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Zanzibar Safari | Top African Safari Destinations
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Zanzibar Beaches

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Zanzibar, better known as the Spice island, is located on the east coast of Africa. It is an internationally known tourist destination with its superb culture and history. The white fine sands of its beaches with the lazy sway of the palm trees makes it a site for romantic honeymoon vacations.
The perfect way to end a safari in either Kenya or Tanzania is by taking some tours and holidays in Zanzibar. The great selection of tours and holidays in Zanzibar include an array of activities such as dhow rides, scuba diving in the best dive sites, kite surfing and spice tours. To get to know where to go in Zanzibar, it is best to understand the Zanzibar map and recognize the major towns and islands that make up Zanzibar. Zanzibar Africa is 25-50 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania.

Zanzibar: The Beauty and Splendor

Zanzibar safari guides will include day-long spice tours to spice plantation of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla that have made Zanzibar famous. Zanzibar safari guides will take you to the Zanzibar beaches depending on what your holiday itineraries are. The east coast Zanzibar beaches offer sightings of small pools of water that can contain star fish, anemones or small minnows. Zanzibar beaches on the north side are less susceptible to the tides and offer luxurious safari vacations over the smooth beaches and white sands.
Zanzibar safari destinations are not only fixed to the beaches, as the inland of Zanzibar Africa offers great safaris. The port city of Stone Town is a magnificent safari as it offers views to the slave caves during low tide on the Mangapwani beaches. Trips to Chole Island which is just a few minutes from Stone Town, offer great honeymoon destinations as it is a break from exploring the passageways of the old city of Zanzibar.

Family Beach Vacations

Where to go in Zanzibar for family vacations can best be recommended to the south coast of Zanzibar. For an inclusive family vacation, the Menai Bay Conservation Area offers views to endangered turtle species that come here to breed. Further luxurious safari vacations can be taken to the Jozani Forest where tourists have spectacular views to the red Columbus monkeys and antelope species.

Zanzibar: Exquisite Accommodation

For further exciting and magnificent Zanzibar tours and holidays, the island offers five star Zanzibar accommodation. Zanzibar accommodation is a mix of romantic honeymoon suites, boutique hotels, family friendly hotels, beach resorts and palatial villas. Such luxurious beach vacations and accommodations can only be found in Zanzibar, the Spice Island. Inclusive to this is that the accommodation is never far away from your route of safari. This means you can have enough rest and still make it to your safari destination in time for the action. Every Zanzibar accommodation offers exquisite service with welcoming smiles.
Zanzibar holidays are always under the sun with warm Indian Ocean water to play in. Unlike other prime honeymoon destinations, Zanzibar holidays are offered around the year. This means that you will always have the best of your honeymoon destinations in Zanzibar. Zanzibar tours and holidays offer you luxurious safari vacations that will leave you in awe of what nature can offer. As you longingly look over the Zanzibar map planning your wild holiday itineraries, we recommend that you log in to and make that dream come true!

Why Go to Zanzibar

Just as the name is exotic, the Zanzibar destination, for either family vacations or a romantic honeymoon safari, does not disappoint. With its white sands and turquoise waters, Zanzibar Africa is the place to be as there are numerous places and reasons as to why go to Zanzibar.

Why go to Zanzibar?

Simply for the pristine white sand beaches.

The Zanzibar beaches are unique giving off the best tours and holidays in Zanzibar. These beaches are also part of the greater heritage of tours and holidays in Zanzibar based on the activities that take place. You can go scuba diving off the Nugwi beach on the northern coast of Zanzibar. The Zanzibar beaches of Nugwi are surrounded by a lively village with lots to offer.

Where to go in Zanzibar

  • If you are wondering where to go in Zanzibar that is not so crowded, then Mnemba island is the place for you. It is considered as the ultimate island lodge in Zanzibar Africa offering exquisite romantic honeymoon safaris.
  • There is a small forest of Jozani where tourists can further visit for an ideal time with nature. Here, visitors are spoilt for choice with numerous species of birds and also sightings of the colobus monkeys.

