Watamu and Gede Ruins Safari | Best African Safaris

Watamu and Gede Ruins Safari | Best African Safaris
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Watamu and Gede Ruins, Kenya Safari

Watamu is a tranquil, serene, beautiful and peaceful town at the Kenyan coast that brings you the best African safari in Kenya. Nestled between pristine beaches and a tropical forest, Watamu offers the best family vacations as it a haven of peace, relaxation and a well laid back way of life.


  • Watamu is situated on a small peninsula within the curve of Mida Creek and surrounded by broad lagoons and small coves bay.
  • For the best African safari, scuba diving in Watamu is ideal due to its geographical settings of the lagoons.
  • The region of Watamu was first settled as an outpost for trading dhows in a place called Gede. The Gede ruins are still visited to date and acts as a national museum site.
  • Watamu is easily accessible as it is 105 kilometers from Mombasa and 15 kilometers south of Malindi.
    With the great settings and tropical ambience, Gede ruins and Watamu Kenya safari are a great way to enjoy the best family vacations.
  • Watamu Kenya has great, long, unpolluted, white, sandy beaches that offer best beach vacations.
  • Watamu Kenya also offers an array of sightings both off-water and underwater. Your experience of Gede ruins and Watamu Kenya safari is not complete without a tour to the Watamu National Marine Park.
    There are other great activities to enjoy such as fishing, scuba diving in Watamu, kite surfing, volunteer conservation and so much more. Your Africa tours and travel of Watamu Kenya under water is what blows you away.
  • As Watamu National Marine Park is among the world’s national marine parks to be established in 1968, it is home to marvels of the underworld. From coral reefs, expanses of sea grass, waters of Mida creek and caves, Watamu offers views that can only be termed as marvelous.
  • Watamu beach Kenya is also known for spending best beach vacations for those on great Africa tours and travel in Watamu. Known for its corals and sea life, Watamu beach Kenya offers those on best family vacations a chance to mingle with the sea life through snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • The best African vacations are not complete without a taste of luxurious accommodation in Watamu. Though underdeveloped, Watamu offers classic best Africa vacations and affordable accommodation.
    The Gede ruins are a classic place to have family moments as you travel back in time to the 13th century. The ruins that lay deep in the tropical forest are an amazing rendition of present day cities with running water, streets and flushing toilets.
  • Gede ruins and Watamu Kenya safari is an ideal way to enjoy the tropical coast of Kenya. With great activities occupy you, it is also a place to enjoy a romantic getaway. From the open waters of the Indian Ocean where you can scuba dive, kite surf and enjoy a swim with the dolphins to the lush forest hideaway of the Gede ruins, Watamu remain to be a global tourist destination for maximum relaxation.
    AfricaSunset.com is the leading tours and travel agency in Kenya and we hope that you get to share the ideal vacation setting with us. We could help you plan your itinerary to a place remote, and underdeveloped but a piece of heaven just for you. As the adventures await you, we hope to see you there.

Why Go on a Safari to Watamu, Kenya

Finding yourself at the coast of Kenya will leave you with great options of what to do and see.

1. Sunbathing on the Snady Beaches

With the best climate, you will spend quality romantic honeymoon laying down by the beach and soaking in the warm sun. The best African safari along the beaches of Kenya will bring you to the shores of Watamu beach Kenya. Watamu beach Kenya is located within the pristine and peaceful shores of Watamu Kenya. The view of the expansive Indian Ocean is not the only reason why you should have a Gede ruins and Watamu safari Kenya. There are thousands of reasons and as AfricaSunset.com, we give you just a snippet of what to expect.

2. Deep Sea Fishing

Watamu beach Kenya is not just a place to relax and feel the wind in your hair, there are serious competitions that go on within this peaceful waters of Watamu. Watamu Kenya is recognized as a big fish destination for serious anglers and hobbyists with great tournaments such as ILTTA World championships taking place here. Serious stuff aside, you can enjoy the best honeymoon vacations in a deep-sea angling excursions as you capture sought after large fish.

3. Scuba diving at Watamu

Watamu National Marine Park is a protected area with constantly active aquatic species within the coral reefs. With the high tide, there are 20 primary diving Kenya sites that can be accessed by beginners and professional divers. Scuba diving in Watamu within the lagoons where you get to swim with turtles and reef sharks will make the best honeymoon vacations you have ever had.

4. Snorkeling

The best African safari has to be watching the sea life in its natural habitat. During the low tides, you have a chance to choose from more than ten sports where you can go snorkeling.

