Wilhelmine’s Safari in Samburu
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You do not know fear until your own life flashes before your eyes. This was my case when during an evening drive with Joseph and Erick our guides, I was in a group tour as I needed to make new friends, came across a hunt in progress. The lioness was posing to get a better view on an antelope some bushes away. As the vehicle, we were in came to a slow stop, we all hushed, holding our breath in the hope we could capture the details of the hunt. Suddenly there was a chase and 3 more lions came to view. We were caught in the middle of the action and there is no fear like knowing you could be the next meal. Erick slowly drove away but ensured we continued to have a view of the action. Sadly, the antelope was caught and the lions devoured it right there and then. Woooh!!! My heart was really beating but he assured us that we had the best guides with us was a relief. Thank you, Erick and Joseph.