Uhuru, Mawenzi and Shira. As the only free standing mountain on the continent, there is no special training required, just resilience.

Ngorongoro crater is a sight to behold. Home to the big five, it can get quite crowded but still offer guests a glimpse to a wide variety of animals and birds. This volcanic Ngorongoro crater has some rich grazing grounds which is an attraction to animals in the wilderness. It also offers year-round water sources therefore ensuring a glimpse of wild animals any time of the year. There are places to stay nearby as well as thrilling activities to engage in.

Tarangire National Park located in the northern side of Tanzania, it is considered as a gem in the northern safari circuit. It is small but packs a punch in terms of animal concentration in comparison to other national parks. Not only is it home to animals but also at a wide variety of birds. There are activities to enjoy as well as places to visit within the Tarangire National Park.

Where to go in Tanzania to see the Big Five and other Unique Wildlife

Where to go see Lions in Tanzania

Tanzania has in the past been described as the ideal big cat country alongside Kenya. Great safari spotting of the big cats can be done in the months of July to October as the great migration takes place between Serengeti and Masai Mara. The months of January through to March are also great times to see the lions in Tanzania as this is deemed as the calving months. With so much prey on the ground, it provides easy meals for the lions.

  • Ngorongoro crater provides an alternative destination as to where to go see lions in Tanzania. The crater has the highest numbers of lions within Tanzania. A safari here will show you larger than average lions seeking for prey.
  • Lake Manyara offers a safari tour in Tanzania in places where you get to see lions that climb trees.
  • A safari to Azura Selous, which is in the south of Tanzania, is arguably a place whereby you can take a safari and track lions on foot.
  • The lions of Ruaha in Tanzania give a spectacular view as they constitute ten percent of the total lions in Africa.

Where to go see Giraffes in Tanzania

  • Tarangire has the most numbers of giraffes in Tanzania and it comes in second to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Serengeti plains of Tanzania are a natural habitat for the giraffes due to the available vegetative cover.
  • Giraffes are also part of the great kept secret of the Ruaha National Park and they are found in plenty due to readily available food.

Where to go see the Big Five

  • The Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater both in Tanzania are the famous places where one can spot the big five animals. These two places offer serene safari game sighting as there are enough prey for the big five predators and enough green vegetation for the herbivores.

Where to go see Rhinos: Sanctuaries

  • The Serengeti plains of Tanzania offer lucrative feeding grounds for the rhino. Rhinos are now an endangered species with the black rhino finding its home in Tanzania. Only 35 rhinos are alive today in Tanzania.

Where to go see Leopards

In a safari through the Serengeti National Park, you could be lucky to spot a leopard or two either resting or hunting. They are hard to spot, so you need a good safari tour guide to guide you through on places where they could be hiding or resting.

Where to go see Elephants

  • Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania contains half of the total elephant population. A safari here will bring you close to some of the largest elephant populations in Tanzania. At the bottom of Mt. Kilimanjaro are rain forests which are homes to elephants including other animals such as leopards, buffaloes, monkeys and the eland.
  • An exciting safari through Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, though rarely visited, will give you ample views of elephants as they graze in the luscious environment.


    As to where to go in Tanzania, there are many places to choose from for a safari in the wild. Mainly, where prey is ample, the predators will be lurking by. You can therefore be confident to get spectacular views of both prey and predator in your safari to Tanzania. Ensure you carry along your binoculars and have your Tanzania safari guide at hand to give you all the information that you require.

Finding the Best Accommodation in Tanzania

Tanzania boasts of jaw dropping safari destinations in Africa. To go hand in hand with these amazing safari destinations are the best Tanzania safari lodges situated all over Tanzania. Safari lodges in Tanzania are composed of camps, private villas, beach resorts and luxury lodges. These safari lodges not only offer a place to rest your head, but intimate and private moments with your loved ones. Some of the best Tanzania safari lodges offer sun decks, swimming pools and breakfast in manicured gardens for the best feel of Tanzania.
Luxury accommodation is usually part and parcel of a Tanzania safari and it requires early booking especially in peak months.
If you are wondering where to go see giraffes in Tanzania, the Serengeti plains are a good place to spot this tall and fascinating creature. The giraffe is the national animal in Tanzania and they can be spotted in a safari to the Serengeti in groups of more than 40 giraffes. Family safaris over the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater will give you endless happy family safaris moments together.