Why go to Zanzibar? 

For the history and deep culture of the place

  • The Zanzibar map points out to define places that have seen better times. The Zanzibar Archipelago consisting of several small islands is an attraction by itself. With some islands, uninhabitable, they are home to variety of birds and some animals.
  • Luxurious safari vacations offer an exploration of the Stone Town with its history of the slave market and the old Anglican Cathedral, the old Arab Fort and the Sultans’ palace museum. Not far from the Stone Town is the famous spice farm that is also an attraction by itself in Zanzibar.
  • A Zanzibar map points it out as the spice island and this is based on the many spices that are grown here. Tours and holidays in Zanzibar constitute of spice tours which are generally tours to places where the spices are grown.
    There is an array of cuisine for those who seek out adventure into the inlands of Zanzibar for their family vacations. Locals like to offer their culinary skills by preparing foods based on their traditions.

There are many reasons as to why go to Zanzibar with numerous places pointing out to where to go in Zanzibar. It is an exotic place with activities such as kite flying, scuba diving, dhow rides and great tours along the old passageways of the town of Zanzibar. The island of Zanzibar is best known for great and exceptional honeymoon destinations with romantic honeymoon suites created for intimate and private moments with loved ones. Zanzibar Island is a rich vacation destination that carries with it history about its past and present.

Combining your Trip: Kenya and Mainland Tanzania

Zanzibar is just but a stone throw away from Kenya and Tanzania. This has made it an ideal safari destination for tourists to either begin their safari or at the end of it. Folding up your Zanzibar map, log in with to book an amazing and unforgettable safari to Zanzibar. Be it you have just began your journey or bringing it to an end, Zanzibar remains to be a wonderful piece of heaven to be in.

When to go to Zanzibar

In as much as Zanzibar is the ideal island to soak in the sun, there are months of the year when you get the optimum experience for your family vacations. When to go in Zanzibar depends on the kind of luxurious safari vacations you are looking for.

  • As such, the best island to visit in months of February is Nungwi beach. During this month, it is warmer but the waters remain to be cold and crystal clear. This is an exclusive month for those who want to engage in water sports such as scuba diving in the best dive sites, kite surfing, snorkeling, turtle watching and a walk through the coral reefs.
  • The best islands to visit in October are the main Zanzibar island and Kendwa island. It is usually a high season because the temperatures are high with little or no rain. These conditions are just right for those luxurious beach vacations and family vacations you have been longing for. A stop over safari in the island of Zanzibar during this month gives great scenery: green vegetation in Stone Town before making your way to Tanzania for the great migration.
  • The best islands to visit in November and December include the Pemba island and Changuu island also known as Prison island. There are many family vacations activities to engage in such as visiting the Prison island which is a refuge for giant sea tortoises.
  • The best islands to visit in January is Mnemba Island which is recognized as the Tropical Fish Capital. This is among the best luxurious honeymoon destinations as it offers the best snorkeling site in Zanzibar. To add to the romantic honeymoon in Mnemba Island would be a swim with turtles and dolphins in the crystal clear warm water.

Other Activities worth your Time

  • In as much as the beaches offer the best luxurious beach vacations in Zanzibar, there is still more to see and do in your luxurious safari vacations in Zanzibar. Spice tours, dhow rides and walks through the Stone town will make you appreciate was Zanzibar offers.
  • Zanzibar islands offer the best dive sites with the most diverse species of fish in the world. The best lodges and hotels offer holiday itineraries that include kite surfing, dhows ride, scuba diving for the best romantic honeymoon.
    From spice tours to scuba diving in the best dive sites Zanzibar offers you the best holiday itineraries as compared to any competition there is. For the best and luxurious honeymoon destinations in Zanzibar, it is best to book your accommodation in advance.

