Chambers’s Safari at Diani and Watamu
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I had a memorable time in Diani and Watamu Kenya kitesurfing and scuba diving. I have always watched National Geographic highlight these areas for the best aquatic life and I wanted to have that experience too. helped me set up a short vacation of four days and it was energy packed for the duration I was there.  The waters at Diani have good waves for a kitesurf throughout the day. I had picked a hotel to stay just next to the beach so for me, I was in the waters most of the time. My last two days were spent scuba diving with Leon, a very educated guy about life in the waters. There were areas we went to see whales and even swim with the dolphins. They even provided me with a waterproof camera that could take pictures underwater. I really enjoyed my short vacation with you and I feel Africa is part of me now.