Honeymoons and Weddings

Newlyweds are not to be left out on safaris in Tanzania. The expansive beach of Tanzania is home to hundreds of lodges offering honeymoon suites and beach vacations. For those who opt for honeymoon suites in the wilderness of Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara or any other place in Tanzania also have an opportunity to lay under the sun during their beach vacations.
If you are still wondering on where to go in Africa to see giraffes and still have luxury accommodation, a Tanzanian safari might be just what you need. A safari into Tanzania will give you a glimpse of the largest city which also has ample places for great safaris. As such there is the National Museum of Dar Es Salaam, the Askari monument, Azania Lutheran church, Pugu Hills Nature reserve and other interesting places to visit in Tanzania.
The best Tanzania safari lodges are not located within one place, rather they are distributed across Tanzania. This is to ensure that every tourist has an experience of a luxury accommodation during their safari in Tanzania. Among the best include:

  • The Highlands of Ngorongoro
  • Olakira Migration camp
  • Serengeti Undercanvas
  • Ngorongoro Crater lodge
  • Escarpment Luxury lodge
  • Singita Sasakwa lodge and many others
    The beaches of Tanzania offer quality safaris as well as activities one can undertake. Not only do you have the option of swimming in the warm blue waters but snorkeling is always a fun activity.
    AfricaSunset.com is an accredited top tours and safari agency within Tanzania. This means that we offer you safaris within the amazing country of Tanzania; while ensuring that you have a safari of your lifetime. With us, it is easy to make bookings to the best and luxurious safari luxury accommodations that there is. The best Tanzania safari lodges are waiting to accommodate you and your loved ones; giving you the needed time to enjoy Tanzania together. We make straightforward arrangements to your Tanzania beach resorts and safari villas at the click of a button. As you await your safari to Tanzania with us, ensure to look through the great destinations that Tanzania has to offer and book a thrilling safari with us.

About Tanzania

People and culture

Tanzania is home to different communities but through strong leadership, it has been able to converge its diversity and bring forth a harmonious national culture. There is a strong social culture that oozes respect and harmony.

History and Economy

Tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner in Tanzania seconded by agriculture which employs 75% of the total population. Tanzania is rich in minerals such as gold and exports tea, coffee, cotton and tea. People of Tanzania speak both English and Kiswahili.

Landscape and Wildlife

Tanzania is home to the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro and constitutes about 20% of all large mammals in Africa. Most of the country is covered by grassland but with rain forests that are located in mountain ranges. The highlight of the wildlife in Tanzania is the great wildebeest migration that happens between Kenya and Tanzania in the Masai Mara and Serengeti respectively.

Tanzania Holidays

Safaris in Tanzania are a host of activities with great places to see. Tanzania safari tours are magnificent especially when visiting the Masai Mara- Serengeti ecosystem and other nationally known safari destinations. However, there is the need to establish places where family safaris are most prominent. This ensures that every member of the family has a great safari while touring Tanzania. Those with young kids are best suited for luxurious safari vacations by the beach. It is a time to relax and watch the kids play in the water and on the fine white sand. Family safaris for those with older children can take longer safaris into the wild or even climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Coastal Beaches and Water Sports