The best time or when to go in Zanzibar is based on what you want to do or see. Even in the rainy months or when the monsoons are high, there is always an amazing scenery in Zanzibar.
Every corner of Zanzibar has hidden tourism gems, from the lazy palm trees swaying to the wind to the magnificent giant tortoise of Changuu Island, Zanzibar has lots of things to offer.
There are hidden places that will require qualified tour guides to walk you through. From your booking of fights to Zanzibar, your accommodation and even the activities you want to enjoy, will handle it all for you. As you prepare to enjoy life in Zanzibar, remember to heed to the travel advice and get your yellow fever card ready. Do not limit the fun, we want you to make lifetime memories with

Where to go in Zanzibar

Amongst the Zanzibar archipelago, Zanzibar island is among the famous and biggest island thus making it an ideal place for luxurious beach vacations. From the barefoot luxurious beach vacations to the vibrant culture of the south, the diversity of Zanzibar coastline offers great experiences for family vacations.
With a variety of places on where to go in Zanzibar, family vacations are unique experiences. Holiday itineraries including scuba diving in the best dive sites, dhow rides on Indian Ocean, kite surfing and taking spice tours are just but the tip of the safari iceberg in Zanzibar.
The different places on where to go in Zanzibar include:

  • Zanzibar East Coast- This is where the luxurious beach vacations lodges and hotels are located. The east coast has idyllic beaches that make snorkeling and swimming fun activities to engage in.
  • Zanzibar North Coast- This side of Zanzibar is less crowded and unique therefore offering romantic honeymoon destinations. As it is not affected by the tidal range, it is best suited for kite-surfing and taking dhow rides.
  • Zanzibar North-East Coast- lying a mile offshore is the Mnemba island that offers the best coral reefs for scuba diving. The area here is very prime making it an ideal setting for luxurious safari vacations.
  • Zanzibar south coast- most of the safari population is congregated here for wonderful family vacations. The great Stone City is located within the southern coast of Zanzibar therefore you are bound to find great vacations here touring the old town of Zanzibar.
  • Zanzibar South-East Coast- There is greater tidal range as compared to other coasts in Zanzibar. This makes it ideal for kite surfing but not so good for those looking for scuba diving activities.
  • Zanzibar West Coast- there are fewer hotels and lodges on this part of Zanzibar but the fact that Stone Town is located here, you can be assured of a stream of visitors checking out the place.
  • Stone Town – This historical capital of Zanzibar and a world heritage site completes honeymoon vacations in Zanzibar. Other places of interest include the House of wonders and with guided safaris, you will get to see more of the ivory port that was also used for exporting slaves out of Zanzibar.
    Other islands to visit while in Zanzibar include:
  • Mafia Island- this island provides the best scuba diving sites there is to offer. The tools needed for scuba diving are offered by the Mafias excellent lodges.
  • Chumbe- this is the ideal island for snorkeling and diving in a marine sanctuary. It delivers the best underwater experience with sightings of turtles, shallow water reefs, over 370 species of fish and a sight or two of rare birds.
  • Pemba- it is home to small fishing villages, historical ruins and wild coastline. Pemba island is ranked as the leading best dive site in the world. It also includes holiday itineraries such as mangrove excursions, sunset dhow rides and spa treatments.
  • Mnemba- It is a tiny island with great snorkeling and diving sites. It also plays a major role as a breeding site for the endangered green turtle. It is an exclusive place and though privately owned, it is open to the public for visiting.
    With such great places to visit while in Zanzibar, join us at and let us make this dream vacation come true.

Where to Stay in Zanzibar on Safari

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Best Zanzibar Safari Lodges

For exotic and relaxed luxury accommodation, Zanzibar island is the place to be. It offers the best Zanzibar safari lodges with excellent hotels and fully inclusive resorts on the beaches of Zanzibar. Not only are these safari lodges and honeymoon suites found along the coast but can also be found in the historical capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town.
Safaris in Zanzibar are a collection of holiday itineraries such as scuba diving in the best dive sites, spice tours, kite surfing and romantic honeymoon dhow rides. The best dive sites in Zanzibar include snorkeling in coral reefs and swimming with dolphins. These are some Zanzibar islands that offer the best spots for kite surfing for the for amateurs and the experienced. Some lodges will have available instructors if you want to learn kite surfing.

