Travel Tips: Where to visit in Kenya by Month
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Where to visit in Kenya by Month

Although Kenya is a safari and tourism hub, there is always the question as to when to go in Kenya to see wild animals. It should be noted that a safari in Kenya through the year will yield some sightings of the wild animals but not as much. When to go in Kenya is based on the seasonal chart of whether it is a rainy season or a dry one; with the dry season being preferable.

  • The best places to travel in January in Kenya

A safari in Kenya starts off early in the year. The best places to travel in January in Kenya include the Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park and Lake Nakuru. This is because it is a warm Kenyan period with high congregations of animals. Safaris in the coast of Kenya and activities such as scuba diving, sky diving and dhow cruises will also be promising as there is better clarity as the waters have no surface run-off. The best places to travel for safaris in January will give you a better safari as you hope to see the great migration in progress.

  • The best places to travel in June/July in Kenya

The best places to travel in June/July brings out preys and predators to similar drinking water spots. June is a relatively dry month in Kenya and different animals will congregate in similar watering holes to quench their thirst. The month of July in Kenya brings in the rains and this is an awaited time to see a safari of the great wildebeest migration. A safari in Kenya coinciding with this migration brings a lot of satisfaction for many of the tourists.

  • The best places to travel in December in Kenya

The best places to travel in December and through to early March, termed as the calving season, is in the plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara. A Kenyan safari through these places will reveal close to 8,000 new calves and this becomes an attraction to many predators such as lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards. A safari in the plains of Kenya will give you an action-packed view that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • The best places to travel in Kenya in October-April

The best places to travel in Kenya during the bird watching season are in the months of October through to April. A bird watching safari in Kenya gives tourists a chance to see more than a thousand species of birds at any given time. This is a known safari route for the birds in their migration. The places to best take this Kenyan safari include the Lake Baringo, Aberdare national park Kenya, Amboseli national park, lake Bogoria and lake Nakuru. These are safari hubs with serene environment and magnificent birds.

When to go in Kenya is based on your safari plans. There are ample opportunities on what to do in your safari to Kenya. Be it birdwatching, skydiving, hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping or kitesurfing, there is always a safari in Kenya. The month of April remains to be a slow safari month as the rains take over and the luscious green cover spreads throughout. It reduces the number of animals visible and the rains make the safari roads impassable. There are always places to take a safari in Kenya that are not limited to the weather conditions in Kenya.

A safari through the animal sanctuaries in Kenya such as the Nairobi national park is not limited to the weather. Since these Kenyan safari animals are protected within enclosed places, it is easy to take a safari and see them.  Throughout the year in Kenya, you are promised some unique safari experiences. As Kenya remains one of the leading safari spots in the world, continuous endeavors are in place to ensure the continuity of these wild animals.

The rich Masai Mara Kenya, a common and famous safari route for many Kenyan tourists remains a leader in sighting most of the wild animals. As the weather changes, so does your safari in Kenya but always with the assurity that an animal or bird is lurking by.