Tsavo East National Park Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris

Tsavo East National Park Kenya Safari | Dream African Safaris
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Tsavo East National Park, Kenyan Safari

A bit of history to the exotic name of “Tsavo”- it is a name derived by the Maasai people meaning river but the Kamba people of Kenya refer to is as Tsavo meaning slaughter and there is good reason to this. As the Uganda-Uganda railway crosses in the game park, the early Arabs and slaves on safari in between Kenya and Uganda feel prey to the lions of Tsavo and thus the “slaughter” meaning. Welcome home to the man-eating lions of the Tsavo.


  • Tsavo East National Park is by far the largest park in Kenya with more than 13,700km2. Actually, you could fit the whole of Masai Mara National Park within Tsavo East National Park, just at the southern tip of the park alone.
  • Also, recognized as the African theatre, it is home to the dust-red elephants rolling and spraying each other with the dust and waters of the Galana river. The mighty Yatta plateau is by far the longest lava flow in the world and it is a feature that attracts tourist to the national park.
  • Based on the Tsavo Kenya map, the plateau runs for 300 kilometers making it a sight for great adventures. The Tsavo Kenya map will also reveal a neighboring Tsavo West National Park, and the east is home to most of the big five larger mammals such as the African lions, rhino, buffalo, leopards, red elephant, hippos and crocodiles among others.
  • Tsavo safari will also amaze bird watchers at it has a prolific bird life of over 500 recorded species. Tsavo safari will have you camping, trekking, bird watching and game viewing. But you need to get there first, before you can enjoy the top Africa luxury vacations of your life.
  • Getting there can be either by road or by air. If you opt to have top Africa luxury vacations by road, then you can approach the park either from Nairobi via the Mtito Andei gate that is 233 kilometers south of Nairobi. You can also use the Mombasa- Nairobi road which is 250 kilometers. Those on Mombasa safari can use the Sala gate that is on the western road from Malindi using the C103 road. Those on Nairobi safari or Mombasa safari can use the airstrip in either Aruba, Voi, Sala, Ithumba, Mopeo, Bachuma or Cottars.
  • Tsavo East is characterized by the scattered bush and open flat plains but with all the travelling and safari thrills, you need a good place to rest your head. There is great Kenya accommodation in the park with the option of camping. Talking of Kenya accommodation camping, you can book your spot early in advance as tourists highly enjoy this serene adventure. Tsavo accommodation ranges from camps, guest houses, cottages and traditional huts. The amenities of the Tsavo accommodation is modern but with a rustic setting to give you the best African vacation.
  • While on your Tsavo safari, watch out for the famous land marks that include the Mudanda Rocks, Yatta Plateau and the Lugard Falls. For those interested in exploration, the north side of the park is the best place for Tsavo safari with the open flat fields. The southern part of the park is where most of the animals are concentrated making it ideal for the best African vacations and Tsavo safaris.
    Tsavo East Kenyan safari will take you out of you comfort zone and encourage you to mingle with the wild.

Karibu Tsavo!

Why go on a Tsavo East Safari, Kenya

Kenya is reason enough to take a vacation and with the tremendous vast wilderness of the Tsavo East National Park, there are great reasons why this should be part of your life bucket list. Tsavo East national park is strategically positioned to allow you the luxury of having the best Africa vacations. If you are from a Mombasa safari or enjoying the Tsavo safaris, you can rest assured that there are great Kenya accommodations around the park.

1. Wildlife and Game Drives

Home to the lions, elephants, leopards, zebras, rhino and hippos just to name a few, it is also home for great itineraries. On the Tsavo Kenya map, you can locate the 300 kilometer volcanic Yatta Plateau that is the longest in the world. Tsavo East National Park, being in a volcanic setting, has great and different habitats for the animals.

2. Ample Accommodation

There are more reasons why you should embark on the Tsavo East safari Kenya and the ample luxurious accommodation is among them. With the vast wilderness of 13,700 km2, there is a safari of a life time waiting to be explored by you.

3. Rock Climbing at Tsavo East

If you are looking for a rock climbing thrill, then Tsavo safaris to the Kichwa Tembo and the Ivory Tower will help quench your safari thirst. The latter is said to the be the hardest rock climbing experience you can ever have in Kenya and AfricaSunset.com welcomes you to take on the challenge.

4. Romantic Getaways

If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon get away, we do recommend a Tsavo East safari Kenya journey. The red dust of the park will be a welcoming scenery for you and your loved one making this the best Africa vacation for the beginning of your life together. And how about the luxurious Kenya accommodation for just you and your significant other? There are camps in Tsavo East are to die for. Located in the lush green scenery of the park you have all the time to enjoy the rustic setting and great sundowners together.