What to look for when choosing your accommodation

  • Choosing the right luxury accommodation is essential to ensure that you get all the best holiday itineraries offered. The best lodges will offer more holiday itineraries such as kayaking with well-equipped kayaks and other water-sport equipment. Though the prices of such great safari lodges will be higher, you are still bound to have a time of your life.
  • Zanzibar offers exotic and affordable family safaris and luxurious beach vacations. There are many activities to keep young children busy such as playing in the sand and family-friendly resort with “kids club” with activities designed to keep them busy. Older kids enjoying family vacations can enjoy themselves by either scuba diving, dhow rides, kite surfing, spice tours or even take walks in the old Stone Town. There are few safari lodges that offer babysitting services to give parents some time off and enjoy some beach vacations.
  • The best Zanzibar safari lodges offer luxurious beach vacations and romantic honeymoon suites within the vicinity of the beaches. They are also not located far from main public attraction sites to ease the travelling expenses for tourists.
  • Family safaris along the white sands of Zanzibar are exciting as tourists can take up water sports such as scuba diving in Pemba Island, Mnemba Atoll, Leven Bank, Mafia Island and Mesali Island coral garden. Newly-weds don’t have to shut themselves in their honeymoon suites as Zanzibar has a lot of love to share. Remote and unique safari lodges perfect for honeymooners can be traced to either Pemba Island, Mafia Island or the private Mnemba Island.
    Examples of best Zanzibar safari lodges include Fundu Lagoon, Matemwe Retreat, Mnemba Island lodge, Essque Zalu Zanzibar, Kilindi Zanzibar among other great places to have your rest while on safari.
  • What sets out the best Zanzibar safari lodges apart from the rest is the type of service offered. Considering that the service of tourism takes place close to the year around, the best lodges have maintained a high standard of service to the customers over the years.
    Tourists from Kenya and Tanzania always have their vacations or excursions in Zanzibar. With the best diving sites provided in the Indian Ocean, with spectacular sights of coral reefs and fishes, you are bound to have memorable times in Zanzibar. Forget not that the foods prepared in the best Zanzibar safari lodges and hotels use fresh products from the spice farms and Indian Ocean.
    To ensure that your luxurious safari vacations are the best while in Zanzibar, we recommend that you let us at book you to the best that there is in Zanzibar. Karibu Zanzibar, karibu Africa!!!

About Zanzibar

History and Economy

Zanzibar was an important place for the Arab slave trade and a trading port of the Eastern Africa. This mix of people and culture gave rise to the present-day diversity in Zanzibar. Having acquired independence in December 1963, the island of Zanzibar and Pemba island merged together with formerly known Tanganyika and formed the Republic of Tanzania.
Its economy is mainly based highly on tourism though it is also famous for exportation of spices, seaweed and fine raffia. It has dugout canoe production and large scale fishing with agriculture being an important aspect of its economy.

Demographics and Culture

Zanzibar is a mixture of ethnic backgrounds giving rise to the diversity of people and culture in Zanzibar. Kiswahili is the common language through English and Arabic language is also used. Zanzibar island originally was inhabited by Bantu speaking people but later intermarriages between the Shirazis and the Africans gave rise to a distinct community of people
Pin its demographics, the Stone Town is the capital city of Zanzibar with its winding lanes, circular towers and multiple stone buildings. Of the present 1,700 stone buildings, 1,100 have been declared to have architectural significance by UNESCO. There are 200 carved doors, 23 landmark buildings and 2 cathedrals.

Landscape and Wildlife
The Zanzibar archipelago constitutes of small islands that are believed to have been part of the African continent. They later separated to form the islands and have variety of soils. There are some areas that are flat and this is where most of the coral reefs can be found. There are patches with indigenous forests with large trees, coconut palms, thicket vegetation and abundant grass. Animals that can be found within Zanzibar include the pigmy antelope, two species of monkeys, mongoose, leopards, lemur, forest duiker, African pig and the civet cat.