5. Gede Ruins

These archaeological ruins are evidence of a past but advanced life for humans in Kenya. A walk through the Gede ruins will take you back to the 13th century and is best experienced in the company of friends and family.

6. Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The reserve is just a distance from Watamu and is home to several endemic and endangered fauna and three globally endangered animals.

7. Watamu National Marine Park

The park is a haven of fish species and coral reefs that makes scuba diving in Watamu a thrilling experience.
Mida Creek-Diving Kenya is not the only attractions that will amaze you as Mida Creek is up to rival any best African safari you have ever had. The Mida Creek is a mangrove forest and most successful in the world but also houses the UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

8. Bio-Ken Snake farm

This is a farm for those who can stand the sight of snakes as there are more than 127 different species of snakes.

9. Luxurious Accomodation especially at Mida Creek

There are more reasons why you should have the Gede Ruins and Watamu safari Kenya. The hotels in Watamu beach are to die for with great services and delicious local and international cuisines by great chefs. Hotels in Watamu beach are set close to the ocean to give you the exceptional feeling of being one with nature. Enjoy your tie marveling at natures best with the promise of more safaris in the great Watamu beach Kenya.

What to do at Watamu, Kenya Safari

While in Watamu Kenya, you can have the best family holiday ever with a list of activities to do. Watamu Kenya ecosystem is well defined to give you great African tours and travel both on land and in the ocean. While you laze away with your loved ones on a great romantic honeymoon, you can add some thrill to it to make it the best honeymoon vacation you will ever have. Weddings comes once in a lifetime and we hope that a romantic honeymoon in Watamu beach Kenya will help seal your lives together for eternity. Families not need to feel left out with great arrays of activities that will encompass both the young and older kids having the best family holiday in Kenya does not require different safaris, rather a single tour of Gede ruins will help create memorable moments for your family.
AfricaSunset.com recommends any of the activities below to ensure that you have the best Africa vacations in Watamu beach Kenya.

  • Gede ruins half day tour– A journey through the remains of Gede Ruins will take you back in time to the 13th century. There is great history that is within these ruins and Africa tours and travel guides will help you understand the significance of Gede Ruins to the world today. It brings the best Africa vacations especially for those that love safaris and learning more of history.
  • Scuba diving at Watamu Marine National Park – There are great scuba diving spots in Watamu in the high tide that gives you great sightings of crocodile fish, snappers, surgeon fish and turtles among many other marine lives. Scuba diving in Watamu is a thrilling experience and you can have your journey scuba diving in Watamu recorded for a replay every time you want.
  • Bio Ken Snake Farm half day tour- Nature lovers, here is the place to be. With a massive farm that houses different species of snakes, there is a lot you can learn from a half day tour at the farm.
  • Mida Creek- a tour to the expansive 32 kilometer squared tidal inlet, brings you to different habitats influenced by the tide. It is a feeding ground for many fish species and home to 11 seagrass species, 33 seaweed species and 9 species of the mangrove there is a lot to learn here that will make it the best honeymoon vacation or a family holiday.
  • Tribe Watersports– This is one of the leading kitesurfing training institute offering equipment rental and tuition classes for beginners. If you are looking to learn a new sport during your vacation, AfricaSunset.com recommends taking up classes here for paddle boarding, windsurfing, kayaking and body boarding.
  • Deep sea fishing– Watamu is recognized as an international big fish destination for serious anglers and hobbyists with great tournaments such as ILTTA World championships taking place here. You can enjoy the best honeymoon vacations in a deep-sea angling excursions as you capture sought after large fish.
  • Snorkeling– During the low tides, you can have a magnificent snorkeling safari as you swim close to the aquatic life and marvel at the wonders of the underwater life.
    Watamu national marine park- the park is a haven of fish species and coral reefs that makes scuba diving in Watamu a thrilling experience
    Watamu will over deliver the experiences you are looking for, giving you the best of nature throughout the year. With all these great activities, it is time you Gede ruins and Watamu African safaris with AfricaSunset.com.

Where to Stay at Watamu, Kenya Safari

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On places where to stay in Gede ruins and Watamu, Watamu Kenya has great offers to ensure that you have the best family holidays and the best Africa luxury vacations. Watamu Kenya is undeveloped but offers the best African safari as it is a gem that has not been toured so much. With great activities to keep you entertained, you need a place to relax in some of the hotels in Watamu beach. Some of the best beach holidays are in deluxe resorts that offer the highest level of service, location, food, amenities and facilities. Among the leading deluxe resorts is the Medina Palms and Al Harma Resort. These two resorts offer top quality and classic services to top your best family vacation.