4. Great Family Vacations

Talking of Kenya accommodation, Tsavo East gives you the best African safari for your family too. There are great places to settle in that can rival your Mombasa safari accommodation. Hotels in Tsavo East offer both deluxe and premium services whether you are in tier 1(high end hotels) or tier 2 hotels (mid-range hotels). It is good to know that the hotels in Tsavo East offer itineraries of their own such as bush walks, but the reservations to these hotels should be made in advance. Lodges in Tsavo are family friendly too. Imagine taking a swim in the middle of the wilderness with the graceful giraffes grazing by? You can have this exotic experience in some of the lodges in Tsavo.

5. Specified Itineraries

If you still need more reasons as to why have the Tsavo East safari Kenya, then let AfricaSunset.com help you plan your itinerary for you. Ever seen a mane-less lion? How about a red- elephant? These are just but the reasons why we should help you plan your Tsavo safaris. And did you know that the mane-less lions are cousins to the man-easting lions of the Tsavo?
With a dedicated and professional tour guide (which we will allocate to you), you have a lot of learning to do of the rich history of Tsavo East national park.

What to do on a Tsavo East African Safari

You have just jet in from your coastal Mombasa safari and are gearing to go and explore more of Tsavo East National Park. No hurry, with the vast fields totaling to 13, 700 km2 of wilderness, there is so much that you do.

  • Nature walks and Photography– the vastness of the plains of Tsavo East call out for perfect picture moments.
  • Bird Watching– In the months of October and January, you will feel at home watching the migratory birds that include African skimmers, yellow and red bishops, goshawks, buffalo weavers and palm nut vultures but that is just a tip of the birds in Tsavo East National Park. There are over 500 recorded bird species to give you the best Tsavo safari.
  • Sundowners– There are great sundowner spots in the bush that will give you an amazing array of color play in the sky. There are usually fires lit served with delicious biting and champagne. So, sit back and relax and make this the top Africa luxury vacations of your life.
  • Romantic Honeymoons– you can enjoy romantic honeymoons in the best Tsavo accommodation. We recommend you take bush walks with the best Tsavo accommodation and a trip to the Daphne Sheldrick where you can get to see baby elephants being rehabilitated.
  • Dawn, day, and dusk safaris– best African safari in Tsavo East National Park bring you close to the wildlife. You always have the option of hiring a Tsavo safari guide who is familiar with the area and the animals. The other option is to have Tsavo Kenya map and take a self-drive over the park. However, you should adhere to the rules of the park and that no night drives are allowed within the park. Have a professional Tsavo safari guide map out a route for you on the Tsavo Kenya map. This will help you have better sightings of animals in their natural habitat.
  • Rock Climbing– From a coastal Mombasa safari to the hilly rocks of Tsavo East. It gets better as you can have a camp by the Tsavo river. The most impressive rock to climb is the Kichwa Tembo and the Ivory Tower on elephant’s rocks. The latter is the hardest bush climb in Kenya and tourists looking for safari thrills are encouraged to dare the climb for the best Africa safari.
  • Sightseeing– Tsavo is one large park divided into two unique and exquisite parks. As you head off to sightsee, there are generally so much to see on the eastern side of the Tsavo park. From the Lugard Falls of the Galana river, Mzima Springs and Yatta Plateau, there are so many more unique sights to see that will make this the top Africa luxury vacation in Kenya.

Tsavo East National Park is a theatre of animals, with the roaring lions and majestic elephants taking center stage, you will be amazed at what nature can offer here. The vastness of the Tsavo East National Park is a heaven for animals with distinct habitats. You can combine your vacation safari here with any other over East Africa. With africaSunset.com it is as easy as a click of the button. Plan your itinerary with us, pick out places to stay and what to do and we can assure you of the best Tsavo East African safaris in Kenya.

Where to stay at Tsavo East National Park, Kenya Safari

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Travel Tips: Tsavo East National Park, Kenya Safari

For the best African safari, you require a luxurious Kenya accommodation to rest your head. AfricaSunset.com, as the leading tours and travels agency in Kenya, we know the right places for your exotic Kenya accommodation in Tsavo East national park. We have made it our business to research on the best places you can book into and have that great safari you have been waiting for. Some of these places can rival any beach accommodation you have ever had and if you are just from a Mombasa safari, then worry not. The sun here is just as warm with great sightings of game and birds, this could just the second Mombasa safari you have been looking for.