Tanzania has a long beautiful coastline with beaches offering diving and snorkeling activities. Beach vacations in Tanzania are a safari to die for as the warm blue waters of the Indian ocean offer more safaris such as kite surfing, kayaking and boat sailing. You can have your safari beach vacations in Tanzania in places beaches such as Bwejuu, Pangani, Bagamoyo, Kizimkazi, Tanga, Pemba Island, Kendwa, Pongwe, Kiwengwa among other fine places to spend your beach safari in Tanzania. These places also set up the best romantic honeymoon within Tanzania. As you rest on the beach, you can choose to participate in water sports and related activities such as scuba diving, water rafting, dhow cruise and many other fun activities!
Tanzania holidays can either be done solo, as a family or with friends. After the excitement of long safari drives, there are great places where to stay and to rest your head so as to re-energize. Tanzania nightlife is a fun place to be as Tanzania is able to give tourists a view of its life at night. Due to the cool temperatures during the evenings and at night, there is usually an array of activities taking place in many towns of Tanzania.
Team building holidays in Tanzania require people to take on activities that bring them together or utilizes their team efforts. To ensure that you have the best team building holidays in Tanzania, we recommend safaris into the wild, chimpanzee trekking and even hot air balloons over the Serengeti giving you the best view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. These are fun activities that will create a better team at the end of the day.
AfricanSunset.com offers you great opportunities to tour and see the safari side of Tanzania. With exemplary places where to stay, AfricaSunset will help you book the best of what Tanzania has to offer. Places where to stay include tree houses in the trees of mahogany, villas, camps, lodges and five star hotels. Based on the information you give us about your safari to Tanzania, we will help you customize your safari to ensure you get the best memories. From snorkeling, kite surfing, kayaking and hot air balloons, we will cater to your safari desires while you tour with us.

  • Masai Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem

The unrivaled safari across Kenya and Tanzania is usually over the Masai Mara- Serengeti ecosystem. The Masai Mara is home to the wildebeest once they cross over from Tanzania for greener pastures. It is during the dry season in Kenya that the wildebeest then make their safari back to Serengeti national park. This has been an annual safari that makes safaris in Tanzania very attractive.

Tanzania travel advice sets up tourists to find the most memorable safaris and memories while touring Tanzania. To ensure this, Tanzania travel advice informs tourists about the climate, currency, etiquette, flights and getting around, money and spending in Tanzania ensuring that you pack accordingly for maximum safaris in Tanzania.

Once you adhere to the Tanzania travel advice given, you are ready for memorable safaris in Tanzania. The great migration is a tourist attraction that has been both local and foreign tourist make this epic safari. There are predators waiting on either side of Kenya and Tanzania for easy prey.

  • Luxurious Safari Vacations

Luxurious safari vacations in Tanzania are offered throughout the year as there are many destinations in Tanzania. There are those who wish to have luxurious safari vacations in Lake Manyara Tree lodge that has preserved the ethnicity of the mahogany trees over the years. The tree houses are in the boughs of these trees ensuring luxurious cohabitation of nature and man.

Other luxurious lodges such as the Four Seasons Safari Lodge offers a live stream of web cams that are positioned over local watering holes to give quality safaris in Tanzania even at night. Such are great for some romantic honeymoon safari where you get to view game both day and night. If not interested for romantic honeymoon in the wild, Tanzania offers great stretches of beaches along its coast. The beaches have five star resorts that cater from family safaris to honeymoons and you can never lack a wonderful sundowner set up just for you along the beach.

  • Chimpanzees Sanctuaries

The best views of chimpanzees are offered in wild safaris of Tanzania in Gombe Stream national park. Not only is it home to the chimpanzees but a safari here will give you sightings of the red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and olive baboons. The best views of Tanzania and probably the most famous are best internalized through safaris across Tanzania.
The great migration is a leading tourist attraction in Tanzania, but if the timing is wrong, have no worries. This is because Tanzania is a host to various safari itinerary as compared to other countries. Every month is a good month for a safari in Tanzania. From the highlands, through the plains of Serengeti, the crater of Ngorongoro and to the sunny warm beaches of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania truly has great things to offer.

  • Partying and City Nightlife

There are many places especially within cities whereby you can have nightlife as you party with the locals. The food is exceptionally good and is always made with tradition in mind. Be sure to savor every moment of your time in Tanzania, eating out with the locals, making friends and enjoying everything nature has to offer.
Safaris in Tanzania make a remarkable journey into Africa. However, to achieve such a grand safari in Tanzania, you will need the best tours and safaris in Tanzania. AfricaSunset.com is among the leading safari agencies in Tanzania and looks forward to give you a safari of a life time.