  • Hotels in Watamu beach such as Hemingways Hotel Watamu and Lonno Lodge make best family holidays. Hemingways Hotel Watamu offers wonderful accommodation with great services and guest rooms. With additional fees, you can get upgrades and additional services. You can have the best beach holidays in Hemingways hotel as it offers suites and rooms that have direct access to the white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. Your best African safari and access to the best Africa luxury vacations.
  • For those on a budget safari looking for the best hotels in Watamu beach, you can have a luxurious stay at Turtle Bay Beach Club and the Ocean Sports Resort. The 149 room Turtle Bay Beach Club is on 10 acres of land offering you economical accommodation and a laid-back vacation.
  • Whether you are having your luxurious vacation at the top tier hotels in Watamu or the economical hotels, memories you make in Watamu will be with you a life time. AfricaSunset.com recommends a walk on the beach as you could be lucky to spot some turtles making their way to the sea. Scuba diving in Watamu is also a fun thing to do especially if you are on family vacation. For those newlyweds, Watamu offers you great and luxurious accommodation to ensure that you have a thrilling start to your new life.
  • A tour to the snake farm and the great lush forest is an avenue for making sweet memories; so is a visit to the Gede ruins. Having a laid-back vacation or taking it head on should not be a worry to you. Watamu Kenya has the best family vacation accommodation along the coast of Kenya.
  • When you are all rested, and looking for more fun activities to do, Watamu welcomes you to have a nightlife either by the beach or in the warm town of Watamu. Either way, you are bound to have the best nights of your stay at Watamu Kenya. The people are welcoming and forthcoming with information so it is no wonder if you get to speak Swahili very soon.
  • The foods in Watamu are deliciously made by the locals and international chefs. Get a bite or two and enjoy the luxury of the Kenyan coast.

AfricaSunset.com as the leading tours and travel agency in Kenya is willing to help you plan your itinerary to Watamu Kenya. A safari here will leave you wanting more of Africa. Don’t forget that Diani is just but a stone throw away, so when you are done with your morning, you can join in the fun of skydiving in Diani. This is Africa, where the fun the fun never ends.

When to Go on a Safari to Watamu, Kenya

Understanding the weather predictions of Kenya will help you plan the best family vacations you can while in Watamu beach Kenya.

  • To get the best family holidays it is best to plan the holiday along the warmer seasons of the year. There are two rainy seasons in Watamu which occur in November and December and the long rains in April to June. Considering this, the best family vacations can be during the months of July to October in Watamu beach Kenya. The other dry but shorter period for best family holidays are in January to February.
  • Despite the change in weather, Watamu remains a beautiful place to visit any day of the year. As you plan your romantic honeymoon in Watamu Kenya, any month of the year will have activities keeping you engaged as you enjoy your romantic honeymoon vacation in Watamu.
  • In the cold months of the year you can have the best African safari through experiencing the Watamu turtle watch. It is usually considered the peak of any Africa tours and travel in Kenya to watch the turtles make their way to the ocean, others being treated for injuries and even being educated about the magnificent creatures.
  • The best African safari in the cold seasons should include a visit to Bio-Ken Snake farm and Laboratory. If you can stand the sight of snakes, then this African tour and travel to the farm should enlighten you more on the many species of snakes there are.
  • Hotels in Watamu beach offer top Africa luxury vacations with five-star experiences. Furthermore, hotels in Watamu beach are positioned right at the edge of the great waters of the Indian Ocean to give you panoramic views.
  • If you wish to go scuba diving in Kenya, the warm months of the year are the great for the best Africa luxury vacations. Scuba diving in Kenya will give you views of great aquatic life especially when there is clear visibility in the warm months of the year.
  • For those top Africa luxury vacations in Watamu Kenya, any month of the year will give you magnificent views of the wild nature in its real habitat. Scuba diving and snorkeling will also bring you close to the aquatic animals that you have never seen.
  • With all the excitement of when to visit Gede Ruins and Watamu, you need a good place to rest. When to visit Gede Ruins and Watamu on any day of the year will offer you top luxury accommodation. In the high season, there is usually an increase in tourists and thus an increase in prices for the hotels in Watamu beach. The low season usually has better price offers for luxurious accommodation in the hotels, villas and resorts within Watamu. It is also possible to extend your vacation during this season without so much hustle.
  • Watamu is open to visitors, both local and foreign to get a glimpse of its interesting ecosystem. The beaches are warm enough to house tourists and animals such as turtles, while the forest remains a mystery of the Gede ruins and its history. AfricaSunset.com recommends a vacation in the warm Watamu and Gede ruins to have a romantic walk in the forest, swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or scuba dive with the corals reef sharks.

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