  • Tier 1 Tsavo accommodation offers exclusive and luxurious Tsavo safari experiences while delivering unique adventure in the Tsavo East National Park. As expected, you will need to cough up a large chunk of money to get to the premium Tsavo safari accommodation in this tier. A good place to be is in the Galdessa Camp located along the banks of Galana river. Its unique natural elements of stones, branches and reclaimed trees bring in the ambience feel of nature into the rooms.
  • Tier 2 offers mid-range Tsavo accommodation giving balance between cost and quality. Lodges in Tsavo such as the Satao Camp is one of the leading affordable Tsavo East National Park lodges. Set in a semi-circle around a watering hole, it offers the best African safari views to animals making way to the watering hole. Many of Tsavo East National Park lodges with such great settings as the Satao Camp offers tourists unlimited views to the lions that at times make camp at the watering holes. In your safaris in Tsavo during the dry months, you will learn that this is a great way to capture prey without so much hustle.
  • For your stay at the Tsavo East National Park, you have the choice of brick and mortar accommodation in the Tsavo East hotels. Hotels in the Tsavo East such as Ashnil Aruba Lodge is a home away from home due to its great settings. Set just next to the Aruba Dam, on the Voi river, you get to view more animals along the dam. With the tier 2 which includes the hotels in Tsavo East, you can expect double the number of tourists as compared to tier 1. This is because Tsavo East hotels have double the capacity of premium hotels.
  • For the budget-conscious tourists, you have the option of the tier 3 lodges in Tsavo. What is on offer here is basic, non-frill lodging and the vital necessities. Within this tier, we do recommend a stay at the Ngutuni Lodge that is budget friendly. With 10,00 acres of private game sanctuary and a watering hole, you can still get the best African safari at your door step.
    As you head out to your bush activities rest assured that you have a place to relax your tired body. AfricaSunset.com, with its system of tiers, only gives you recommendations of where you can get the best and luxurious stay in Tsavo East.
    However, there are other great places to stay that are also budget friendly. By logging into AfricaSunset.com we offer you unlimited places with instant quotations to help you plan your stay with us at Tsavo East national park.

When to visit Tsavo East National Park on a Kenya Safari

Planning for the best African safari or the best Africa luxury vacation requires studying the weather patterns. With the recent global warming, it can be hard to predict when to expect the sun or rain but with AfricaSunset.com, planning for your Tsavo safaris just became easy. As the leading Africa tours and travels in Kenya, we have made it our business to ensure that you have the best Africa luxury vacations in both the dry and wet months of the year.

  • Heads-up: Droughts are more common in the Tsavo East National Park than the neighboring Tsavo West National Park. This results to wildlife concentrating more on the permanent water sources such as river Galana.
  • When planning to go visit Tsavo East Kenya, it is best to consider how the absence or presence of rain affects your Tsavo safaris. Not only does the weather affect vegetation but also wildlife behaviors, room rates and other logistics. It is therefore recommended that for the best Africa vacations, the months of July to October are the most ideal. During these months, the vegetation is sparse making it ideal to spot animals. The watering holes are another main attraction in your Africa tours and travels as this is where most of the animals congregate at.
  • The conditions in the dry months of the year are ideal for more tourists to visit the Tsavo East National Park. Coinciding with the great migration of the Masai Mara, you can expect the Tsavo East national park lodges and Tsavo accommodation in general to hike their accommodation rates.
  • However, if you are looking for some solo time with nature without the mass number of people in the Tsavo accommodation, then the short rainy seasons of November and December are ideal for you. During this time, most of the Tsavo East National Park lodges lower their rates allowing you the option of even extending your stay. However, it is good to know that the rates such as park entry fees, logistics and activity fees remain constant throughout the year.
  • As the park is located close to the coast of Kenya, a safari from Mombasa is ideal and you can make a combined safari between the two.
  • The temperature even in the rainy months remain relatively warm as compared to the short and hot dry season in January and February. The long rains set in the month of March through to June. During this time, the roads are the most affected and it can be hard to navigate through the park. The great advantage of the long rainy season in the park is the re-growth of both fauna and flora. It is also an ideal time to watch birds for the bird watchers with a past record of over 400 species of birds in Tsavo East National Park. As this is usually the beginning of new life in the park, you could be lucky to spot the first precious moments of newborns in the park.
  • The warm, dry months of the year remain the best time when to visit Tsavo East Kenya. The conditions remain conducive for game viewing, bush walks and rock climbing. The rainy season of the year in Tsavo is also great for those wonderful pictures of the lush green scenery and new life in Tsavo East.

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