Monuments and Historical Marks

There are many places as on where to go in Zanzibar. Zanzibar safari destinations are located almost at every corner of the island giving rise to water activities such as dhow rides, scuba diving and kite surfing. The Stone Town is an everyday attraction site to tourists as it is laden with history and architectural beauty. The Stone Town however betrays its name as the building are not made of stones but rather coral and mortar.
There are numerous places that offer quality Zanzibar accommodation from resorts, private villas to hotels. Zanzibar accommodation has been built around the service industry of tourism to ensure that they are children and family friendly.
There are great Zanzibar safari guides that will guide you through the Stone Town giving you rich information about the history of the town. The Zanzibar safari guides will further take you on spice tours to enrich you on the many tourist attraction sites of Zanzibar. On where to go in Zanzibar, there are quality Zanzibar holidays beaches that give you unlimited access to the ocean. Furthermore, on your Zanzibar holidays, ensure to partake in the African cuisines created with fresh produce straight from the spice town and the Indian Ocean.
Zanzibar tours and holidays are memories to share and celebrate. Be it family vacations or romantic honeymoon getaway, Zanzibar is the island to be in. For the romantic honeymoon vacations, scuba diving in the best dive sites, and a tour around the old town, book with for an amazing experience.

Zanzibar Travel Advice

In as much as Zanzibar is the ideal holiday vacation destinations, Zanzibar Travel Advice gives important and valid information to ensure that tourists get the best out of their safari in Zanzibar. As such the top Zanzibar Travel Advice is on the ethical conduct while on safari in Zanzibar.

  • Zanzibar lies within the malaria belt and travelers are asked to preventative cautions against contracting malaria. Yellow fever is another issued raised by Zanzibar Travel Advice. Every tourist visiting Zanzibar must have a yellow fever card.
  • Considering that Zanzibar is a predominant Muslim island, tourists especially women are requested to dress properly and be respectful to the locals. Zanzibar Travel Advice on Ramadan is that most restaurants are closed during this religious holiday.
    Having considered the Zanzibar Travel Advice, it is time to enjoy your safari in Zanzibar. The Zanzibar beaches have arrays of hotels and safari lodges that give you quality time with your loved ones. As Zanzibar has over time been voted among the best honeymoon destinations, it is also a short distance from Tanzania and Kenya giving tourist easy access to its beaches.
  • There are a lot of activities to do while in Zanzibar. Most of them include giving you the best dive sites of the beaches of Zanzibar. These best dive sites have the best sightings of coral reefs, species of fish, migratory whales among others. Water sports are another great attraction to the beaches of Zanzibar with scuba diving being the leading activity. Others include kite surfing but in areas whereby the winds are more strong to keep the kite flying, exotic dhow rides and swimming.
  • Those looking for romantic honeymoon safari can take on snorkeling as Zanzibar has great coral reefs. The Zanzibar beaches are a great way to spend luxurious safari vacations with family and friends. The palm trees lazily swaying to the light breeze off Indian Ocean and the white sands soaking up the sunlight is what makes Zanzibar Africa part of the finest luxurious safari vacations.
  • Family vacations do not have to be monotonous based on the array of activities offered on Zanzibar island. There are few safari lodges that offer babysitting services to give parents some time to enjoy their romantic honeymoon safari. Families with young and children are well catered for in terms of activities that are offered. Older children can enjoy evening walks into the Stone City and its passage ways, kite-surfing, scuba diving and the famous spice tour. The younger kids can have a great time playing in the warm waters of Indian Ocean, a walk through the forest in Zanzibar and have views of birds and monkeys.
    Planning for a family vacation in Zanzibar can take time thus it is best to get the help of qualified tours and safari Zanzibar. is an accredited tours and travel agency that can help you plan your safari in Zanzibar. With great vacation itineraries, we help you plan on where to stay, what to do and where to go in Zanzibar. Prepare yourself to be amazed by Zanzibar. As you have your sundowners by the beach, a cool drink in your hand and the palm trees lazily swaying to the breeze, leave it to us to ensure that every day in Zanzibar is a new day in your life.